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Pobierz NoMachine For Mac 6.0.62

NoMachine For Mac 6.0.62

Od NoMachine  (Freeware)
Ocena Użytkowników

NoMachine is a free remote desktop application that has stacks of powerful features. With NoMachine you can access all your files and folders, watch DVDs, TV, or YouTube videos from wherever you are. You can view smooth, high-resolution video and audio from your PC or Mac to any NoMachine-enabled device. The application even works with any USB controller, so you can play games remotely.

With NoMachine you can access all your hardware devices. You can print a file located on the remote computer to a local printer. You can even access your pen-drives, scanners and all your disks as if you were sat in front of them.


  • Travel to any desktop: With NoMachine you can access any computer and begin working as if you were sat in front of it.
  • Work with any content: NoMachine gives you all of your content and programs to access remotely. Whether that be working with animated models, presentations or images.
  • Meet with others where you work: The application lets you securely share your desktop and allows collaboration and file sharing between you and your work colleagues.
  • Human Interface: NoMachine's interface gives you a remote link that is lightning fast and supports multiple operating systems, so you don't have to be tied down to one OS.

Tytuł: NoMachine For Mac 6.0.62
Nazwa pliku: nomachine_6.0.62_6.dmg
Rozmiar: 39.63MB (41,551,741 bajtów)
Wymagania: Windows (Wszystkie wersje)
Języki: Wielojęzykowy
Licencja: Freeware
Data dodania: 15 listopada 2017
Autor: NoMachine
Suma kontrolna MD5: 5F896A2B62F51006CF397FD99E4B7BB5

Adding a new configuration key for pre-configuring the web GUI appearance.
Applying the 'lossless refinement' in a single pass.
Dropping support for 'NoMachine login' method.
Switching the active role to the server with more connections after a cluster failover.
Adding the 'Subscription version' field to the license files.
Build a scalable multi-tier infrastructure with Cloud Server.
Using one-time password for forwarding connections from a Cloud Server to a target server.
Automatic detection of proxy settings and using them to connect.
Automatic software updates from earlier versions to v. 6.0 will be disabled.
Creating the necessary UI for accessing and administering a NoMachine hierarchical infrastructure of servers.
Adding new commands for federating servers under a Cloud Server.
Accessing and managing a NoMachine multi-level infrastructure of servers via web.
Letting users disable accepting connections to their desktop from the NoMachine Monitor.
Updates to server commands for managing multi-node environments.
Implementing automatic reconnection for connections by the web.
Creating a dedicated PAM module for temporary password authentication with SSH protocol.
Adding a new option to server commands for directing users to a given server federated under a CS.
Providing server tools to configure the users' ability to disable accepting connections to their physical desktop.
Create a unique identifier for the NoMachine failover cluster.
Add an item to the NoMachine menu to close the NoMachine application.
Adding the 'nxserver --getuuid' command to retrieve the server uuid in a NoMachine hierarchical infrastructure.
Adding support for guest users to NoMachine Enterprise Desktop.
Implementing automatic reconnection in the NoMachine client.
Informing users that NoMachine client v. 6 is requested to connect to Cloud Server v. 6.
Removing the host keys while deleting the remote host from the NoMachine infrastructure.
Giving the possibility to start and stop foreign servers.
Improving the procedure to gather web session logs.
Implementing the 'nxserver --serverupdate' command.
Extending the 'nxserver --remove-host-key' to operate also on servers federated under a Cloud Server.
Adding the mod_headers module to the NoMachine web server.
Giving the possibility to administrators to pre-configure NoMachine's web sessions.
Eliminate the customer's packages for update and ship updates in all-in-one packages.
Change status item label to "Show the service status".
Disabling 3DES-CBC (short block sizes) in the NoMachine web server.
Extending support for web sessions to more NoMachine server products.
Extending the possibility to prevent users from storing their credentials also in case of web sessions.
Preventing users from storing their login credentials when connecting via browser.
Managing sub-level servers from the main Cloud Server.
Updating the NoMachine web server, nxhtd.
Adding a new configuration key to hide the 'Accepting connection' item from the Monitor menu.
Adding support for H.264 codec in web sessions.
Moving settings of cloud.cfg and cloud.inc to the global configuration files, server.cfg and htd.cfg.
Extending the multi-server administration GUI by allowing to manage any servers in the hierarchy.
The restricted access mode to physical desktops in NoMachine v. 6.
Minimizing user's steps to launch web sessions.
Disabling mDNS in the NoMachine monitor if it is disabled in the client GUI panel.
Renaming configuration keys for web sessions.
Extending NoMachine USB support to Raspberry Pi.
Adding support for SOCKS protocol.
BSOD on Windows 10 due to the nxusb driver.
Screen blanking on Mac doesn't work properly when connecting to login window.
Server side logs report "Cannot get user info" messages.
Ghost printers are forwarded in the NoMachine sessions after a system reboot on CentOS 7/RHEL 7.
Audio playback is not smooth when the session is connected to Windows XP.
NoMachine server cannot be started when the Windows LSA service is running in protected mode.
Keyboard does not work properly inside remote Parallels VM.
Ctrl+drag is not working in Xcode.
Error messages related to problems with the creation of 'nx' user account during the installation process don't provide enough detail.
NoMachine client can be installed over a NoMachine full package on Linux.
The 'nxdevice/sessions' directory on Linux is obsolete.
Dialog box requiring authentication pops up while creating a new virtual session.
Misleading error message about missing users.db.
The nxexec process suddenly terminates on Ubuntu 16.04 when the machine is rebooted.
Cannot activate a TSN license for evaluation with the 'nxserver --activate' command.
Mouse input problems appear when playing EverQuest.
Custom scripts triggered on 'UserScriptAfterSessionStart' are executed before the user is effectively connected to the remote desktop.
LSA service crash due to invalid memory access inside nxlsa module.
When installing a server package, set-up tries to put in place XDG files for the standalone client.
Sudden termination of the NoMachine session caused by mDNS.
User gets authorization error using system "Check for Updates" in openSUSE Leap after installing NoMachine.
Ctrl+arrow doesn't work in a NoMachine session on macOS 10.12.6.
Server configuration to forbid the client to store credentials doesn't work as expected.
Memory leak in Render extension optimized code.
NoMachine nxd doesn't start properly on Windows XP when IPv6 protocol is installed.
Microsoft Driver Verifier reports a non-fatal error when verifying nxusbs.sys.
No error is displayed when users set a new password and the system doesn't accept it.
Screen blanking feature doesn't work properly on openSUSE Leap 42.1.
User is successfully authenticated but can't easily access his session when the system authentication is case-insensitive.
Some Gnome 3 themes are misrendered in virtual desktops.
Problem with USB forwarding of iPhone to Mac OS X.