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Bleep is a peer to peer encrypted chat service that lets you enjoy the benefits of having a messaging service with an account, without the hassle of creating one.

Bleep comes from the guys at BitTorrent, so encryption is key and the service is as secure as possible. There is no cloud to hack because messages are never stored in the cloud, and if you don’t want a record of your conversation, then Bleep comes with a Whisper mode that enables you to chat with friends and watch messages disappear after they are read.

Bleep stands out form the crowd on many levels, but mainly due to how it utilises peer-to-peer technology for messaging. It is more private than Apple, Google or even Snapchat. Whilst many other chat apps use encryption, the p2p technique provides a stronger protection than others do.

As mentioned, encryption is key; devices are registered with Bleep separately. This means that messages which you see are unique to your iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, Mac or your PC. If that isn’t enough for you, in order to offer more privacy, Bleep lets you sign up without sharing any personal information, such as an email address, phone number or your location details.

Bleep’s best function though, is Whisper. This is a Snapchat-esq option, which erases messages and photos 25 seconds after they have been seen. When you’re in Whisper mode, the name of the person your chatting with is ‘bleeped’ out, so you can never snap an incriminating screenshot.

The only downside that we can see to Bleep, and it is unfortunately pretty big, is that you can’t send video messages in the app and you can’t place video calls. Apart from that, if you need to send secure messages, then Bleep is a fine service to use.

Bleep for Mac, 1.1.2 dla Mac
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10.55 MB
  • Mac OS X
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  • Polski,
  • Angielski,
  • Włoski,
  • Francuski,
  • Hiszpański,
  • Chiński,
  • Niemiecki,
  • Japoński
Dodano datę:
Monday, February 29th 2016


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