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CudaText for Mac 1.80.2

UVViewSoft - 5.93MB (オープンソース)
CudaText for Mac is a cross-platform text editor that provides an array of plugins to support features such as code snippets, color picker, and macr...

Sonos for Mac 10.2

Sonos Inc. - 33.46MB (フリーウェア)
Sonos for Mac is an app that allows you to control a Sonos Music System. The Sonos Music System is an array of HiFi wireless speakers and audio comp...

Hide.me VPN for Mac 2.4.4

eVenture Ltd. - 28.73MB (トライアル版)
Hide.me VPN for Mac is a VPN service that allows you to stay anonymous and secure when using the internet. It hides your IP address and encrypts your ...

Boom 3D for Mac 1.2.7

Global Delight Technologies Pvt. Ltd - 41.63MB (トライアル版)
Boom3d is an audio enhancer and booster for Apple devices. Boom3d offers fine-grain control and audio tweaking that allows you to get the best sound o...

PhotoPad Image Editor for Mac 5.14

NCH Software - 7.70MB (フリーウェア)
PhotoPad Image Editor for Mac is a picture editing utility that crams some powerful tools into an easy to use interface on your Mac. It allows you t...

Chromium for Mac 76.0.3797.0

freesmug - 87.98MB (オープンソース)
Chromium is an open-source browser project, which aims to build a safer, faster and more stable way for everyone to experience the web. The browser p...

Mockplus for Mac

Jongde Software LLC - 87.38MB (トライアル版)
Mockplus for Mac is a prototyping design tool for faster, smarter and easier prototypes that supports all platforms (Android/iOS/PC/Mac/Web) Intera...

Safari 12.1.1 (High Sierra)

Apple Inc - 77.94MB (フリーウェア)
Apple's clean and easy to use web browser. Safari is slimline - without lots of annoying toolbars. Subsequently the browsing experience is smooth and ...

Shazam 2.4

Shazam - 185KB (フリーウェア)
Shazam is a free music application that quietly runs in the background on your Mac, coming to life when it detects music or TV that it thinks you shou...

Elmedia Player 7.3

Eltima Software - 54.82MB (フリーウェア)
Elmedia Player is a versatile, universal free media player for Mac. This page includes a download for the Mac version, though apps are also available ...
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