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Pobierz dBpowerAMP Music Converter 16.0

dBpowerAMP Music Converter 16.0

Od Illustrate  (Commercial Trial)
Ocena Użytkowników

Udoskonalona i prosta w obsłudze konwersja dźwięku pomiędzy różnymi formatami. Program dBpoweramp Music Converter™ stał się standardowym narzędziem konwersji audio - ponad 20 milionów użytkowników korzysta z programu dBpoweramp:

  • Skuteczne konwertowanie plików audio nigdy nie było tak proste. mp3, mp4, m4a (iTunes / iPod), Windows Media Audio (WMA), Ogg Vorbis, AAC, Monkeys Audio, FLAC, Apple Lossless (ALAC) - to tylko kilka z wielu dostępnych formatów!
  • Obsługa kodowania wieloprocesorowego,
  • Cyfrowe zgrywanie płyt CD audio (przy użyciu programu CD Ripper),
  • Wsadowa konwersja dużej ilości plików za jednym kliknięciem,
  • Integracja z systemem Windows - wyskakujące powiadomienia informacyjne, właściwości audio, kolumny, edycja tagów ID,
  • Efekty DSP takie, jak: normalizacja głośności lub graficzny korektor [opcja Power Pack],
  • Kodowanie w wierszu poleceń: wywoływanie kodera z wiersza poleceń

Należy pamiętać, że istnieje opcja instalacji kodera mp3 razem z tym programem. Koder nie jest darmowy. Jest to jego 30-dniowa wersja testowa.

Niniejszy program zmieni się na wersję dBpoweramp Free po 21 dniach.

Tytuł: dBpowerAMP Music Converter 16.0
Nazwa pliku: dMC-R16.0-Ref-Trial.exe
Rozmiar: 31.07MB (32,577,264 bajtów)
Wymagania: Windows (Wszystkie wersje)
Języki: Wielojęzykowy
Licencja: Commercial Trial
Data dodania: 21 czerwca 2016
Autor: Illustrate
Suma kontrolna MD5: 93D6E69C7470260C5544499920AE4860

# Full Changes
- New visual style, high DPI aware, 200% and 300% compatible
- Configure dBpoweramp repurposed as dBpoweramp Control Centre, only elevates on changes to shell settings
- Configuration, if proxy server is enabled but no proxy server is set, it is disabled.
- DSP Effects included as standard in all installs, DSP version number is now dBpoweramps version number
- dBpoweramp Shell Tag Editor - looks up art with PerfectTUNES
- Naming Section total rewrite
- Naming Added new values [track_unpad] [track_total_unpad] for unpadded track number and count
- Naming [IFEQUALS] check will match from multiple stored values, such as one match from 3 genres
- Naming added [REPLACE] function
- Naming added [WORD] function to limit word count
# Converter
- Can add or remove CPU Cores from converting whilst converting
- Nearly instant when converting 1000's of files if the file naming does not require ID Tags reading for filenames
- Works with DSP effect 'conditional encoding' to allow programmable actions on files depending on their settings (such as copy 1:1 mp3, not encode)
- Option to precache read the source file, more for non-ssd systems, improves read performance by 100%
- New option (in configuration) 'Filename restricted characters'
- When finalizing DSP Effects (such as 100K RG album gains being written), the display is now responsive
# Codecs
- m4a: able to read m4a file designated as mp42 or mp41 internally (really .mp4)
- m4a: displays bit rate for fdk vbr encoded files
- m4a separates out multi artist etc internally as individual tags, for maximum compatibility (option in config allows reverse order or / separated)
# DSP Effects
- Volume Normalize EBU-R128 defaults to -18 dB target volume.
- ID Tag Processing, multi-artists etc added with Additions are correctly detected as multiples if separated as '; '
- ReplayGain identifies albums also with Disc number.
- Resample effect has new minimum and maximum options.
- New Icons
- New Effect: Conditional Encoding (R16 or above required)
- Volume Normalize added Adaptive EBU-R128 option, and redesigned settings page
# CD Ripper
- Can edit tags such as artist in track listing
- Simplified interface, refresh and metadata button combined now
- Metadata cache stores intel metadata providers separately, also error and info logs, and size increased by default to 200MB
- AMG replaced with Discogs for metadata and PerfectTUNES for ART (AMG is EOL Q3 2016)
- Album Art Choose (from Internet) can type the artist and album names. PerfectTUNES is searched also for art.
- Pasting art from clipboard, can paste URL containing art, or filename location
- New option: rc on track listing >> Paste track titles from clipboard: this open will take a multiline list in the form artist - title or just title and replace the title and artist.
- Manual Metadata Review: Has cancel button, also shows genre or year as <different> if they are not uniform across all tracks
- Metadata trims lead and end spaces
- New Option (on options page, note not compatible with Multi-Encoder) "When Ripping":
- Rip to '._' files, rename album at end (default option)
- Rip to temporary folder, move album at end
- Rip direct to final filenames
- Submit to freedb restrictions lifted
# Batch Converter
- right click folder >> dBpoweramp Batch Convert with multiple folders selected, only 1 Batch Converter appears
- visually better when processing large number of files
- added profile support, also profiles passed onto Music Converter so Codec selection / DSPs, etc are unique to that profile name
- added metadata filter based exclusion / inclusions
- quicker at processing large number of files
# Tag Editor
- total redesign
- predictive typing for artist + album (based on perfecttunes known artists)
- default tags (shown when no tags present) can be edited: %appdata%\dBpoweramp\DefaultTagEdit.txt
- Added new configuration option 'dBpoweramp Edit ID-Tags' for folders
- bug fix: isrc would not read on all systems
- bug fix: ACM wave compression would not always work on certain systems
- bug fix: [tags]album artist,_COMMA_ [] works, [IFVALUE]album artist,[tags]album artist,_COMMA_[],NO ALBUM ARTIST[] does not (if have multi album artists)
- BUG FIX: cd ripper: cd-text: genre would not populate if represented as binary
- Bug fix: using dsp effects 'audio cd delete silence' and replaygain could create blank files and delay ripping at end