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Pobierz FrostWire 5.3.2

FrostWire 5.3.2

Od FrostWire  (Open Source)
Ocena Użytkowników

FrostWire to program wymiany plików w sieci Gnutella - jest to wspólny projekt wielu programistów z całego świata.

Aby korzystać z najlepszych funkcji programu FrostWire, należy pobrać najnowszą wersję programu. W najnowszej wersji zostały usunięte błędy ze starszych. Wszyscy użytkownicy programu FrostWire 2.5 lub wcześniejszego MUSZĄ go zaktualizować.

Niektóre funkcje programu Frostwire:

  • Całkowicie darmowy z otwartym kodem źródłowym!
  • Szybsze pobieranie
  • Bez programów szpiegujacych. Bez programów reklamowych. Możemy to zagwarantować.
  • Zgodny z iTunes™!
  • Szybsze pobieranie plików Torrent
  • Pokoje do rozmów z przyjaciółmi online
  • Obsługa Bittorrent!
  • Jeszcze więcej połączeń
  • Nowe i ulepszone skórki
Tytuł: FrostWire 5.3.2
Nazwa pliku: frostwire-5.3.2.windows.exe
Rozmiar: 9.78MB (10,257,166 bajtów)
Wymagania: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows 7 / XP 64-bit / Vista 64-bit / Windows 7 64-bit / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64-bit / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64-bit
Języki: Wielojęzykowy
Licencja: Open Source
Data dodania: 13 lutego 2012
Autor: FrostWire
Suma kontrolna MD5: F1037FD861026EFF996BE516B3D1A5FC

* Reverted H2 library to v1.3.160
* Updated default album cover image with an anti-aliased frostwire sphere.
* Fixes bug where clicking on the current song would switch to the library but the button on the top would not be selected.
* Adds missing icon for "copy magnet" on Send file dialog.
* Library explorer and Playlist explorer are now divided by a split pane for a better experience.
* Hides hints popup when search is triggered with a mouse click.
* Updated search icon (magnifier).
* Fonts are reset when the setup wizard is shown so the wizard can work properly.
* New View > Reset Font Sizes action.
* The first time the Library button is used "Finished Downloads" is preselected to give the user a clue of what can be done.
* When a new playlist is created, a graphic is shown to hint the user about dragging audio files there.
* Updated H2 library to v1.3.164
* Search form looks similar to FrostWire 4 but now allows user to search for more than one file type at once.
* Improvements in search algorithm.
* Send file/folder feature more effective between just 2 peers.
* Simplification of search form interface, looks similar to FrostWire 4
* Phone & Tablets tab is gone, integration with Android devices is now part of the Library under a "Devices" tree item.
* Browses, Streams audio, and downloads files made public by Android devices in the same network.
* When entering a search hints are shown to type less (powered by Google).
* Sorts transfers by "Seeds" correctly.
* Improvements on Library action buttons, now a "Launch" action is available and buttons are shown/hidden depending on context.
* Fixes bugs where files on a audio playlist could not be dragged out.
* Fixes bugs where deleted files would still appear on the library.
* When right clicking on selected finished transfers and copying an infohash you won't end up with a trailing newline on the clipboard.
* Sharing ratio of a torrent that you stopped and started seeding again will not be infinite and will be based on the total sizes of the files being shared.
* Now when the transfer split pane is dragged up, the pane border is painted correctly on top of the image overlay.
* Fixes repainting glitch when moving split pane on top of promotional graphic.
* Lots of icons have been revamped for a more uniform look.
* Null Pointer Exception issues #100, #103, #104.
* Fixes issue #93 chat action causing frostwire crash.
* Flickering issue on song progress bar resolved.
* Simplified torrent creation. User now doesn't have to make up her mind about choosing a file or a folder, the file selection dialog now handles this for her.
* Brought back "Stop" search button.
* Removed lingering "Show/Hide player" menu entry on status bar context menu.
* If seeding transfers are meant to be finished, newly finished transfers are not hidden for that session.
* Audio files can be launched using the operating system's default player Right click on a file "Launc in "
* Removed BTJunkie search engine.
* Added KickAssTorrents (kat.ph) search engine.
* Fixes issue where downloading removing a partial transfer would delete previously completed downloads of that same torrent.

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