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Pobierz Miro 3.0

Miro 3.0

Ocena Użytkowników

Miro jest darmowym odtwarzaczem video HD. Potrafi odtworzyć prawie każdy plik wideo i oferuje ponad 6 000 darmowych programów TV oraz podcastów video.

Miro ma prosty, wspaniały interfejs, zaprojektowany do oglądania video HD w trybie pełnoekranowym. Ponieważ program Miro pobiera na dysk większość plików video, możesz zabrać je ze sobą nawet do samolotu. Innymi słowy oferuje świetny sposób oglądania plików video.

W przeciwieństwie do przeglądarki, Miro jest stworzony dla video HD. Wbudowany Miro Guide łączy użytkownika z tysiącami darmowych programów video High Definition. Program Miro szybko pobiera pliki video i zapisuje je na komputerze w celu osiągnięcia jakości, której często brakuje w witrynach internetowych z video strumieniowym (nawet strony z oznaczeniem 'HD').

Nie możesz otworzyć video? Teraz, dzięki programowi Miro, już tak. Miro może odtwarzać dowolny typ pliku video - Quicktime, WMV, MPEG, AVI, XVID i inne.

Jeśli chodzi o podcasty video, program Miro znacznie wyprzedza program iTunes, pozwalając zapisać się do kanałów RSS BitTorrent, jednym z najszybszych programów pobierania torrentów na świecie. Miro znacznie upraszcza użytkowanie kanałów RSS BitTorrent RSS, np. gdy pojawi się nowy odcinek, program automatycznie pobierze go i przygotuje do oglądania.

Tytuł: Miro 3.0
Nazwa pliku: Miro-3.0.exe
Rozmiar: 29.72MB (31,163,438 bajtów)
Wymagania: Windows (Wszystkie wersje)
Języki: Wielojęzykowy
Licencja: Open Source
Data dodania: 26 marca 2010
Autor: Participatory Culture Foundation
Strona domowa: www.getmiro.com
Suma kontrolna MD5: EC4AAF7E06AE8A52404BBABA6097AE22

# New features
- Added support for subtitles (all)
> #12319 (all) Subtitle Picker in Menu
> #12350 (all) Choose file for subtitles
> #11495 (all) menu item for subtitle track
> #12711 (all) Add a way to select an arbitrary subtitle file for a playing movie.
> #12781 (all) Remember the selected subtitle file
- #3630 (all) 'play externally' right-click menu (Thank you Jason Woofenden!)
- #9350 (all) [patch-included] Option to launch media content into external player... (Thank you Jason Woofenden!)
- #11954 (all) make max volume 2x/3x
- #11975 (all) item play button should be play/pause button
- #12145 (all) Pause hotkey missing during audio playback
- #12672 (all) edit item dialog
- #12675 (all) allow for dragging/dropping items to video/audio/other tabs
- #12171 (GTK) Add media controls to trayicon right-click menu
- #12025 (GTK/X11) support media keys

# Performance improvements
- #11100 (all) first time startup experience
- #12178 (all) deleting folder of feeds is slow
- #12380 (all) creating and updating large feeds is too slow
- #12608 (all) Improve performance for adding items to a watched folder
- #12107 (all) remove feedparser_output column

# Small features and polish
- #11938 (all) Add to playlist UI improvements
- #11960 (all) rename sidebar sections
- #12199 (all) update libtorrent to 0.14.6
- #12319 (all) Subtitle Picker in Menu
- #12429 (all) Windows Subtitle Selection UI
- #12469 (all) upgrade to libtorrent 0.14.7
- #12419 (all) maintain database history
- #12798 (all) Enable Sidebar Rename and Remove for Sites
- #11495 (OS X) menu item for subtitle track

# Bug fixes and backend improvements
- #11505 (all) intelligent sort order in media library for two digit numbers
- #12980 (all) Sort by Status in list view should sub-sort by expiry date
- #11077 (all) sort order for "name" should default to ascending
- #12987 (all) error when upgrading database: no such column: id
- #10794 (all) missing downloading retry information
- #11041 (all) Sidebar Spinner doesn't actually spin
- #11923 (all) playback bar doesn't work with non-96 dpi
- #11956 (all) Don't store resume time if the video is 95% of the way done.
- #11991 (all) crash notification when database full
- #12073 (all) external container torrents displayed twice when in watched folder
- #12149 (all) Sidebar and Playlist menu items are disabled during audio playback
- #12167 (all) Video tab view doesn't update after last unwatched item is played
- #12196 (all) remove fasttypes?
- #12198 (all) move libtorrent out of portable
- #12329 (all) File "miro\httpclient.pyc", line 1866, in grabURL AttributeError?: 'NoneType?' object has no attribute 'startswith'
- #12362 (all) Infinite loop when external option selected and miro the default player for a media type
- #12379 (all) AttributeError?: 'ChannelFolder?' object has no attribute 'setup_common'
- #12533 (all) rework subtitle menu changing code
- #12553 (all) deselect Play Media in Miro does not disable subtitle option
- #12590 (all) Add Vodo as default feed
- #12601 (all) partial results when updating saved Search All feeds
- #12602 (all) parse_command_line_args TypeError?: startswith() takes at most 3 arguments (4 given)
- #12634 (all) in set_max_new AttributeError?: 'module' object has no attribute 'auto_downloader'
- #12635 (all) Within channel search matches all
- #12645 (all) licence button and context men not inactive when no license info
- #12646 (all) No username / password prompt for pw protected feed
- #12655 (all) upgrade binary kits to libtorrent 0.14.8
- #12680 (all) "miro/storedatabase.pyo", line 372, in update_obj AssertionError?: update_obj changed 0 rows
- #12690 (all) "miro\commandline.pyc", line 81, in add_video NameError?: global name 'i' is not defined
- #12691 (all) Miro doesn't recognize that it can play some downloaded videos.
- #12697 (all) File "miro\database.pyc", line 128, in get_singleton ObjectNotFoundError?: Can't find singleton
- #12700 (all) Download search item, not properly recognized and cataloged.
- #12716 (all) socket.ssl() deprecated in Python 2.6
- #12732 (all) Changing Movies Directory doesn't update chicklets
- #12733 (all) fix audio playback shortcuts
- #12751 (all) olddatabaseupgrade refers to storedatabase.saveObjectList
- #12752 (all) E1101:2453:ManualFeedImpl.setup_common: Class 'FeedImpl?' has no 'setup_common' member
- #12775 (all) playlisttest.Upgrade88TestCase fails occasionally
- #12793 (all) Cyrillic characters in Revver search feed - irrelevant search results, mangled output
- #12806 (all) Save Search command within a feed causes mangling and occasional crashes with non-ascii characters
- #12815 (all) delete subtitle files related to an item
- #12822 (all) crash when cancelling download
- #12852 (all) Only enable Playback -> Subtitle menu during video playback
- #12853 (all) Display subtitle when browsed to during video playback.
- #12859 (all) AttributeError?: OSXApplication instance has no attribute 'rename_item'
- #12885 (all) OperationalError?: cannot start a transaction within a transaction
- #12889 (all) AttributeError?: 'NoneType?' object has no attribute 'decode'
- #12932 (all) README contains broken link to http://www.getmiro.com/downloads/
- #13000 (all) Missing _(...) in some strings
- #12339 (GTK) Pop-out playback window has no title or video name
- #12551 (GTK) toggling detached playback disables subtitles
- #12778 (GTK) When user clicks on File > Options menu item, user sees Preferences window
- #4613 (GTK/X11) [patch] remove dependancy on pkg-config --list-all
- #11977 (GTK/X11) (r9845) mouse cursor on icon "pop-out/in"
- #12587 (GTK/X11) AttributeError?: object has no attribute 'update_item'
- #12779 (GTK/X11) ubuntu - subtitles in sidecar not detected
- #12780 (GTK/X11) ubuntu - playback restarts when subtitle file added
- #12825 (GTK/X11) gstreamer - error selecting subtitle file, takes exactly 4 arguments (3 given)
- #11370 (OS X) Reposition details on the right hand of thumbnail view
- #11620 (OS X) Play menu item doesn't toggle to paused on playback
- #11857 (OS X) Thumbnail extraction for .mkv files fails
- #11858 (OS X) Sidebar scrollbar covers chicklets on startup
- #12041 (OS X) File "miro/database.pyo", line 373, in signal_change DatabaseConstraintError?: signal_change() called on non-existant object (id is 1093)
- #12056 (OS X) Embedded Perian is 1.1.3 and should be upgraded to 1.1.4
- #12266 (OS X) migratiing to non-ascii char named dir causes file duplication
- #12351 (OS X) AttributeError?: 'NSMenu' object has no attribute 'removeAllItems'
- #12352 (OS X) embedded subtitles not displayed.
- #12378 (OS X) /widgets/tablemodel.pyo", line 37, in ? ImportError?: cannot import name fasttypes
- #12453 (OS X) view does not reset when you click the 'x' to clear a search
- #12497 (OS X) delete then click on and off feed before it is removed from the view
- #12510 (OS X) AttributeError?: 'NoneType?' object has no attribute 'duration'
- #12529 (OS X) os x cmd key not displayed properly for shortcuts
- #12554 (OS X) errors skipping quickly through audio files
- #12555 (OS X) currently playing badge not updating correctly
- #12580 (OS X) AttributeError?: 'NoneType?' object has no attribute 'request_update'
- #12656 (OS X) Exception when dragging items to the playlist section
- #12724 (OS X) get_elapsed_playback_time AttributeError?: 'NoneType?' object has no attribute 'currentTime'
- #12819 (OS X) error when too slow to select subtitle file
- #12876 (OS X) in _updateErrback UnicodeEncodeError?: 'ascii' codec can't encode character
- #12877 (OS X) os x shortcut for audio pause
- #12878 (OS X) thumb generation not working
- #12882 (OS X) browse to existing sub file cause error
- #12887 (OS X) crah on startup, mac osx 10.5.8 Miro 3.0 RC2 "Quicktime could not be found"
- #1792 (Windows) unit tests on windows
- #11963 (Windows) Video file with .ogg extension displayed in the Audio tab.
- #11982 (Windows) Miro_Downloader.exe has stopped working (crashes instantly on startup)
- #11984 (Windows) upgrade Windows dependencies
- #12043 (Windows) Miro crashes on shutdown on Windows (all)
- #12327 (Windows) AttributeError?: type object 'RemoteDownloader?' has no attribute 'dldaemon'
- #12328 (Windows) ValueError?: Procedure probably called with too many arguments (8 bytes in excess)
- #12643 (Windows) app hangs, sometimes, when adding then deleting a slow site
- #12652 (Windows) old podcasts downloading again
- #12661 (Windows) Subtitles files are neither detected nor displayed
- #12686 (Windows) Playlist drop target is small
- #12692 (Windows) miro hang if video played then set to audio and played
- #12693 (Windows) miro hangs when selecting subtitle track
- #12698 (Windows) External audio files not added to the library
- #12699 (Windows) Video downloaded externally and used to launch miro not added to the Library.
- #12720 (Windows) subtitles menu doesn't open
- #12755 (Windows) File "miro\playlist.pyc", line 47, in setup_new TypeError?: 'generator' object is unsubscriptable
- #12757 (Windows) "miro\messagehandler.pyc", line 113, in _make_added_list TypeError?: 'NoneType?' object is not iterable
- #12792 (Windows) Playback of Unwatched videos is not displayed correctly
- #12812 (Windows) Update to vlc 1.0.5
- #12823 (Windows) crash when selecting some feeds,
- #12854 (Windows) black playback screen during second playback
- #12855 (Windows) Audio playback broken
- #12858 (Windows) exception when setting subtitle track
- #12862 (Windows) subtitle track and disable options not immediately available
- #12863 (Windows) Playback hang when subtitle file in non-ascii char directory.

# Additional notes:
- Dropped support for xine renderer in GTK/X11 version.

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