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Pobierz NoMachine For Mac 6.0.66

NoMachine For Mac 6.0.66

Od NoMachine  (Freeware)
Ocena Użytkowników

NoMachine is a free remote desktop application that has stacks of powerful features. With NoMachine you can access all your files and folders, watch DVDs, TV, or YouTube videos from wherever you are. You can view smooth, high-resolution video and audio from your PC or Mac to any NoMachine-enabled device. The application even works with any USB controller, so you can play games remotely.

With NoMachine you can access all your hardware devices. You can print a file located on the remote computer to a local printer. You can even access your pen-drives, scanners and all your disks as if you were sat in front of them.


  • Travel to any desktop: With NoMachine you can access any computer and begin working as if you were sat in front of it.
  • Work with any content: NoMachine gives you all of your content and programs to access remotely. Whether that be working with animated models, presentations or images.
  • Meet with others where you work: The application lets you securely share your desktop and allows collaboration and file sharing between you and your work colleagues.
  • Human Interface: NoMachine's interface gives you a remote link that is lightning fast and supports multiple operating systems, so you don't have to be tied down to one OS.

Tytuł: NoMachine For Mac 6.0.66
Nazwa pliku: nomachine_6.0.66_2.dmg
Rozmiar: 39.63MB (41,554,465 bajtów)
Wymagania: Windows (Wszystkie wersje)
Języki: Wielojęzykowy
Licencja: Freeware
Data dodania: 1 grudnia 2017
Autor: NoMachine
Suma kontrolna MD5: ED8822B366C1E4AFC8C36C78D3EC6DD1

Users can log-in to the nxserver shell by using a NoMachine token.
Cannot forward USB devices to macOS Sierra.
Cannot open the Font menu in the Attribute Inspector in a physical desktop on macOS 10.13.
Cannot access an Enterprise Desktop if no X session is already running on it.
NoMachine fails to automatically reconnect when server requires two-factor authentication.
NoMachine client suddenly terminates when the connection uses proxy authentication.
Message 'Cannot kill nxhtd' is issued while upgrading Cloud Server to version 6 on Linux.
USB forwarding to Linux sessions works only the first time.
The session freezes after that the user logs-in or logs-out from the system.