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Express Accounts for Mac is professional small business accounting software for Mac OS X that allows you to track and report incoming and outgoing cash flow including sales, receipts, payments and purchases for a single or multiple companies.

It is literally the perfect piece of accounting software for the small businesses, start-ups on a budget, and dare we say it, those just looking for something to budget their finances with. It’s also ideal software for someone who likes a total bargain, and Express Accounts is just that.

It has all the tools you’d expect from paid packages and then some more nifty little enhancements that advanced users will be surprised to find as well.

One of its better features is the fact that it also very accessible to new users. While advanced and experienced users will be able to start doing their accounts using familiar controls and the nice-to-look-at interface, novices shouldn’t find themselves put out using the self-same methods.

Users can make their accounting as in depth or as simple as they like. It’s good like that!

Key features include:

  • Real time balances.
  • In depth and specific variety of reports.
  • Incoming and outgoing cash flow.
  • Fax or email your accountant directly.
  • Works with different currencies.
  • Generate over 20 essential financial reports on the fly.
  • Repair your tax returns quickly with financial reports.
  • Manage one or multiple companies.
  • Create professional and accurate quotes, invoices and sales orders.
  • Manage one or multiple companies.

You can also combine Express Accounts with other NCH Software such as: Inventoria to manage stock and procurements, HourGuard to keep track of how long you or your employees are spending on tasks, FlexiServer to manage employee tasks and reporting with minimum cost and fuss.

Overall Express Accounts is simple, professional, and easy to get up and running, and is intuitive to use. The on-line help section is also very good.

Express Accounts for Mac, 5.23 dla Mac
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  • Mac OS X
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Thursday, June 22nd 2017
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