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Pobierz Opera 12.00 Beta 1 (Build 1387)

Opera 12.00 Beta 1 (B 1387)

Od Opera Software  (Freeware)
Ocena Użytkowników

W pełni wyposażona przeglądarka internetowa Opera zawiera następujące funkcje: blokowanie wyskakujących okienek, okna na kartach, wbudowane wyszukiwanie oraz zaawansowane funkcje: innowacyjny program e-mail, kanały RSS i rozmowy IRC. Wygląd i zawartość okna Opery można personalizować.

  • Szybkie wybieranie: Ulubione witryny można otworzyć jednym kliknięciem.
  • Skróty wyszukiwania: Szybsze wyszukiwanie - wpisywanie bezpośrednio do paska adresu.
  • Kosz: Natychmiastowe otwieranie ostatnio zamkniętych kart.
  • Szybkie wybieranie: Otwórz ulubioną witrynę jednym kliknięciem.
  • Gesty myszą: Używając programu Opera można surfować po Internecie używając myszy.
  • Opera Link: Synchronizacja wybranych danych online lub pomiędzy różnymi komputerami i urządzeniami.
  • Szybkie wyszukiwanie: Program Opera nie tylko pamięta tytuły i adresy, ale także zawartość odwiedzanych stron internetowych.
  • Podgląd kanałów RSS: Możliwość podejrzenia kanału poprzez kliknięcie na ikonę kanału. Kanał jest wyświetlany w przejrzystych kilku kolumnach.
  • Szybkie wyszukiwanie internetowe przystosowane do potrzeb użytkownika: Szybki dostęp do Google, eBay, Amazon itd. w polu wyszukiwania w prawy górnym rogu.
Tytuł: Opera 12.00 Beta 1 (Build 1387)
Nazwa pliku: Opera_1200_int_Setup.exe
Rozmiar: 11.40MB (11,956,944 bajtów)
Wymagania: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows 7 / XP 64-bit / Vista 64-bit / Windows 7 64-bit / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64-bit / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64-bit
Języki: Wielojęzykowy
Licencja: Freeware
Data dodania: 27 kwietnia 2012
Autor: Opera Software
Strona domowa: www.opera.com
Suma kontrolna MD5: 9BB8E296A62594F24657F227CAB769B3

# Improvements
> General and User interface
* Start-up and session handling performance improvements
* Zoom level indicated in the status bar on start up
* Include "detected language/writing system" in Info panel
* PageDown / Up scroll amount now depends on window size
* Redirected links not remembered as visited across sessions
* Changes to how Password Manager stores passwords
* Upgrade SQLite to 3.7.9
* A way to see which tab is making Opera slow or unresponsive opera:cpu
* Include non-direct image decoding in the right tab in opera:cpu so that it is not listed in Other
> Display and Scripting
* Stability improvements
* Translation updates
* Update the Media Queries implementation to latest draft
* Increase and unify precision for most CSS length properties
* Support Uint8ClampedArray
* CSS import test takes too long to load
* New XMLHttpRequest responseType "json"
* Make Array.prototype.{join, concat} faster
* Expose readonly properties per WebIDL (like Event.target)
* Improve parseInt performance
* Support structured cloning and Transferables
* Support HTMLInputElement.width and HTMLInputElement.height
* xx-small font size is now the same as other browsers
* Make a leading BOM (Byte Order Mark) authoritative (overriding HTTP)
* Slight JS performance increase
* about:blank not blank enough
* Expose buffered ranges in <video controls>
* Enable the stream functionality in the multimedia cache: media files to be streamed instead of downloaded to disk
> Mail, News, Chat
* Improve position and animations of mail overlay dialogs
* Numerous improvements to the mail compose window, including RTL support and the ability to open and edit attachments.
* Added support for Yahoo IMAP
* Add option to set default outgoing account in the options dialog
* Add support for RFC 2971 - IMAP4 ID extension
* MAPI support added
# Fixes
> General and User interface
* Opera Link fixes and synchronization improvements
* Files set to open with default application lead to error after the default program is uninstalled
* Opera's task tray icon is not recreated when Windows explorer is restarted
* Tab Stack skin is missing one inset pixel on top
* Text in Preferences -> Search configuration dialog is misleading
* Shortcut action "Manage Keyboard" crashes Opera
* Extensions could potentially update to the same version
* Active dialogs are sent to foreground of all applications
* Memory fixes for automatic updates
* Strings don’t fit on Select skin button
* Missing hover effect for some protocol buttons
* Searching from the address bar fails if the query begins with a server name on the network
* Opening new tab opens a window instead after closing a window with 2+ tabs
* Remove UTF-7 from Encoding menu
* Zoom slider for Speed Dial range fixed
* Control–clicking search bar suggestions opens two tabs in background
* Buttons in Content Blocker Toolbar aren't visible when browser window width is too small
* Freeze when pasting long string into address bar
* Quick find in Bookmarks Manager doesn't work when a folder is selected in the left column before performing a search
* Icon not found when an extension has folder-based localization
* Don't show login dialogs when fetching favicons on upgrade
* Crash on start up related to bookmarks
* Ctrl+Backspace only removes the slash in an URL, and not the correct part of the path name
* Page not left-clickable after closing a tab with middle-click and accidentally pressing right-click at the same time
* Auto-completes URLs even after they have been deleted from history
* Start Bar Remains in View after address bar is removed
* Preference changes are not saved immediately
* Title of secure pages stored in global_history.dat lost when starting Opera
* Address field drop down does not show matches for page titles or address for https pages or with no-store, no-cache
* Zoom in/out in image viewer only for left mouse button with no modifier keys
* Unite apps removed after failure to start using opera:unite
* Remove possibility to not fallback to the default skin
* Severe slowdown with urlfilter.ini and data:image
* Opera doesn't prompt for user/pwd for proxy https
* Crash on reloading of multiple origin camera test
* EventSource fails in widgets due to CORS check
* Broken .oex file causes Opera freeze
* Turn off default preference for SSL false start
* Download detected as .zip and extension is changed when saving, breaking the intended filename/use
* Cut and Paste text does not paste cut text under certain conditions
* non-BMP character in URL is not correctly displayed in status bar
* Opera cannot read zip files created with bsdtar or zip64 files
* Does not handle dates past 2038 even when time is 64 bit
* Opera crashes if the english.lng file is missing
* Opera crashes when closing page while it is scrolling
* 'Close all tabs' setting in delete private data dialog doesn't close windows with just Speed Dial tab
* Hovering the close button on Speed Dial steals its hover state, while it should propagate it.
* Page zoom resets when opened in background tab
* Long Russian text in address bar crashes opera
* Fix for languages with more than one plural tense
> Display and Scripting
* Fixes to the tab/window extensions API
* Various Dragonfly related fixes
* Sites listed in Jump List show no favicon at all
* Error when using preferred fonts and colors on some webpages
* Spell-checker incorrectly shown as enabled for single-line input fields
* innerHTML in XML doesn't output namespace declarations correctly
* Line numbers of stack traces of inline elements are reported relative to the SCRIPT tag
* line-height: 0 prevents text selection
* onconnect event.source.postMessage(); throws Unhandled DOMException: INVALID_STATE_ERR
* Surrogate pairs should not work in CSS escape sequences
* Crash related to changing geolocation site permission
* E.dataset locks if Object.keys is applied before E.setAttribute
* <input> attribute size default != 20
* Follow spec for String.prototype.split(undefined)
* Pseudo Element is not removed from DOM after removing a class that was required for it
* Correctly support TypedArray(TypedArray array)
* Canvas fillText incorrectly centers text when using font outlines
* Canvas: shadow prevents subsequent fill
* Crashes on pages with invalid character encodings
* Some elements are rendered into the BackgroundImage buffer twice
* Incorrect cache resolution over string values
* Calling preventDefault() on non-cancelable events should have no effect
* Setting "border-radius" to "inherit" fails
* Freeze on absolute positioned textarea with wrap=off adjacent to block element with auto overflow
* Absolute positioned box with auto margin-top and explicit top,bottom, margin-bottom is misplaced
* The new ecmascript timer code can hang under certain conditions
* Drop XML (application/x-www-form+xml) form encoding
* Do not paint default document background under image objects such as svg (the background should be transparent)
* Constants on Node interface are writable and configurable
* Constants on DOMException interface have writable and configurable set to true
* drawImage(video) aspect ratio correction must use float arithmetic
* Animated SVG with display: none trigger slow repaint of the whole view
* selectionStart/selectionEnd after value change don't work correctly in a text field
* Text inside button with display:block is selectable
* setAttribute('dir') resets selection, position in inputs
* XHR POST with explicit content-type and no entity body fails
* Synthetic keypress events exhibit flaky failures
* XHR firing error event on response status codes != 200
* CSS cursor rule is not working on <input> elements
* Gstreamer initialized on every page load
* bgcolor=transparent (on <table>) is not ignored
* window.close should fail if window was not opened by script
* HTML DOM changes made to <foreignObject> in svg document through script are not visible
* Wrong status code is given in the onreadystatechange handler for XMLHttpRequests (XHR2, CORS) to targets from other origin
* XMLDocument has no elementFromPoint
* Box-shadow with offset and negative spread radius affects scrolling performance
* In regex \s incorrectly does not match BOM
* Validation error on submitting form with input type="number" with value 5210000010001001
* External JSON.stringify() testsuites failures
* <link>ed stylesheet with @import moves floated objects out of container on load, reload, refresh
* When a numeric or date input is hidden, then later has its value cleared and is displayed again, the old value is restored
* Origami 3D Engine is slow in Opera
* currentColor gets handled as invert on outline-color property
* document.lastModified should return current time if not known
* Style tags in SVG embedded in HTML5 are ignored
* A gif animation stops at fourth frame in Opera
* Sub-tree with character data (text or comments) in it is inserted into an element twice, causing performance problems
* Running while statement with exec on regexp which has been created with compile fails to step through matches
* Border-radius shorthand can't be removed with removeProperty()
* Opacity ignored for inline-block transform rotated to a certain angle)
* 'transform' attribute on element is ignored after animateTransform is removed
* Bad webfonts cause never-stop-loading
* Element remains in active state after doubleclick
* CSS white-space property values other than 'nowrap' not handled in MultilineEdit
* Traversing DOM, running cloneNode and setting innerHTML en masse spikes CPU
* Crash when running IDNA2008 tests
* Unicode space like characters should not be converted to SPACE (U+0020) in document title
* Linear gradient is visually broken
* XML parsing failed when saving XHTML document with images
* :not(.a).b and :not(#a)#b don't match when they should
* Wrong box-shadow calculations
* Opera hangs on submitting forms which were changed by JS
* SVG mask transparency inserted via javascript does not work
* if(top.document) should not work crossdomain
* 'list-style-type: none' affects CSS Gradients but not other images
* Don't allow iframes to embed parent document in iframe with src="#" (caused freezing/memory usage)
* Web SQL database - big int column not being returned correctly
* Shrink to fit float next to another float gets pushed down by unnecessary scrollbar in overflow:auto ancestor
* Percentage-height image not propagating width to percentage-height shrink-to-fit ancestor
* Unstyled content in certain pages with multiple stylesheets
* Event.prototype should have constants AT_TARGET, BUBBLING_PHASE, CAPTURING_PHASE, etc.
* Incorrect 'inset' box-shadow if border-top-width=0 xor border-left-width=0
* If max-width is used for absolutely positioned element with zero offsets and auto margins, the margins are incorrectly set to zero
* FileReader API - The last "progress" event sometimes fires after "load" and "loadend" events
* Cookies added via AddCookie don't show up in JS (document.cookie)
* Submit event wrongly fired BEFORE client-side validation in HTML5 forms
* Reload (or refresh from cache) of the document with objects does not preserve position
* x-mac-ukrainian not supported
* Character encoding of cached stylesheet not re-evaluated for new referring document
* Dynamically applied text-shadow is clipped
* Don't fire timeupdate if a timeupdate handler is still running
* Punctuation class Pc should not be included in ::first-letter
* JavaScript -> <textarea>s -> onscroll event inoperative
* Text selection in document edit handles a surrogate pair as two characters
* initEvent on dispatched event must have no effect
* Number.prototype.toString() not accurate for large numbers and radix not equal to 10
* If !important is not followed by a semi-colon, not only the next declaration is dropped, but the following rule as well
> Mail, News, Chat
* Cleanup padding in messages for small screens
* New warning strings when failing to attach files to a mail
* Reset Mail view setting 'time period' on upgrading from pre-12 versions.
* 'No images' setting lost after selecting another message
* Crash on searching for e-mails
* Scrollwheel/arrow keys don't scroll the message area when focus is on message padding
* Buttons on message toolbar should apply to mail selected in message pane, not list pane
* MHT files should not get the extra margins
* Crash when creating account
* Grouping dialog checkbox can't be clicked when using two screens
* De-select show sent mails resets/doesn't work.
* Copy contact from header widget doesn't copy name, only address
* Group headers have no top border when list is on top
* Account update spinner on mail panel sections doesn't always disappear
* Quick Reply text field content lost after switching messages
* Subjects in message list is displayed scrambled in list on the side
* Crash when quitting Opera with Mail initialization dialog opened
* Mail print preview should use the full mail window height
* Responding to HTML mail should respond as HTML mail even when default is plain-text
* Fix for Unicode attachment filenames in mail causes corrupted filenames in some clients
* Convert hex to unicode fails to work in mail compose/designmode
* Compose window header fields get hidden even if there is content in them
* Reply-To field in mail compose does not auto-complete/suggest addresses
* Cannot enable spell checking of email subject
* "Send by mail" from selected text should add the URL to the compose window
* Mail compose window unusable with black windows theme
* Don't hide compose window fields on switching 'From' account to and from a newsgroups account
* Editing Preferences while composing a plain text message causes the HTML toolbar to appear
* Can't copy/move mail between two accounts if mail separator is selected
* Make Attachment field keyboard accessible in tab sequence
> Network and Site-Specific
* dojotoolkit.org: Errors when using the dojo amd loader
* codecademy.com: getComputedStyle font-size of element with pointer-events rule fails
* yahoo.com: photo images show partially
* beetle.de: Unusual network event sequences on some requests
* vkontakte.ru social plugin: Unable to login - window.close after document.domain
* codeflow.org: Crash on webgl demo
* dartlang.org: Input problems from internal ES class name
* minhaseconomias.com.br: Doesn't load after login (Unicode issue)

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