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Pobierz mIRC 6.32

mIRC 6.32

Od mIRC Co Ltd  (Shareware)
Ocena Użytkowników

mIRC to w pełni wyposażony klient sieci IRC pracujący w systemie Windows, który może zostać użyty do komunikowania się, udostępniania i pobierania plików, zabawy lub pracy z innymi osobami w sieci IRC na całym świecie, czy to w konferencjach z większą ilością osób, czy też prywatnych dyskusjach.

Posiada przejrzysty, praktyczny interfejs, który jest konfigurowalny i zapewnia następujące funkcje: listy kontaktów, przesyłanie plików, połączenia z wieloma serwerami, szyfrowanie SSL, obsługa serwerów proxy, system kodowania Unicode, dostosowywanie dźwięków, rozmowy głosowe, komunikaty w obszarze powiadomień, tworzenie dziennika wiadomości i inne.

mIRC posiada również język skryptowy, który może być użyty zarówno do zautomatyzowania mIRC, jak i tworzenia aplikacji, które mogą wykonywać szeroki zakres funkcji - od komunikacji sieciowej po granie w gry.

Program mIRC jest udoskonalany i uaktualniany nowymi technologiami od ponad 10 lat.

Tytuł: mIRC 6.32
Nazwa pliku: mirc632.exe
Rozmiar: 1.66MB (1,743,485 bajtów)
Wymagania: Windows (Wszystkie wersje)
Języki: Wielojęzykowy
Licencja: Shareware
Data dodania: 22 maja 2008
Autor: mIRC Co Ltd
Strona domowa: www.mirc.com
Suma kontrolna MD5: 2852AB3974259E76C50747B1982D74C8

What's new in mIRC v6.32?
Released 21st May 2008.

This version of mIRC builds on recent releases by focusing on stability and reliability and addressing the various issues that have been reported by users since the last release. It includes cosmetic changes to the interface, fixes, optimizations, and improvements to the scripting language.

In particular, mIRC can now handle longer nick names, channel names, and messages, as well as longer variable values in the scripting language.

Various other changes include:

Added support for network-specific window position saving.
Fixed mouse wheel handling of scrolling with high resolution mice.
A "Check for Updates" option has been added to the mIRC Help menu to automatically check for new versions of mIRC.
Optimized INI file handling to only update those parts of a file that have changed. This decreases file writes and speeds up a number of features in mIRC, including USB drive usage.
Improved display speed of text in all windows.
Fixed multi-byte text-wrapping display issues.
Fixed and optimized a number of @window display features, including the way tabstops are handled.
Improved unicode support in the $mp3() identifier.

In total there have been over 50 changes to this version and although most of them are only small fixes and tweaks, we hope that they result in a more useful and stable mIRC for you.
Full list of Fixes, Changes and Additions:

1.Fixed /did -o CRLF bug.
2.Fixed /log -f not being able to handle quotes.
3.Fixed /toolbar default icons bug with toolbar background pictures.
4.Fixed notify icon white pixels bug with a black background in the
5.Fixed script editor buttons not displaying icons when running under
Windows Vista Classic Theme.
6.Fixed listbox height in SSL dialog.
7.Fixed script initialization warning bug.
8.Changed /drawpic bitmap allocation method to speed up @window
9.Fixed $tip help file bug.
10.Fixed /toolbar not being compatible with toolbar buttons bitmap.
11.Updated to PNG 1.2.29, PCRE v7.7, and OpenSSL 0.9.8g libraries.
12.Standardized and extended string lengths throughout mIRC to allow
the use of longer variables, channel and nick names, and other
13.Optimized $strip() control codes routine, used through-out mIRC.
14.Added "Check for Updates" item to Help menu. mIRC also checks for
updates once a day on startup. This can be turned off in the updates
15.mIRC now displays the wait cursor when dialogs are opened and closed
as a busy indicator, mainly for when mIRC is run from a USB drive.
16.Fixed /drawrot -b background color bug.
17.Fixed text display moving backwards bug with certain fonts.
18.Fixed mouse wheel handling to properly process slow/fast scrolling
with high resolution mice.
19.Fixed status window log menu bug on a clean install.
20.Fixed blank lines in window listboxes not being displayed correctly.
21.Added /set -k switch, keeps current -uN setting for a variable. Also
added $var().secs, returns unset time.
22.Fixed handling of negative range values in token identifiers.
23.Added $reptok() and $remtok() support for N = 0 to apply to all
matching items.
24.Fixed $* bug when used with $() identifier.
25.Fixed script editor editbox responding to control+mousewheel to
change font size, can only change through font dialog.
26.Fixed /tips setting not being remembered on a restart.
27.Fixed listbox windows display bug when using double-space/paragraph
28.Fixed double-space/paragraph settings not being set correctly when
a window is first opened.
29.Fixed /drawcopy -t bug.
30.Fixed $mp3() handling of unicode tags.
31.Added support for network-specific window position saving.
32.Changed ini update routine, now only writes an item to the file if
it is in fact different in the file. This minimizes file updates.
Added mainly for USB drive users.
33.Changed reload log feature to only reload a maximum of 500 lines.
34.Changed window buffer routine so that it removes whole lines from
the top of the buffer instead of partial lines.
35.Fixed script editor shortcuts not working when other dialogs open.
36.Fixed MDI flickering bug when "Move status window to top" option
is enabled in Window Order dialog.
37.Fixed treebar focus bug when selecting item in treebar while mIRC
is not active application.
38.Fixed $mp3() handling of malformed mp3 headers.
39.Fixed multi-byte text-wrapping display bug.
40.Fixed minor bug in UTF-8 selective encoding routine.
41.Changed Channel Central design slightly. Checkboxes are disabled
if you are not an op and the Excepts and Invites buttons are
disabled if numeric 005 does not list EXCEPTS and INVEX tokens.
42.The multibyte editbox is now enabled by default for new installs.
43.Changed tab completion so that it leaves the original text intact
if it evaluates to $null.
44.Fixed /drawcopy not reporting an error in some situations.
45.Fixed MDI window background display bug.
46.Added /dialog -g to change dialog name.
47.Added /menubar /toolbar /switchbar /treebar [on | off] commands
and $menubar, $toolbar, $switchbar, $treebar identifiers. Also
added $compact identifier to indicate normal/compact mode.
48.Fixed window scrollbar bug with large numbers of lines.
49.Fixed script editor toolbar button not reflecting on/off settings
for events in some situations.
50.Fixed text in custom @windows being chopped at tab stops.
51.Added /window -M switch, chops text at tab stops.
52.Fixed random delay auto-op/voice bugs.

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