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CSR Racing is one of the best racing games for Mac users and it is absolutely free. You need to keep your vehicle on full throttle and reach the finish line. However, it has such amazing graphics that the gameplay becomes quite addictive and the users remain glued to their screens. There are many high end cars to choose from. These include the likes of the Chevy Corvette, BMW M3 and Audi R8 which are not only great in terms of looks but have an amazing and powerful performance as well. The cars also come with many customization options that include many aerodynamic changes, nitrous injections and even turbo which make your cars run faster than ever.

The game has been designed for the latest versions of the Mac computers and works the best on Retina displays. This is why people using Macs with OS X Mountain Lion or higher find better results with this game. There are many other cars that the users would be able to drive in this racing game. These include Ford GT, Nissan, Chevrolet Camaro, GT-R, Mini and other GM cars amongst many others. These cars are also customizable by the users. The gameplay is about winning the race from the gangs. You would have to beat the leaders of the gang and then take over their territory. One by one, you have to win all these territories, until the whole city is under your control. Though the game is not as huge and spectacular as the commercial racing games available for Macs, it has superb graphics and an exciting gameplay which makes it quite an entertaining pick.

CSR Racing, 1.7.1 dla Mac
  • Mac OS X
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  • Polski,
  • Angielski,
  • Włoski,
  • Francuski,
  • Hiszpański,
  • Chiński,
  • Niemiecki,
  • Japoński
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Wednesday, April 30th 2014

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