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Apowersoft Free Screen Recorder is a robust application for users to record the screen of their Windows PC. You can choose the audio input (system audio and microphone audio), take simple screenshots, and annotate, add lines and arrows, and more. Users can then save and upload the recordings via FTP or YouTube and share on favourite social media portals.

Apowersoft Free Screen Recorder has a basic screenshot capture function and also has advanced features with different recording options as well as a task scheduler, which allows users to take scheduled screen recordings.

Key features include:

  • Incredibly simple screen recording.
  • Record the whole screen or custom region.
  • Multiple audio mode support.
  • Screen recording share support.
  • No limit on record time.
  • Allows webcam recordings.
  • Record picture-in-picture.
  • Apowersoft Free Screen Recorder can be used for a range of scenarios on your Windows PC. You can record a wide variety of content and use built-in editing tools to create video streams, tutorials and demonstrations, live chats, and more. You can also export saved videos in a range of formats to suit your needs, including MP4, WMV, FLV, MPEG, VOB, ASF and GIF.

    Even though it's simple to use, ApowerSoft Free Screen Recorder does much more than just record your PC screen. It supports webcam recordings, and even allows the capture of audio alongside your video recordings. This means you have the ability to create facecam or picture-in-picture to take your videos to the next level.

    Overall, Apowersoft Free Screen Recorder is a great screen recording tool that is simple to use and has a couple of useful features such as the screenshot capture tool and the ability to choose the audio input. The application has a really easy to use interface and even novice users will be able to get to grips with the layout and functions.

    Unlock more powerful screen recording features with Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro.

    Find out how to add facecam to videos using Windows PC.

    Apowersoft Free Screen Recorder for PC Windows, 3.1.0 dla Windows
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    Friday, April 20th 2018


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