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Sophos Endpoint Protection Advanced is a web-based complete security solution that's easy to install, manage, and use. It provides advanced threat and data protection for all your users, wherever they are, and is managed from one central console.

Sophos Endpoint Protection Advanced is suitable for organizations of any size and provides everything you need to protect your computers and data from security threats, plus 24/7 support from certified experts. It uses a single, automated console for Windows, Mac, Linux, UNIX and virtualized platforms to deploy and manage antivirus, client firewall protection, patch assessment, encryption, endpoint assessment and control, and data, device and application control.

Efficient Protection
Sophos Endpoint Protection Advanced uses a fast scanning engine to protects your users without getting in their way. It uses live, cloud-based protection to automatically stop malware threats and clean them up. Small, frequent updates are automatically downloaded from the nearest and best location to reduce computer and network impact while enhancing security. Sophos Endpoint Protection Advanced also scans CPU usage so that it uses minimal resources and don't slow your users down.

Prevent Data Loss
Sophos Endpoint Protection Advanced protects your data and categorizes sensitive and personal information to make sure it can only be accessed by the right people. It monitors the transfer of sensitive data and allows you to set policies to control which removable devices and network interfaces people can use. You can also easily block installation and use of unwanted applications that can lead to data loss, by using the provided application control lists.

Save Time
With its central control system and dashboard, Sophos Endpoint Protection Advanced makes it quick and easy to set up and manage your computer security. It provides an easy-to-use installation wizard that automatically removes any existing antivirus protection and makes it easy to find your computers and deploy Sophos Endpoint Protection Advanced. The Active Directory synchronization feature even allows the automatic protection of new users, taking you no time at all.

Sophos Endpoint Protection Advanced offers a limited 30-day free trial. The full product is available to purchase through specialist online retailers and value-added re-sellers, or you can request a quote direct from the Sophos website. Licenses can be purchased for 1, 2 or 3 years, and prices widely vary by number of users required and the retailer used.

Bottom Line
Sophos Endpoint Protection Advanced is a web-based complete security solution for organizations of any size. The central console makes it easy to install and manage computer security for all users remotely.

In comparison to similar software, Sophos Endpoint Protection Advanced has impressive detection results, though this does cause some PC slowdown and its background activities noticeably slow PC performance. The cost is relatively high considering this, and some other packages give you more at a lower cost.

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