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Having the ability to convert DVD media to several video formats, whilst preserving high quality, is something that should be standard amongst ripping software these days, however in most cases, it isn’t. Gilisoft Movie DVD Converter allows you to convert DVDs to SD or HD video format without losing quality of content. The interface is fairly intuitive, and it allows you to add DVD content in an array of different ways; disc, mounted image, folder or ISO image.

Gilisoft Movie DVD Converter lets you convert your current movie files into other video formats such as such as .MOV, .AVI, .FLV, .M2TS and .VOB. It is feature rich app that has some really practical tools, including the ability to extract audio data and then save it to .AAC, .AMR, .FLAC, .M4A, .MKA, and .MP3.

Key Features include:

  • Convert DVD to numerous video formats.
  • Extract Audio From DVD.
  • Supports DVD ISO images.
  • Clone DVD to ISO/ DVD folders.
  • Burn ISO/DVD folders to DVD.

Gilisoft Movie DVD Converter provides you with a fairly detailed outlook on the media you are converting. You can see detailed file information, including the channel and subtitle, along with a thumbnail image. You can also preview the movie in the main frame and have the facility to capture screenshots, specify the output profile and destination folder.

The editing functions of Gilisoft Movie DVD Converter are fairly basic, but you can undertake a number of useful tricks and tweaks, including clipping any segment, and merging several segments into one. You can crop frame size to remove wide screen formatting, adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and add some basic special effects. You can also ; add watermarks, and choose and add subtitles

The app delivers good image and sound quality, but it does eat up a fair amount of your system resources to do this. If you are in the market for a basic conversion app with some ok features, and if you have a higher than average spec PC or are not planning on undertaking other labour intensive tasks while using it, Gilisoft Movie DVD Converter really should be something you should check out.

Gilisoft Movie DVD Converter, 5.0.0 dla Windows
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Tuesday, December 4th 2018
GiliSoft International LLC.


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