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Pobierz Miro 3.5.0

Miro 3.5.0

Ocena Użytkowników

Miro jest darmowym odtwarzaczem video HD. Potrafi odtworzyć prawie każdy plik wideo i oferuje ponad 6 000 darmowych programów TV oraz podcastów video.

Miro ma prosty, wspaniały interfejs, zaprojektowany do oglądania video HD w trybie pełnoekranowym. Ponieważ program Miro pobiera na dysk większość plików video, możesz zabrać je ze sobą nawet do samolotu. Innymi słowy oferuje świetny sposób oglądania plików video.

W przeciwieństwie do przeglądarki, Miro jest stworzony dla video HD. Wbudowany Miro Guide łączy użytkownika z tysiącami darmowych programów video High Definition. Program Miro szybko pobiera pliki video i zapisuje je na komputerze w celu osiągnięcia jakości, której często brakuje w witrynach internetowych z video strumieniowym (nawet strony z oznaczeniem 'HD').

Nie możesz otworzyć video? Teraz, dzięki programowi Miro, już tak. Miro może odtwarzać dowolny typ pliku video - Quicktime, WMV, MPEG, AVI, XVID i inne.

Jeśli chodzi o podcasty video, program Miro znacznie wyprzedza program iTunes, pozwalając zapisać się do kanałów RSS BitTorrent, jednym z najszybszych programów pobierania torrentów na świecie. Miro znacznie upraszcza użytkowanie kanałów RSS BitTorrent RSS, np. gdy pojawi się nowy odcinek, program automatycznie pobierze go i przygotuje do oglądania.

Tytuł: Miro 3.5.0
Nazwa pliku: Miro_Installer.exe
Rozmiar: 37.13MB (38,933,496 bajtów)
Wymagania: Windows (Wszystkie wersje)
Języki: Wielojęzykowy
Licencja: Open Source
Data dodania: 22 października 2010
Autor: Participatory Culture Foundation
Strona domowa: www.getmiro.com
Suma kontrolna MD5: AC0AB5A21EB6E1C2487139E34979E4BE

* New features
- (all) when user clicks on videos, torrents, feeds in miro browser, intercept them
- (all) language preference
- (all) Remember selected view in "Library" > "Video"
- (all) ability to cancel queued autodownloads
- (all) switch from httpclient to libcurl
- (all) video search tab is unclear
- (all) item view should show resume point for playback
- (all) prev button should go to start of file before previous file
- (all) Display failed conversions in the conversion tab
- (all) Add video conversions capabilities
- (all) add iPad to miro conversion list
- (Linux and Windows) use gtk volume slider
- (Linux) switch videos directory on linux to ~/Videos/Miro per freedesktop spec
- (Windows) upgrade windows build environment and dependencies
- support for basic and digest httpauth
- fixed support for http proxy
- conversions

* Bug fixes
- (all) No network access - possibly proxy
- (all) problem adding feeds on osx with proxy configured
- (all) volume slider requires a click after changing with scroll wheel
- (all) Playback should play new videos
- (all) downloads tab unsorts itself over time
- (all) databases should be platform-specific
- (all) Progress Bar for Slow Operations
- (all) feed mangling with non-ascii search within saved search feed.
- (all) upnp ports opened on the router are not closed when miro is closed
- (all) Better Torrent Naming
- (all) Better Handling of OperationalErrors during Database Upgrades
- (all) upgrade to libtorrent 0.14.10
- (all) clean up source tree
- (all) Save Fast Resume Data periodically
- (all) [patch] Sort playlists by name in the "Add to playlist" dialog
- (all) files don't delete
- (all) handle subtitle files that are encoded in non-utf-8 encodings
- (all) start downloader unicode errors
- (all) Search All - saved search icon incorrectly displayed
- (all) error with duplicate torrent download
- (all) handle current or duration as None
- (all) add youtorrent to sidebar
- (all) Update LegalTorrents default site to reflect new name: ClearBits
- (all) direct youtorrent download, doesn't initiate .torrent download
- (all) update audio bitrate for all device conversions
- (all) Conversions cancelled message on shutdown
- (all) Add extension to output filename to prevent same file name for conversions
- (all) Delete tempfiles from unittests
- (all) download tab disappears when items are seeding or paused
- (all) new video counter for folders not updated on feeds update
- (all) display nothing instead of 'none' when no description available
- (all) Download tab disappears when external download fails
- (all) crash when download finishes during playback
- (all) youtube video scraping fails
- (all) file not found error for video with spaces in the title.
- (all) Seeking during pause will implicitly issue playback
- (all) truncate_old_items AttributeError: 'RSSFeedImpl' object has no attribute 'old_items'
- (all) played item doesn't restart at displayed resume time if 10 secs or less
- (all) wrap text on no-results page
- (all) downloading a democracy now torrent causes the item name to change
- (all) miro should respect 503 http error and Retry-After header.
- (all) Color coding state in playlist listview is confusing
- (all) Color coded circle icons can get out of sync with status column
- (all) some converted files are not moved from tmp dir to Converted dir
- (all) external download error dialog needs work
- (all) Crash when adding torrent feeds
- (all) opml import ignore autodownload setting in opml file
- (all) "miro/dl_daemon/download.pyo", line 514, in retry_download AttributeError: 'BTDownloader' object has no attribute 'start_new_download'
- (all) download error handling is different
- (all) double subtitle tracks and display
- (all) Download tab remains when download in retry mode cancelled.
- (all) os x log doesn't display libtorrent version correctly
- (all) Download tab doesn't appear / disappear based on seeding item
- (all) crash report with db are not submitted.
- (all) handle case where media download has 0 bytes
- (all) retry mode jumps to 24 hours
- (all) paused downloads startover on resume
- (all) Previously failed URLs do not use a working URL if they've been fixed/updated
- (all) don't show 'From Local Files'
- (all) converted items disappear and are hard to find
- (all) keep finished conversions in the conversion tab until user 'clears' them
- (all) Save Backup of databases when upgrades fail
- (all) calc_retry_time TypeError: can't compare datetime.datetime to int
- (all) crash reporting doesn't work
- (all) label conversion targets as audio or video
- (all) miro doesn't see descriptions in some feeds
- (all) AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'NOPROXY'
- (all) in handle_network_error AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'ProxyAuthenticationError'
- (all) error deleting feed with invalid url
- (all) password protected feeds prompt with each update
- (all) convert flv file to mp3 format results in unplayable file
- (all) failed tests: set_filename calls getmtime which errors out
- (all) converted filenames should be based on item titles
- (all) http downloads stay stuck in starting up
- (all) version number not displayed for windows installs
- (all) YouTube videos with diacritics in title will not download
- (all) remove downloading debug line from log files
- (all) save a backup of original database after successful upgrade
- (all) in _setup_proxy TypeError: strings are not supported for this option
- (all) Not able to remove feed after dragging to another section
- (all) Cancel on http auth dialog should cancel download attempt
- (all) immediate sort, seems like item disappears
- (all) Improve httpauth design
- (all) _ask_for_http_auth_callback AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'set'
- (all) don't log proxy username / password in Debug
- (all) in _setup_proxy_auth TypeError: invalid arguments to setopt
- (all) Download tab chicklets don't update for pause / resume
- (all) apple devs and ogg vorbis: Unable to find a suitable output format if no format extension
- (all) Youtube Videos matching query: <xyz> stale
- (all) language preference doesn't work for languages with region variants
- (all) update ipad settings
- (all) Frontend config change callbacks happen on the backend thread
- (Linux) unit test failures starting w/ 2010-03-27-nightly
- (Linux) crash when deleting an item
- (Linux) Mouse pointer is of type "hand" in main window when pop-out player is active
- (Linux) Bulk Conversions on ubuntu karmic hang
- (Linux) Conversion waits for answer if output already exists
- (Linux) linux doesn't recognize acodec aac, needs libfaac
- (Linux) converting to theora on karmic, appears to hang
- (Linux) ValueError: list.remove(x): x not in list
- (Linux) Crash when clicking on description link
- (Linux) linux unittest failure
- (Linux) persist .miro/Movies to gconf
- (Linux) Crash: ValidationError when Connection time-out
- (Linux) Edits to description for feed items aren't saved when feed updates.
- (Linux) print libtorrent version to the log
- (Linux) httpauth-fix related test failures
- (Linux) pycurl is requisite
- (Linux) Database upgrade to version 116 fails with UnicodeDecodeError
- (Linux) pywebkitgtk can not store cookies
- (Linux) AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'get_total_playback_time'
- (Linux) NameError: global name 'curl_manager' is not defined
- (Linux) choose 1 consistent way to spell auto download, Autodownload, Auto-Download.
- (Linux) In progress conversion doesn't display: object has no attribute 'get_eta'
- (Linux) pause/go while downloading kicks up AttributeError: 'TransferStats' object has no attribute 'status_code'
- (Linux) Miro should fail gracefully if it's accidentally run on a system without a working display
- (Linux) password protected feeds prompt for each download
- (Linux) same item title overwrites previous conversion
- (Linux) fail gracefully with glib.GError
- (Linux) error overwriting existing converted file
- (Linux) (Locale) Unit conversion exceptions
- (Linux and Windows) Put fullscreen button next to pop-out for windows hover controls
- (Linux and Windows) Handle moving position slider when get_total_playback_time() returns None
- (Linux and Windows) no prompt for password protected feeds or items
- (OS X) Update OS X test setup code
- (OS X) miro crashes on launch on MacOSX10.4.11(japanese)--bad locale handling code
- (OS X) Miro doesn't launch after first time closing, no error MSGs
- (OS X) slow shutdowns on os x
- (OS X) New Search feed selecting wrong feed for search creation
- (OS X) Search: Chinese language support - wrong characters displayed
- (OS X) os x nightly 2010-16-04 fails to launch
- (OS X) Miro hang while downloading
- (OS X) valueError: not allowed to raise the maximum limit
- (OS X) os x nightly build: ImportError: No module named os
- (OS X) in-progress conversion files displayed in the Library
- (OS X) conversion duplicated in Conversion tab when changed state from pending
- (OS X) os x nightly revision unknown
- (OS X) Miro becomes wedged when invoking Present video 1/2 size/full size/2x size via shortcut while main window minimized
- (OS X) In popout mode, resizing doesn't focus playback window
- (OS X) Clicking Subtitle button on playing MKV file: TypeError: argument of type 'int' is not iterable
- (OS X) error when deleting feed.
- (OS X) crash on start_downloader_daemon: UnboundLocalError: local variable 'f' referenced before assignment
- (OS X) Miro continuous playback doesn't obey minimize/hide
- (OS X) Clicking on icon when all windows closed does not re-open window
- (OS X) Changing the volume from the OS X overlay palette does not save its value.
- (OS X) Miro hid ALL of the Library tabs
- (OS X) Unhandled exception with SUNoFeedURL
- (OS X) dtv-downloader-log file is missing on os x.
- (OS X) problem downloading files with a,ö,a (or other exotic characters)
- (OS X) os x playback broken
- (OS X) ui freeze on os x
- (OS X) Site don't interact well with Miro after leave site tab and return
- (OS X) Blatantly incorrect Japanese translation for "Services"
- (OS X) "Services" Menu doesn't do anything on Mac OS X
- (Windows) Proxy authentification does not work,
- (Windows) System tray right-click menu not displaying correctly (Vista x64)
- (Windows) Partially Off Screen, Can't be Moved, On Wrong Screen
- (Windows) Handle errors when reading from the database
- (Windows) Sorting by Name or by Feed in playlists is case-sensitive
- (Windows) fix appcast to use "windows" as well as "windows-xul"
- (Windows) miro 3.0.1 installer says miro 3.0
- (Windows) hook up conversions for windows
- (Windows) Error Starting Downloads
- (Windows) windows doesn't start: gtk.volumebutton has no get_popup
- (Windows) Windows: converting video, TypeError: an integer is required
- (Windows) WindowsError: [Error 13] Crash when performing bulk conversions
- (Windows) TypeError: find_http_auth() takes exactly 3 arguments (2 given)
- (Windows) System tray menu doesn't close if you right-click once but then just click the desktop.
- (Windows) Download Rate mislabelled. KBps shown as kbps
- (Windows) libtorrent module couldn't be found
- (Windows) report database-related issues on startup better with useful options
- (Windows) srt files in BIG5 don't work on Windows
- (Windows) 2010-08-23-nightly build won't launch
- (Windows) Change bogondeflector location
- (Windows) http item auth goes into weird inprogress download when incorrect pw provided.
- (Windows) libtorrent binary on windows is compiled with wrong version of VC++
- (Windows) WindowsError: [Error 32] - performing bulk conversions
- (Windows) conversion description text gives from filename
- (Windows) Crash performing bulk conversions: miro\videoconversion.pyc", line 427, in _remove_file NameError: global name 'self' is not defined
- (Windows) conversion copyfile fails when item title has japanese characters
- (Windows) miro crashes when submitting crash report with db
- (Windows) Conversions fail if file path contains non-ascii characters
- (Windows) feed saved search display not updated automatically
- (Windows) converted file not moved to converted dir if quotes in item title
- (Windows) error encountered cancelling in-progress conversions
- (Windows) About menu doesn't open. - CREDITS file is missing.

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