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ダウンロードする phpMyAdmin 3.5.2

phpMyAdmin 3.5.2

phpMyAdmin devel team  (フリーウェア)

phpMyAdmin is a free software tool written in PHP intended to handle the administration of MySQL over the World Wide Web. phpMyAdmin supports a wide range of operations with MySQL.

  • Support for most MySQL features
  • Browse and drop databases, tables, views, fields and indexes.
  • Create, copy, drop, rename and alter databases, tables, fields and indexes.
  • Maintenance server, databases and tables, with proposals on server configuration.
  • Execute, edit and bookmark any SQL-statement, even batch-queries.
  • Manage MySQL users and privileges.
  • Manage stored procedures and triggers.
  • Import data from CSV and SQL.
  • Export data to various formats: CSV, SQL, XML, PDF, ISO/IEC 26300 - OpenDocument Text and Spreadsheet, Word, Excel, LATEX and others.
タイトル: phpMyAdmin 3.5.2
ファイル名: phpMyAdmin-3.5.2-all-languages.7z
ファイルサイズ: 3.51MB (3,685,477 バイト)
動作環境: Windows(すべてのバージョン)
言語: 多言語
ライセンス: フリーウェア
追加日: 2012年07月08日
作者: phpMyAdmin devel team
MD5チェックサム: B0ABCF728D8892BF963D2874E29A004B

- [interface] JS error when editing index
- [core] Call to undefined function __()
- [edit] NOW() function incorrectly selected
- [GUI] Invalid HTML code on transformation_overview.php
- [browse] Missing validation in Ajax mode
- Fix popup message on build SQL of import
- [core] Make X-WebKit-CSP work better
- replace Highcharts with jqplot for query profiling, zoom search
- [interface] No form validation in change password dialog
- [interface] Broken password validation in copy user form
- [unterface] Add user form prints JSON when user presses enter
- [config] duplicate line in config.sample.inc.php
- [interface] Grid editing incorrectly parses ENUM/SET values
- [core] More clever URL rewriting with ForceSSL

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