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Pobierz Opera 11.50

Opera 11.50

Od Opera Software  (Freeware)
Ocena Użytkowników

W pełni wyposażona przeglądarka internetowa Opera zawiera następujące funkcje: blokowanie wyskakujących okienek, okna na kartach, wbudowane wyszukiwanie oraz zaawansowane funkcje: innowacyjny program e-mail, kanały RSS i rozmowy IRC. Wygląd i zawartość okna Opery można personalizować.

  • Szybkie wybieranie: Ulubione witryny można otworzyć jednym kliknięciem.
  • Skróty wyszukiwania: Szybsze wyszukiwanie - wpisywanie bezpośrednio do paska adresu.
  • Kosz: Natychmiastowe otwieranie ostatnio zamkniętych kart.
  • Szybkie wybieranie: Otwórz ulubioną witrynę jednym kliknięciem.
  • Gesty myszą: Używając programu Opera można surfować po Internecie używając myszy.
  • Opera Link: Synchronizacja wybranych danych online lub pomiędzy różnymi komputerami i urządzeniami.
  • Szybkie wyszukiwanie: Program Opera nie tylko pamięta tytuły i adresy, ale także zawartość odwiedzanych stron internetowych.
  • Podgląd kanałów RSS: Możliwość podejrzenia kanału poprzez kliknięcie na ikonę kanału. Kanał jest wyświetlany w przejrzystych kilku kolumnach.
  • Szybkie wyszukiwanie internetowe przystosowane do potrzeb użytkownika: Szybki dostęp do Google, eBay, Amazon itd. w polu wyszukiwania w prawy górnym rogu.
Tytuł: Opera 11.50
Nazwa pliku: Opera_1150_int_Setup.exe
Rozmiar: 9.83MB (10,308,400 bajtów)
Wymagania: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows 7 / XP 64-bit / Vista 64-bit / Windows 7 64-bit / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64-bit / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64-bit
Języki: Wielojęzykowy
Licencja: Freeware
Data dodania: 28 czerwca 2011
Autor: Opera Software
Strona domowa: www.opera.com
Suma kontrolna MD5: E658C5ECA5506A46813D8EF524B4093A

# User interface
* Improvements
- Improved layout handling for Speed Dial
- Removed empty Speed Dial suggestions buttons
- Provided an option to pin Opera to the taskbar on Windows 7
- Added indeterminate state to checkbox native skins
- Translation improvements
- Added the preferences option: opera:config#UserPrefs|ShowDropdownButtonInAddressfield
* Fixed
- POST request in search engines not working
- Crash when printing certain pages
- Crash when saving images
- When navigating back to the parent in Menu bar dropdowns, focus jumps back to previous top menu entry
- WebP images having an "Unknown" type
- Opera installer crashing as soon as the installation wizard starts
- URLs and links not being draggable to desktop in Windows 7 with rotating Aero themes
- Crash after closing page with a plug-in context menu open
- HTML5 Forms error notification being shown on the wrong screen
- Crash when adding a speed dial with known URL or dismissing dialog with the Escape key
- Extension installation being blocked after trying to install suggested extension with invalid link
- Missing pointers for left/right arrows in Speed Dial thumbnail dialogs
- Plus button not always appearing when adding a new Speed Dial
- Input context being broken with Speed Dial extension preferences dialog open
- Crash after closing browser with opened Speed Dial edit dialog having something typed in address field
- Extension preferences overlay dialog not being dismissed after pressing Escape
- Do not append Speed Dial title to extension in manager if they are same
- Invalid extension warning being displayed after trying to install extension suggestion without network connection
- Opera Dragonfly "Inspect Element" feature not working
- Yandex Calendar not working
- Tab Bar failing to correctly redraw after returning from hibernation
- Crash when using the tab cycler to move between tabs while a modal dialog is open
- Alt + Up and Alt + Down not scrolling messages anymore
- Context menu search using keyboard modifiers not opening in private tabs
- Suppress External Embeds config setting not working
- Dragging a sessions file to an Opera window not opening the session
- Trashed favorites still showing up in the Panel toolbar
- Shut down issue casued by message flooding from Flash plug-in
- Crash on closing browser with a notification window open
- All speed dials except newly added Opera Link speed dials disappear when startup dialog is shown
- Tab activation occurring on mousedown; cannot drag tabs to Speed Dial
- Sync sending two requests (a correct and an empty one)
- Opening a panel in one window opens it in others as well
- Switching between the Speed Dial website and extension suggestions stops loading previews
- Crash when installing a Speed Dial extension
- Speed Dial extensions installed through the add dialog have url set to http://<title>
- Crash when trying to open Speed Dial extension preferences when search field is focused
- Ghost Speed Dial extensions being created after loading previews through the Add Speed Dial dialog
- Cannot add a new speed dial if the + button is hidden
- Crash that is related to search
- Opera failing to start when search.ini points to invalid default search engines
- Crash when editing a Speed Dial entry search box which is focused, but out of the viewport
- New bookmark being added as first item of a folder instead of last
- The scroll container not being disabled in the Ad Speed Dial dialog
- Keyboard modifier is missing to save images on click
- Opera not exiting if closed while the Speed Dial extension prefs dialog is open
- Simplified Chinese being incorrectly detected as Korean
- Download notification with dual monitors following the mouse cursor, not the Opera window
- After system restart/user logoff/login, browser behaving as if it crashed
- Speed Dial extensions installed in unsupported versions causing problems on upgrade
- GMail being zoomed and cut when changing tabs
- Crash when exiting Opera while syncing for the first time
- Custom reload not working if Speed Dial is not opened
- Moved Speed Dials should be inserted rather than being swapped
- When adding a speed dial, a URL is sent as title
- No animation occurring when removing speed dials
- Ctrl + # keyboard shortcut for Speed Dial being shifted with custom keyboard setups
- Ctrl + Enter to log in not working
- Wrong active tab occurring in a stack after adding a tab to an expanded stack
- Keyboard down arrow causing Notes to appear to the left below the input box
- Web Storage crash when opening a page with an extension installed
- Crash occurring at progorod.ru
- Crash when reloading a page in Opera Dragonfly
- "Delete private data" removing Wand passwords
- viewmode:minimized speed dials sometimes reloading twice when opening a new tab

# Display and scripting
* Improvements
- Improved pop-up blocker (now blocks more pop-ups)
- Implemented HTMLInputElement.indeterminate, and checkbox indeterminate state
- Made parseInt significantly faster
- Improved W3C Geolocation test suite conformance
- Enable EventSource interface in Web Workers
- Improved handling of Link entries with invalid dates
- Reduced memory use in representation of compiled ECMAScript code
- Allowed extensions and browser to share cookies
- Optimizations to CSS tokenizing (CSS parsing performance up to 10-15% faster)
* Fixed
- File continues downloading after tab is closed
- 100% width/height not resolving to a parent's dimensions if the parent is sized with top/right/bottom/left
> Fixes Yandex Maps, QQ Mail, Flickr photo streams, and others
- Negative margin, hidden overflow, and absolute positioning hiding content
- Broken radial gradients
- Cached HEAD requests (XMLHttpRequest) affecting normal GET requests
- Asterisks (*) mistakenly being escaped in form data
- Parsing of SVG <paint> failing in CSS for anything that has more than one value
- location.href="" not reloading the page
- Incorrect evaluation of RegExp: "aaa".match(/(a*){2}/)
- Uncaught DOMException does not show message in console, only [object DOMException]
- Variable becoming undefined within a loop after assignment
- When a separator is "this", Array.prototype.join() not working properly
- Array.prototype.join() not complying with ES3/ES5 specification
- Array.prototype.join() crashing on non-array objects with initial holes
- Document created by createHTMLDocument not having a DOCTYPE
- RegExp.prototype.exec deviating from the specification
- SVGElement constructors and prototypes not being exposed to scripts
- input type=email incorrectly rejecting IDNs (non-ASCII domains)
- Crash when using SVG to draw a large number of characters on a path
- Float in multicol preventing a break
- High memory usage being caused by browser.js
- Crash occurring when a direct child of the HTML element is being deleted with the Document Edit functionality
- Constants not being exposed on EventSource interface object
- Freeze occurring at domiteca.com
- Sync not writing the disk queue on first start when using sync
- High memory usage occurring at test262.ecmascript.org
- Calculation of table-caption inside a CSS table element
- .text property not being available in svg:script during the BeforeScript event
- Freeze occurring in designMode when two body elements which are both part of a selection are replaced with new text
- Form submit and reset field values not being able to be updated through JavaScript
- Crash related to text node selection and closed/removed pop-up windows or iframes
- The willValidate property returning false when it should return true
- history.pushState and replaceState not setting the referrer correctly for subsequent requests
- Crash occurring when AUDIO/VIDEO element is moved between windows with a script
- Gradients with more than 32768 stops causing a crash when applied (canvas, SVG, CSS)
- Crash occurring with SVG animation
- Save image option not being available in the context menu
- Form layout crash
- Web Worker crash
- SVG BiDi crashing/freezing
- contentEditable crash when typing
- Incorrect text alignment (baseline) of text occurring in canvas element
- Print previewing of a large table freezes browser
- Crash when replacing singleton prototype with another prototype singleton
- Incorrect duplication of content occurring with multi-column container with column-fill:balance and block-level children
- Custom web fonts prohibiting onload event firing
- Crash when loading page with a select box with many OPTIONs
- Starting Opera again to get a new window in SDI mode not working
- Font initialization slowing down Opera's startup
- Accessing items in localStorage lowers the security status of secure sites to insecure
- SunSpider stopping halfway with JS error about inline script generation limit
- Link adding whitespace as a suffix and prefix for occurences of & in passwords
- Crash occurring when setting iframe src on load from within injected script
- Extension related crash on exit
- Object load not being fired for CSS or JavaScript files
- Overflow container inside a table introducing unwanted scrollbars
- Gmail video chat not showing a picture
- Crash related to Password manager
- Angry Birds web game sometimes not loading on reload
- Crash when selecting the back option after logging out of Facebook with the "Facebook Chat message count" extension
- Impossible to spatially navigate to and through the entire block of news on BBC due to nested blocks with non-visible overflow
- XML parsing failed error occurring when opening local MHTML files
- DOM crash occurring at live.com
- SVG element invalid state being downgraded in certain situations
- Media query for device-height not working
- Change event not firing when clicking a label associated with a checkbox

# Mail, news, chat
* Fixed
- Updated mailproviders.xml to support the new My Opera Mail service
- Menu > Mail > Read Mail failing to show mail
- Saved sessions containing a Mail tab not loading in a profile without a mail account
- New label filter not catching messages with default settings
- After deleting a label, mails do not become visible in other views
- Crash occurring when marking many mails as read with the Space key
- Deleting mail and feed messages only being marked as read
- Crash occurring when marking many mails as read with the Space key
- Email attachment disappearing after viewing it
- External embeds being blocked in Drafts view
- "Go to web address" done in mail or chat opening an unnecessary blank tab

# Miscellaneous
* Fixed
- Installer crashing when clicking Terms of Service

# Security
* Improvements
- Tightened security policies in several locations
- Fixed a moderately severe issue. Details will be disclosed at a later date.
- Fixed an issue where data URIs could be used to initiate cross site scripting against unrelated sites, as reported by Michal Zalewski of the Google Security Team.
- Fixed an issue with error pages that could cause a system crash, as reported through JPCERT

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