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Canary Mail is an beautiful, fresh looking mail client for the Mac platform, which is not only pleasing to the eyes, but it also comes with a set of powerful, secure features as well.


Key Features include:

  • Read tracking: Instant read notifications.

  • Unified inbox: Unified inbox supporting Gmail, Yahoo!, Outlook, FastMail and universal IMAP.
  • Email snooze: Declutter and prioritise your Inbox at your connivence.
  • Attachments browser: Quickly find, download, and open all files.
  • Quick reply: Inline replies and direct keyboard shortcuts for favorite contacts.
  • Powerful search: Instantly locate emails with powerful predicate-based, with offline support.
  • Amazing Performance: Canary uses minimal CPU and RAM.
  • Secure: Emails are encrypted and stored locally and securely on your Mac, not on an online server.
  • Gmail labels and filters: Canary supports labels and social/promotional email segregation.

Canary Mail features quality management capabilities, such as email snooze, an attachments browser and a powerful search function. It also allows you to connect multiple accounts, managed separately, or via a unified inbox.

Canary Mail lets you easily configure your email accounts via a setup assistant that automatically recognizes your email services and configures the client accordingly.

The app is able to work with Yahoo, Gmail, Fastmail Outlook, and any other email service that provides support for the IMAP protocol. Additionally, you can also set up an avatar and an account name so that you can easily recognize what account you are working with.

Overall, Canary Mail is a really cool alternative email client, which has a stylish user interface that is packed with functionality. It is lightweight, easy to configure and it is very easy to use. If you are in the market for something a little different that Apple’s stock Apple Mail client, then you should check this out. Who knows, you might switch?

Canary Mail, dla Mac
  • Mac OS X
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Saturday, January 1st 2000
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