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Pobierz Beyond Compare 3.2.0 Beta

Beyond Compare 3.2.0 Beta

Od Scooter Software Inc  (Shareware)
Ocena Użytkowników

Beyond Compare 3 is the ideal tool for comparing files and folders on your Windows system. Visualize changes in your code and carefully reconcile them.

  • Compare Files, Folders
    Beyond Compare allows you to quickly and easily compare your files and folders. By using simple, powerful commands you can focus on the differences you're interested in and ignore those you're not. You can then merge the changes, synchronize your files, and generate reports for your records.
  • Specialized Viewers
    Beyond Compare includes built-in comparison viewers for a variety of data types. Compare .csv data or HTML tables in a Data Compare session, or images in a Picture Compare session.
  • 3-way Merge
    Beyond Compare's new merge view allows you to combine changes from two versions of a file into a single output. Its intelligent approach allows you to quickly accept most changes while carefully examining conflicts.
  • Synchronize Folders
    Beyond Compare's intuitive Folder Sync interface lets you reconcile differences in your data automatically.
Tytuł: Beyond Compare 3.2.0 Beta
Nazwa pliku: BCompare-
Rozmiar: 5.37MB (5,631,232 bajtów)
Wymagania: Windows (Wszystkie wersje)
Języki: Wielojęzykowy
Licencja: Shareware
Data dodania: 22 czerwca 2010
Autor: Scooter Software Inc
Suma kontrolna MD5: 9635FE3D494EABE73DFB3421178727D2

* Notable Changes
- Added Text Edit view which includes "Find in Files" command.
- File Compare Report can now mix reports from different views (text/hex/data/picture/etc).
- Added "Text content" to Folder Compare's "Other Filters".
- Added support for bzip2 and bzipped tar archives.
- Added read/write support for Debian packages (Linux only).
- Added read-only support for Total Commander packer (wcx) plugins.
- Added layout, rotate, and flip commands to Picture Compare, along with various other enhancements.
- Added "Exclude protected operating system files" option that excludes system and hidden files, folders, and junction points (Windows only). Enabled by default.
- Added support for SSH2 authentication using OpenSSH's ssh-agent and PuTTY's pageant.
- Added "Follow Symbolic Links" folder compare option which controls whether symbolic links are shown as files or the link target (Linux only).
- Added "Ignore Same Changes" Text Merge command.
- Added "View->Detached Output Pane" Text Merge command to show output pane in separate window.

* Archives
- Added support for bzip2 and bzipped tar archives.
- Added read-only support for Total Commander packer (wcx) plugins.
- Added read/write support for Debian packages (Linux only).
- Fixed .tar file size changing to an incorrect value if the archive included a folder named './'.
- Fixed crash when saving a large snapshot on Win9x or when Logitech SetPoint is installed.

* Command Line
- Added switch for single pane editor (/edit).

* Data Compare
- "BOM" is now shown in the "File Info" panel if a byte order mark is detected.
- Fixed cancelling unsorted alignment intermittent crash.

* File Formats
- Added apostrophe delimited "string" to "HTML" file format.
- Fixed RTF-to-Text conversion for hyphen characters and keywords with mixed case.

* File Views
- Added "Open with Text Edit" command.
- "Compare Parent Folders" now selects files from file compare (if aligned).
- "Editing disabled" now shown for read-only resources (ex. CHM files).
- "Next/Previous Difference Files" now traverses files in "Compare Contents" results dialog if opened from it.
- "File Info" panels now highlight differences in file format, character encoding, line ending style, etc.
- Improved font dropdown captions.
- Re-added "Load time" to status bar display.
- Fixed detecting external file changes if file's size changes but its last modified time doesn't.
- Fixed external change detection so it doesn't flag transitioning from a partial date-only timestamp to a full one.
- Fixed toggling "Single vertical scrollbar" tweak.
- Fixed intraline difference display when mismatched characters are bold.
- Fixed "Compare Files Using" after using "Open Clipboard".
- Fixed crash after saving a file.

* Folder Compare
- Added "Text Content" file filter.
- "File Compare Report" now determines which kind of session to use for each file.
- Added "Exclude protected operating system files" option that excludes system and hidden files, folders, and junction points. Enabled by default.
- Added "Find Filename" dialog with advanced search options. Incremental search no longer opens separate dialog.
- Added "Add To Presets" button to "Name Filters" session settings tab.
- Archives (.zip, .tar, etc) can now be opened using the "Open With -> Hex Compare" menu item.
- Added support for ';' characters in filename masks. They will be escaped as [;] automatically in the filters edit string.
- "Sync" commands now default to "Just Selection".
- "Up One Level -> Both Sides" now selects previous base folders.
- "Copy to Left/Right" now respects /nobackups switch.
- "Compare Contents" results dialog now differentiates between CRC and binary comparisons.
- Log now shows when running file operations have been cancelled.
- Added "Browse for Folder" commands to "Session" menu.
- Improved "Alignment Override" dialog's regular expression support.
- "Quick Compare" now supports comparing archives.
- Tweaked "Touch" calendar layout.
- "Folder Compare Info" dialog can now display "Unscanned folders".
- "Folder Compare Info" now lists unopened archives if option to treat as file.
- "Filters" combobox now has separator line between presets and MRU list.
- Minor speed improvements.
- Fixed crashes when Logitech SetPoint is loaded.
- Fixed "Compare Contents" dialog so it only allows CRC comparisons if one of the base folders is snapshot.
- Fixed caption showing progress percentage after cancelling file operation.
- Fixed sort changing unexpectedly when sorting by the path column and opening a file view in a new window.
- Fixed file handle leak when using a background content comparison.
- Fixed crash when deleting files that are waiting for a background content comparison.
- Fixed "Exclude files smaller than filter" so it doesn't match files with unknown sizes.
- Fixed using "Ignore Folder Structure" and "Archive handle -> As folders always" together so it no longer includes both the zip files and their content.
- Fixed crash if a folder was deleted/renamed while it or one of its subfolders was being built.

* Folder Sync
- Added ability to override sync actions on a per-item basis.
- Added "Next/Previous Conflict" commands, replacing "Next/Previous Difference".
- "Expand subfolders when loading session" is now enabled by default.
- Fixed "Nothing to Sync" appearing after sync has completed.
- Tweaked "Session Settings" dialog layout and options:
- Moved "Sync empty folders" and "Use recycle bin if possible" from "Sync" tab to "Handling" tab.
- Removed "Only expand subfolders with differences" option.
- Condensed "Archive handling" radio group to a "Synchronize within archives" checkbox.

- Added support for SSH2 authentication using OpenSSH's ssh-agent and PuTTY's pageant.
- Added support for copying symlinks over FTP and SFTP. Supported by OpenSSH, proftpd, ncftpd, hpss, ioftpd.
- Improved "Open File on FTP Site" and "Save File on FTP Site As" dialogs.
- Fixed cancel and error handling when browsing for a folder.

* Hex Compare
- Tweaked "Go To" dialog size.

* Linux
- Added "Follow Symbolic Links" folder compare option which controls whether symbolic links are shown as files or the link target.
- "Check For Updates" can now install update automatically.
- Environmental variable expansion now looks for $ENV instead of %ENV%.
- Running Beyond Compare for the first time now copies /etc/skel/.beyondcompare to ~/.beyondcompare if it exists.
- Added checkboxes for disabling file formats in "File Formats" dialog and folder compare session settings.
- BC3Key.txt will now be installed if it's in the same folder as the RPM or DEB package.
- Fixed loading paths with a filename containing two leading periods.
- Fixed determination of whether session is auto-saved.
- Fixed "Permission denied" errors incorrectly showing "Invalid parameter" error message when loading folders.
- Fixed non-resizable dialogs opening at the wrong size.

* Misc
- Added "Edit Text File" to "Tools" menu.
- Added "Edit with Beyond Compare" command to shell extension.
- Added incremental search to numerous treeviews and lists (type characters to position).
- Improved behavior when using "backup 'abc.txt' to folder" if target path is empty.
- Improved confirmation dialog when using "Session->Exit" and "Session->Load Workspace" commands.
- Improved behavior of Windows 7 taskbar live previews.
- Improved "Save Snapshot" user interface and added FTP support.
- Rearranged "Tools" menu.
- Added and tweaked icons for various commands.
- Double clicking in a path edit now selects between path delimiters instead of between spaces.
- Added support for assigning keyboard shortcuts to saved Workspaces.
- Fixed various tree views so clicking on expand/collapse button no longer changes current item.
- Fixed crash when window focus changes while closing.
- Fixed crash on startup if BC3Key.txt isn't readable.
- Fixed crash on startup if deleting a previous instance's temp files failed.
- Fixed crashes when starting a second instance while the first is shutting down.
- Fixed crash when trying to overwrite a read-only settings file.
- Fixed button hints in translated releases.
- Fixed calendar day abbreviations in translated releases.
- Fixed clicking past the last item in a listview so it no longer clears the selection.
- Fixed appearance of owner-draw read-only comboboxes on Vista & Windows 7.
- Fixed error handling to return better error messages.
- Fixed crash when exporting settings when shared sessions are loaded.

* MP3 Compare
- Added incremental search.

* Options
- Added "Use New Compare Colors" folder view tweak (Ctrl+Shift+T) to give preview of proposed BC4 folder coloring.
- Import and Export dialogs are now resizable.
- Improved editing Folder Compare "Name filter presets".
- Fixed support for shell extension's "Command line switches" tweak.
- Fixed Export/Import to require at least some settings to be acted on.
- Fixed Import population of confirmation list.
- Fixed Export/Import File Format helpers unicode handling.
- Fixed "File Compare Colors" handling of "Background Contrast" slider so background coloring can be disabled.

* Picture Compare
- Added "Blend Mode" that blends images at customizable percentage.
- Added "Rotate Clockwise", "Rotate Counterclockwise", "Flip Horizontally", and "Flip Vertically" commands.
- Added "Difference Side-by-side", "Difference Over-under", "Difference Underneath", "Only Difference", "Side-by-side", and "Over-under" layouts, replacing "Hide Difference Panel" command.
- Added "Show transparency as checkerboarding" option.
- Moved the offset display from the status bar to the "View" toolbar.
- Added the position and color of the pixel under the mouse cursor to the status bars for each pane.
- Right image position now matches what's shown in the difference image.
- Zoom using mouse wheel now scrolls to keep same area of picture under cursor.
- Changed icons for comparison modes.
- "File Info" panel no longer lists file format.
- Fixed stretched image to show in new dimensions even if original had transparency.
- Fixed difference offset calculation when mouse is dragged in center image

* Reports
- Fixed HTML report word wrapping.
- Data Compare "Summary" report now supports word wrap in printed output.
- Folder Compare "Summary" report can now display "Unscanned Folders".
- Fixed Hex Compare "Side-by-side" report's handling of non-printable characters and ANSI text.
- Added Hex Compare "Interleaved" layout.

* Scripting
- FILE-REPORT command now determines which kind of session to use for each file.
- Added MP3-REPORT command. Supports SIDE-BY-SIDE and SUMMARY layout options.
- Added PICTURE-REPORT command. Supports SIDE-BY-SIDE and SUMMARY layout options.
- Added "n of nn" counts to file operation progress in scripting dialog.
- Fixed crash when using "SELECT EMPTY.FOLDERS" script command.

* Text Views
- Improved display of control characters.
- Improved "Line Weight" dialog's regular expression support.
- "BOM" is now shown in the "File Info" panels if a byte order mark is detected.
- Fixed restoring position when reloading when the cursor is on empty end of file line.
- Fixed support for editing files that don't have any line ending characters.

* Text Compare
- Added "Aligned Details" option that shows character alignment in the line details area with fixed-width font and gaps.
- Added support for Unicode characters in Microsoft Word files.
- Editing binary/read-only files now prompts for permission.
- Fixed crash when editing affects whether or not file has mixed line endings.
- Fixed crash when auto-indenting on a blank line.
- Fixed crash when using replacements.

* Text Merge
- Added "Ignore Same Changes" command.
- Added "View->Detached Output Pane" command to show output pane in separate window.
- Lines that only exist in the ancestor no longer show as gaps if the center pane is hidden.

* Version Compare
- Added support for comparing all strings in "Variable Info" section instead of just a known list.
- Added incremental search.
- Improved error message when no version info available.
- File size is no longer compared explicitly.

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