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Pobierz Paint.NET 4.1

Paint.NET 4.1

Od Rick Brewster  (Freeware)
Ocena Użytkowników

Paint.NET to program do edycji obrazów i zdjęć, który można uruchomić w systemach Windows XP, Server 2003 lub Vista.

Każda funkcja i element interfejsu użytkownika są bardzo intuicyjne i łatwe do nauczenia. Do prostej obsługi wielu obrazów program Paint.NET stosuje interfejs z zakładkami. Zakładki zawierają miniatury obrazów zamiast opisu tekstowego, co sprawia, że nawigacja jest bardzo prosta i szybka.

W programie dostępne są warstwy, które są funkcją służącą do wykonywania zaawansowanych operacji na obrazach. Zazwyczaj warstwy są dostępne w skomplikowanych i drogich profesjonalnych programach. Warstwy podobne są do stosu przezroczystych slajdów, które nałożone na siebie tworzą jeden obraz.

Program zawiera wiele specjalnych efektów służących do ulepszania i udoskonalania obrazów. Niektóre takie efekty to: rozmycie, zaostrzenie, usuwanie efektu czerwonych oczy, szum i uwypuklenie. Program zawiera również wyjątkowy efekt o nazwie Powiększenie/Obrót 3D, który pozwala z łatwością dodawać perspektywę i przechylenie obrazu.

Program zawiera elementy, które pozwolą na zmianę jasności, kontrastu, odcienia, nasycenia, krzywych i poziomów obrazu. Można również przekonwertować obraz na zdjęcie czarno-białe lub sepia.

Tytuł: Paint.NET 4.1
Nazwa pliku: paint.net.4.1.install.exe
Rozmiar: 7.42MB (7,776,040 bajtów)
Wymagania: Windows Windows 7 / Windows 7 64-bit / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64-bit / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64-bit
Języki: Wielojęzykowy
Licencja: Freeware
Data dodania: 6 września 2018
Autor: Rick Brewster
Strona domowa: www.getpaint.net
Suma kontrolna MD5: EDD4ED403EB0ADBB5336228A88B0720A

This update converts some effects to use the GPU for rendering, resulting in huge performance gains. Copy/Paste can now be performed on selections, Bicubic resampling is now available for the Move Selected Pixels tool, and there are lots of little quality-of-life improvements and general bug fixes.

Improved: Gaussian Blur, Motion Blur, and Radial Blur now render using the GPU and are significantly faster.
Changed: The following effects are now rendered using the GPU: Edge Detect, Pixelate, and Relief.
Changed: The following adjustments are now rendered using the GPU: Black & White, Invert Colors.
New Effect: Distort -> Morphology (uses the GPU).
New Effect: Render -> Turbulence (uses the GPU).
New: Bicubic resampling is now supported for the Move Selected Pixels tool. A CPU with 6 or more cores is highly recommended if you want to make it the default mode from within Settings -> Tools.
New: Edit -> Copy Selection. This will copy the current selection's geometry to the clipboard as JSON text.
New: Edit -> Paste Selection. This will apply the selection from the clipboard to the current selection. All 5 selection combine modes are supported.
Changed: The Text tool now uses Points for font size measurement. You can also elect to use the old font size metric, "Fixed (96 DPI)" via the dropdown to the right of the font size.
Fixed: The Text tool's recentering algorithm when typing reaches the edge of the viewport should be better.
New: Added +/- buttons to the Tolerance and Hardness sliders.
Changed: Increased max zoom level to 6400%.
New: The mouse wheel may now be used to scroll a long menu, such as when a lot of effects are installed (thanks @toe_head2001!).
Changed: For Windows 7 SP1 users, the Platform Update from 2013 is now required (it contains Direct2D v1.1).
Fixed: The "Finish" button wasn't working if it was in an overflow container (thanks @toe_head2001!).
Fixed: Opening certain large images and then zooming with the mouse wheel would sometimes result in the scroll position being completely wrong.
Changed: Hiding a layer no longer auto-selects the nearest visible layer. You can re-enable this in Settings, although this setting may be removed in a future version.
New: For the Windows Store release, the paintdotnet: protocol can now be used to launch the app so that you can specify command-line parameters. For example, you can go to Start -> Run and type in paintdotnet:"path to file1.png" path_to_file_2.png then both images will be opened (even if Paint.NET is already open).
New: Added Heptagon (7-sided polygon) and Octagon (8-sided polygon) shapes.
Fixed the high-DPI inset-text scaling for the Shape selector (e.g. Pentagon with an inset "5").
New: Palettes are now also loaded from Documents/paint.net App Files/Palettes. This folder name is not localized so that installation scripts may easily make use of it.
Fixed: View -> Pixel Grid will now correctly adjust to dynamic changes in the theme (light vs. dark).
Fixed: The background color for the Tolerance slider has been corrected for non-dark themes.
Changed: Removed shortcut keys for all built-in Adjustments except for Invert Colors (Ctrl+Shift+I). This is being done to free up shortcut keys for other functionality.
New: Added a shortcut key to trigger a full .NET garbage collection: Ctrl+Alt+Shift+` (tick/tilde). This should only ever be needed for troubleshooting purposes.
New: Battery Saver Mode in Windows 10 is now respected, whether enabled manually or due to low battery. UI animations will be disabled.
New: Long file paths (>MAX_PATH) are now supported on Windows 10, as long as the group policy setting is enabled ("Enable Win32 long paths").
New for plugin developers: The IndirectUI Color Wheel control now supports an alpha slider. To use this, set the range (min/max values) of the Int32PropertyControl to [Int32.MinValue, Int32.MaxValue] (thanks @BoltBait!).
New for plugin developers: there is a new FileChooser property control type for string properties (thanks @toe_head2001!).
New for plugin developers: there is a new BinaryPixelOp.Apply(Surface, Surface, Surface, Rectangle) method overload (thanks @BoltBait!).
Changed: The IndirectUI text control now has a vertical scroll bar when multiline mode is enabled (thanks @toe_head2001!).
Changed: Visual C++ and OpenMP runtimes are now only loaded from the "app local" copy (never from the system directory). This fixes a number of headaches, and also works around a compatibility issue with the Surface Go.
Fixed: Crash when drag-and-dropping images onto Paint.NET when a tool was active but with uncommitted changes.
Fixed a very old and nasty crash, "InvalidOperationException: ScratchSurface already borrowed".