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Pobierz Apache OpenOffice 4.1.1

Apache OpenOffice 4.1.1

Od OpenOffice.org  (Open Source)
Ocena Użytkowników

OpenOffice.org 3 to najlepszy pakiet biurowy o otwartym kodzie źródłowym, służący do edycji tekstu, arkuszy kalkulacyjnych, prezentacji, grafiki, baz danych itp. Jest dostępny w wielu językach i działa na wszystkich zwykłych komputerach.

Wspaniałe oprogramowanie

OpenOffice.org 3 to wynik ponad 20 lat prac programistycznych. Od początku pakiet był projektowany jako jedna całość i dzięki temu jest wyjątkowo spójny, co wyróżnia go spośród innych podobnych produktów. Całkowicie otwarty proces tworzenia pakietu oznacza, że każdy może zgłosić błędy, poprosić o nowe funkcje lub ulepszenia.

Łatwy w użyciu

Pakiet OpenOffice.org 3 jest łatwy w użyciu. Jeśli użytkownik korzystał wcześniej z innego pakietu biurowego, bardzo szybko zacznie wydajnie pacować z OpenOffice.org 3. Ponieważ posiadamy międzynarodową społeczność użytkowników OpenOffice.org 3 prawdopodobnie został przetłumaczony także na Twój język.

... I jest darmowy

Co więcej,OpenOffice.org 3 może być pobrany i używany całkowicie za darmo bez opłat licencyjnych. Pakiet OpenOffice.org 3 jest dystrybuowany pod licencją LGPL. To znaczy, że można używać go w każdym celu: w domu, w firmie, w szkole i w urzędach.

Tytuł: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.1
Nazwa pliku: Apache_OpenOffice_4.1.1_Win_x86_install_en-US.exe
Rozmiar: 134.33MB (140,852,175 bajtów)
Wymagania: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows 7 / XP 64-bit / Vista 64-bit / Windows 7 64-bit / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64-bit / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64-bit
Języki: Wielojęzykowy
Licencja: Open Source
Data dodania: 22 sierpnia 2014
Autor: OpenOffice.org
Strona domowa: www.openoffice.org
Suma kontrolna MD5: 40FC525BC8B26AC7E1A7CEF0E02A08F3

* Bug Fixes
- "Read Error" with embedded images after saving in Writer
- *.docx import: import of overlapping bookmarks broken
- 2 scrollbars blocked at the ends of the sheet
- Add Catalan (ca) language
- Add language support for Valencian RACV (ca_XR)
- Add Valencian AVL (ca_XV) language
- Add Valencian RACV (ca_XR) language
- AOO opens Word .docx with wrong text alignment
- Bad SVG import with particular files
- Build no more possible with Xcode 5.1
- buildbot version 411 r1611634 crashes on attached document
- Bundle Catalan (ca) dictionary
- Bundle Catalan (Valencian) (ca-XR) dictionary
- Bundle Catalan (Valencian) (ca-XV) dictionary
- Comment/Annotation applies to wrong table selection
- conditional hidden paragraph does not update after textfield changes value
- conditional text field does not update view after changing variable
- CRASH when 'View - close sidebar' with Navigator active
- Crash when disabling sidebar view after undocking and closing sidebar
- CRASH when open edit mode copy of older document.odt version
- CRASH when scroll through very large and complex .odt
- Crash with sidebar
- Crash: after applying the comment arises the problem with using table
- cropping + scaling image in writer results in a blue rectangle
- CStringEqual can return true for non-equal c-strings
- Dictionaries updates right after installation
- doAccessibleAction(0) failed on combobox with dropdown
- Embedded GDI Metafiles replaced by "Read Error" box after File - Save
- embedded OLE object imported with wrong style from PPTX
- Embedded PNG Pictures replaced by "Read Error" box
- Export to SVG: Error when line contains arrow and text
- File - Versions - Always save a version on closing is not working
- Font color and shadow color cannot be different
- Font Effects not applied correctly
- Formular bar not updating
- German translation update
- German Windows: "unoinfo java" indicates UTF-16LE encoding, but encoding is not UTF-16
- Hangs when applying default format across multiple lines
- Help Text isn't right-aligned, in Hebrew/Arabic languages
- helpex Export::CopyFile is too slow
- Huge memory consumption for very large and complex .odt
- Huge memory usage with docs which contain many graphics
- Inherited style property "Space above/below Paragraph" lost for particular styles
- input fields are no longer considered as cell values
- Insert picture (from file) focus jumps to end of document
- Khmer (km) translation update
- layout differs in AOO 4.1.0 vs 4.0.1 (and previous)
- Left-mouse-down above text edit area crashes, "Index out of bounds"
- Line length miscalculated when character spacing is expanded
- Linked JPG image not preserved when exported to PDF with loss-less compression
- Linked SVG image embedded after save when automatic save has taken place
- Lithuanian (lt) translation update
- Mac and Java Oracle 1.7
- Mac64 only: Mighty Mouse horizontal scrolling issue
- named range with visibility condition can crash writer
- nbintegration: Blanks or Colons in path seem unsupported under windows
- No multimedia support in MacOSX
- Opening complex docx document takes several minutes (but succeeds)
- Opening some documents is much slower
- Picture loss on save
- Pootle damaged file
- Regression Textfield.user cant be deleted via Script
- remove custom allocator support in stlport-replacement headers
- remove obsoleted module-internal custom allocator in SAL
- reset formatting behind special formattings hangs AOO
- Send file as e-mail fails if AOO is in a path with spaces
- SVG export of a selected area causes the whole canvas to be exported
- Thai (th) translation update
- The Lookup Gesture looks up the wrong word
- Traditonal Chinese (zh-tw) translation from Pootle
- Update English dictionaries
- Update Hebrew (he) translation from Pootle
- update meta data
- Update PL (Polish) translation from Pootle
- Update Portuguese-Pt translation
- URL of linked PNG images wrong after save when automatic save has taken place
- Vietnamese (vi) translation
- WW6: outline not imported, thus no TOC entries displayed
- WW8: custom outline numbering has wrong first level style
- WW8: custom Outline numbering imported with wrong level assignment
- WW8: custom Outline Numbering is imported with wrong 2nd level setting
- WW8: imported TOC empty, due to paragraphs having "outline level" property
- WW8: outline imported instead of simple numbered list
- WW8: some headings have no outline level on import
- WW8: table of contents empty due to not assigned outline styles on import
- WW8: wrong style assignment for outline numbering imported
- [GTK] Scrollbars without steppers are buggy
- [SVG] svg node does not consider styles from a style element
* Additional Language Support
- Catalan (ca)
- Catalan (Valencian RACV) ca-XR)
- Catalan (Valencian AVL) (ca-XV)
* Updated translations
- German (de)
- Hebrew (he)
- Khmer (kh)
- Lithuanian (lt)
- Polish (pl)
- Portuguese
- (European) (pt-PT)
- Traditional Chinese (zh-tw)
- Thai (th)
- Vietnamese (vi)
* New and Updated Dictionaries
- Catalan (ca)
- Catalan (Valencian RACV) ca-XR)
- Catalan (Valencian AVL) (ca-XV)
* Updated Dictionaries
- English (en) Only the en-GB dictionary has been updated
- French (fr)
- Portuguese (European) (pt-PT)
- Russian (ru)
- Slovenian (sl)