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Pobierz IrriPro 3.9.9 32-bit Irrigation Design Tools for PC Windows

IrriPro 32bit 3.9.9

Od Irriworks Ltd  (Freeware)
Ocena Użytkowników

IrriPro is a software tool designed for technicians and irrigation designers. Its sole purpose is to help professionals (and enthusiastic hobbyists, probably) with optimized irrigation and the uniform distribution of water and fertilizers across a given area. One of the key advantages of IrriPro is that helps its users reduce the realization cost of plants and crops and improve the overall quantity and quality of agricultural production.

The designer is supported in the search for changes to be made to improve the design, as it features tools for analysis and diagnostics needed to assess the consequences of each design choice.

Key Features:

  • Innovative design interface.
  • CAD Style design.
  • Saves time.
  • Improves quality and quantity of production and therefore profitability of farms.

IrriPro can help you design irrigation systems of almost limitless complexity and size in an easy, powerful and innovative way. IrriPro is also unique in that you can design an irrigation system only by drawing the key of irrigation systems, such as emitters, pipes, etc) and terrain characteristics. Crucially this last aspect is not limited to objects such as edges and nodes, but full hydraulic characteristics, geometries, materials and GIS information.

Besides all the above, the technicians can also take the innovative steps of performing their surveys directly and quickly by using Google Earth/Maps service or importing cartography support such as CAD files or images.

Professionals can also use IrriPro's innovative technology to calculate solutions to all kinds of irrigation challenges such as the hydraulic parameters, and design a correctly functioning and efficient system.

IrriPro’s interface is sleek and well designed, and most reminiscent of other CAD-style software. Engineers, agronomists and other technicians should feel instantly at home with IrriPro. The software contains all the analysis tools and advanced analytic components to estimate the effects and consequences of any design choice, and also have the visual tools to represent the trends of any particular physical parameters.

Looking for the Mac version of IrriPro? Download Here

Tytuł: IrriPro 3.9.9 32-bit Irrigation Design Tools for PC Windows
Nazwa pliku: IrriPro_3.9.9_32bit.exe
Rozmiar: 301.34MB (315,978,952 bajtów)
Wymagania: Windows (Wszystkie wersje)
Języki: Wielojęzykowy
Licencja: Freeware
Data dodania: 25 lipca 2018
Autor: Irriworks Ltd
Suma kontrolna MD5: C9C87064DEADA5C6C10A6B74B9295044

Importing of Kml and Kmz format files.
Importing graphic elements and colors included in the Kml / Kmz files and then shown in the working area.
Import of the survey and of the satellite image contextual to the Kml / Kmz files.
Possibility to choose the contour interval value before the survey.
New vector symbols of graphic elements (for a quality representation at any zoom).
Possibility to change the size of the symbols of the elements from preferences.
New CAD exporting with new symbols and colors.
Possibility to modify the Z value for the source and fro each single node / element.
New working area legend now also editable in position.
New information table by sector with #.sector, area, emitter model, #.side, lateral length, flow / pressure of the sector, row and emitter spacing, shift.
New zooming function through mouse wheel.
New exporting to PDF (in automatic scale) in vector format and with legend.
Ability to define the type of elements to export to the PDF in the layers manager.
Improved performance of importing and management of imported CAD files.
Improved label management.
New command to open / close all valves.
Update of product database (more than 6000 items).
Fixing area calculation and rainfall intensity.
Fixing calculation number di sectors by division areas function.
Fixing division areas for concave shapes.
Fixing connection from proxy.
Fixing minor bugs.