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Wondershare’s electronic signature web app, SignX, is a solid tool that can be suitable for individuals, and small and medium businesses. With Wondershare SignX you can apply legal binding eSignatures, while making sure that you remain compliant with country regulation globally.

This web app can make the most mundane document management tasks simple. Because Wondershare SignX is able to keep signatures in motion while monitoring transactions in real time, the result is fast, accurate signature management.

Wondershare has also included strong encryption and password protection features that ensure your documents are kept as safe and secure as possible. Those features alone build confidence in the software, but SignX is also complemented by a disaster recovery plan. With SignX, businesses are assured that all their documents are safe at all times.

Key Features include:

  • Upload: With SignX you can upload any PDF document a from your computer and your device quickly and easily.
  • Secure: The app provides two-factor authentication by assigning a unique access code for secured end-to-end interaction.
  • Create and Send: You can complete your document by applying drag and drop signature and text fields specific to each recipient.
  • Open: Access the document with a single click and begin the process from any device.
  • Follow: Tabs and simple messages guide you through the process of your signature. The signature is secured 100% and is legally binding and universally accepted.
  • Confirm: Confirmation is an easy process; as soon as you have completed the signing, you simply confirm it and end.
  • Notification: Check the status of your document anytime and anywhere, and using any device. This minimizes the time spent chasing signatures on paper.
  • Security: Documents are secured with a state-of-the-art SSAE-16 and ISO 27001 certified data center with a solid disaster recovery plan. To ensure you documents are secure on use, you can also add a two-factor authentication access code.
  • Administration: Throughout the signing process you can keep track of audit trails with detailed logs that include sender's email address, timestamps, and IP addresses.

As Wondershare SignX is cloud based, it supports most web-based devices. This makes it accessible to users anytime and anywhere. Overall, Wondershare SignX is priced well and provides a good level of functionality for most users.

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Saturday, January 1st 2000
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