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51. Any Keylogger 2.3

Any Keylogger Inc. - 668KB (トライアル版)
Any Keylogger is one of the easiest key logging apps for Mac users. Designed specifically for people who need to monitor their computer. Though it is ...

52. Tomato Torrent 1.5.1

sarwat.net - 607KB (オープンソース)
Tomato Torrent is a simple and clean way to use BitTorrent on a Mac. The software is a tiny download, making it highly portable. Tomato Torrent is s...

53. Paintbrush 2.1.1

Soggy Waffles - 1.49MB (オープンソース)
Paintbrush is an ideal choice for people who are looking for a Mac alternative to Microsoft Paint. You just pick the paintbrush and start drawing free...

54. The Unarchiver 3.11.6

Dag Ågren - 8.14MB (フリーウェア)
The Unarchiver is one of the top rated unarchiving applications for Mac computers. It works better than the OS X native app as the utility can handle...

55. Apple iPhoto 9.5.1

Apple Inc - 43KB (フリーウェア)
Apple iPhoto was first released in 2002 and is the flagship image manipulation software for Mac users. It can be used for editing, printing and sharin...

56. Deer Hunter 2014

Glu Mobile Inc - 229.00MB (フリーウェア)
Deer Hunter 2014 is one of the more interesting and real-looking deer hunting simulators around at the moment. This game provides a one of kind deer h...

57. Dropbox 54.4.90

Dropbox - 106.82MB (フリーウェア)
Dropbox is a file sync service that offers sharing and storage facilities. Users can access files from practically any device with an internet connect...

58. Numbers 5.0.1

Apple Inc - 187KB (トライアル版)
Numbers is a gorgeous spreadsheet package that rivals Microsoft's Excel software. As you would expect from Apple, the software is beautifully designed...

59. Pages 7.1

Apple Inc - 202KB (トライアル版)
Pages is the answer to the wildly popular Microsoft Word that is frequently used by PC users around the world. With the launch of the OS Mavericks, Ap...

60. Text Wrangler 5.0.1

Bare Bones Software, Inc. - 9.53MB (フリーウェア)
TextWrangler makes text editing simple and intuitive, giving notepad applications a run for their money. Mac OS X users enjoy syntax colouring, saving...
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