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ダウンロードする Stellarium for Mac 0.18.1

Stellarium for Mac 0.18.1

The Stellarium Dev Team  (オープンソース)

Stellarium for Mac provides you with accurate data about the night sky, which can be used by professional and amateur astronomers alike. Basically it's a planetarium for your computer. The application shows a realistic sky in 3D; the same as what you'd see with a telescope.

Key features include:

  • Default catalog of over 600,000 stars (extra catalogs with more than 210 million stars).
  • Asterisms and illustrations of the constellations.
  • Constellations for 20+ different cultures.
  • Images of nebulae (full Messier catalog).
  • The planets and their satellites.
  • Very realistic atmosphere, sunrise and sunset.
  • Realistic Milky Way.

Stellarium for Mac has a great looking interface that can be accessed by all levels of user. It comes with a powerful zoom feature, time control, fish-eye projection for planetarium domes, extensive keyboard control and telescope control. Stellarium for Mac also comes with plugin control, so you can add functions like artificial satellites, ocular simulation, and telescope configuration. You can also add to your database, new solar system objects from online resources.

Looking for the Windows version of Stellarium for Mac? Download Here

タイトル: Stellarium for Mac 0.18.1
ファイル名: Stellarium-0.18.1.dmg
ファイルサイズ: 182.81MB (191,686,180 バイト)
動作環境: Windows(すべてのバージョン)
言語: 多言語
ライセンス: オープンソース
追加日: 2018年07月01日
作者: The Stellarium Dev Team
MD5チェックサム: 529C5BE59AF865B863865602309F66B3

Added dithering support.
Added filtering for pulsars.
Added option for Telrad.
Added nomenclature for Charon.
Added new time steps for AstroCalc/Ephemeris tool.
Added support Mandarin Chinese language.
Added support of hi-res screenshots.
Added few small improvements for Quasars plugin.
Added tooltips for color buttons in Pulsars plugin.
Added option to hiding invisible satellites in markers mode.
Added angular size for the estimated values of coma and gas tail for comet.
Added support decimal degrees for size of DSO.
Added improvements for proportional size textures for large DSO.
Added atmospheric mixing and extinction handling to Toast Survey.
Added Korean translation for landscape description.
Added shortkeys for change light pollution.
Added rise, transit and set times for celestial objects.
Added info about duration of the solar day.
Added scripting function to retrieve environment variables.
Added changeability of magnitude limit for stars through keyboard shortcuts.
Added Korean ISL File and Update iss.cmake.
Added allowing storing script output to absolute path.
Added equatorial radius / diameter info for Solar system bodies.
Added calculation of equatorial rotation velocity for Solar system bodies (except comets).
Added 2 more lines to ArchaeoLines plugin.
Fixed load the HiPS sources through proxy.
Fixed creating screenshots on retina displays.
Fixed behaviour Macbook’s touchpad.
Fixed result of dithering color components with exactly zero tail.
Fixed dithering for OpenGL ES2.
Fixed enabling various lines when Telrad is enabled.
Fixed error in DSO catalogs filter.
Fixed bug when screenshots folder can’t be changed via GUI.
Fixed compile with Qt5.10 (Windows/Visual Studio 2015).
Fixed visibility of splash screen.
Fixed rendering asterisms names.
Fixed editing telescope properties for Telescope Control plugin.
Fixed memory leak of Bayer pattern texture in StelPainter.
Fixed HiPS server requests.
Fixed infotext brightness when planets are switched off.
Fixed crash after customization of absolute/relative scales.
Fixed operational status string for satellites.
Fixed incorrect pair counts in constellationship.fab files.
Fixed color issue for formatting infostring.
Fixed selection in AstroCalc/Positions tool.
Fixed fullscreen toggle on Mac OS X.
Fixed User Agent string for HiPS.
Fixed the SSO isolated trails checkbox.
Fixed a rendering bug with spheric mirror distortion.
Updated behaviour of Toast: lazily creation of the grid.
Updated help of Telescope Control plugin.
Updated HiPS behaviour: try to use caching as much as possible.
Updated user agent string for HiPS browser.
Updated nomenclature list.
Updated main GUI.
Updated GUI of plugins.
Updated Satellites plugin.
Updated GPS handling.
Updated list of contributors.
Updated catalog of pulsars.
Updated behaviour of Search Tool for craters.
Updated Quasars plugin.
Updated format for DSO’s size.
[SUG] Updated year for copyright notices.
Updated Korean Star Names.
Updated hyperlinks for DOIs resolver.
Updated CMake rules for Windows/MSVC.
Updated textures.
Updated Scripting Engine: extended behaviour for includes files in scripts.
Updated the code: remove some redundant calls to increase code readability.
Updated the code: replaces foreach macro by C++11 range-based for.
Updated the code: remove gVector, use Vec3d instead.
Updated the code: C++11 auto to replace complicated hand written types.
Updated the code: disable debug logging on OpenGLES mode.
Updated the code: remove the null pointer check after new.
Updated the code: check struct size by using static_assert.
Updated the code: put dwarf galaxies and h400 tables into static array.
Updated the code: call getDecYear in getDeltaTByEspenakMeeus.
Updated the code: remove some new/delete pairs, just use variables on stack.
Updated CMake code: enable persistent usage of C++11 standard for compiling.