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ダウンロードする Opera 10.52

Opera 10.52

Opera Software  (フリーウェア)


  • スピードダイヤル:お気に入りのウェブサイトにいつでもワンクリックでアクセス。
  • 検索ショートカット:すばやい検索 - キーワードをアドレスバーに直接入力。
  • 閉じたタブ:最近閉じたタブをすぐに開きます。
  • スピードダイヤル:お気に入りのウェブサイトにワンクリックでアクセス。
  • マウスジェスチャー:Operaではマウスの操作でWebを移動できます。
  • Opera Link:オンライン、異なるコンピュータやデバイス間でお好みのデータを同期します。
  • クイック検索:Operaはタイトルやアドレスだけでなく、訪問したWebページの実際の内容も記憶します。
  • フィードプレビュー:フィードアイコンをクリックしてフィードをプレビュー、きれいで効率的なマルチ カラム レイアウトで見ることができます。
  • 速くてカスタマイズ可能なWeb検索:右上隅の検索フィールドから、Google、eBay、Amazon、その他たくさんのサイトに素早くアクセス。
タイトル: Opera 10.52
ファイル名: Opera_1052_int_Setup.exe
ファイルサイズ: 12.42MB (13,026,368 バイト)
動作環境: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows 7 / XP 64-bit / Vista 64-bit / Windows 7 64-bit / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64-bit / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64-bit
言語: 多言語
ライセンス: フリーウェア
追加日: 2010年04月27日
作者: Opera Software
ホームページ: www.opera.com
MD5チェックサム: FD4BC3E693D9E44F7951C3A24AF312C5

# User Interface

* Added
- A tooltip to the Opera O menu

* Fixed
- After removing an option from a SELECT, the wrong option appears selected
- Windowless QuickTime not working
- Context menu search opening in a new tab, and not reusing current tab
- Copy Link Address context menu item following redirects
- Problem with MDI window size after maximizing an Opera window
- Not being able to drag a bookmark into a tab with a page already loaded
- Scrollbars not showing on transformed elements
- Old tab content showing briefly when opening link in a new tab
- Middleclick scrolling also scrolls fixed positioned content
- Opening and closing an Opera Panel changes the position of a child window
- Slow scrolling when using page search (when page is dimmed)
- UI dropdowns should be closing when their parent button is clicked a second time
- Crash dialog not defaulting to a restart of Opera
- Warning dialog for configuration file download not disappearing
- Problem occurring after customizing the Transfers Panel
- "Copy Video Address" not working
- "Exit" button in sync dialog not working
- Flash videos flickering, disappearing, or being corrupted after scrolling
- First Opera Link synchronization not properly syncing modified bookmarks
- Not being able to copy an audio address in a context menu
- "Rewind" and "Fast Forward" always being disabled/grayed out in a right-click context menu
- "New Tab" from Dock or Jumplist creating a new window with two tabs
- Printing dialog on maps.google.com blocks keyboard input
- Check boxes not having a focus indication
- Client being put in an endless synchronization loop
- Problem closing a tab with customized search field or appearance dialog open
- Problem occurring with the Westpac bank Web site
- Gray out/disable "remove from toolbar" for the Opera O menu button
- Edited Notes not being updated when using Opera Link
- Filename missing from the image context menu
- Freeze when importing a large bookmark file
- Problem occurring after synchronization
- "Reload Image" being ignored after an unfinished image load
- Mouse gesture "Back | Close page" not working for the "Close page" action
- Several problems related to accessibility
- Problem causing immediate exit on a page with Silverlight
- Clearing of clipboard data from private browsing on tab/window close
- Open window in the background opens a link in a foreground window
- A problem when typing any character in the Open dialog and pressing the Enter key

# Mail, News, Chat

* Fixed
- Mail lost when upgrading from Opera 9.27 to Opera 10.52

# Display and scripting

* Improved
- Various aspects of the Carakan JavaScript engine

* Fixed
- Several cache issues
- An issue with the image onerror event
- Enabling designmode removes event listeners
- XMLHttpRequest response referrer being wrong when request initiated in call from another frame
- Incorrect precision on negative numbers, setTimeout, and setInterval
- Wrong accelerator key being used for CJK fonts
- Incorrect font being used for UTF-8 pages without a language specified
- Painting issues affecting page scrolling when part of the page is covered
- Opera Dragonfly not selecting an active tab when opened
- Problem when enumerating an object
- Flash video continuing to download after the tab is closed
- Arguments for "execute program" not being sent to the external program
- Problem when changing the skin and color scheme
- Links from external applications not opening in Opera
- Problem when opening international fonts dialog
- Painting issues scrolling page when part of the page is covered by dialog
- Problem with SVG DOM
- Problem with the Facebook website

# Security

* Improved
- Security information dialog entries

# Network

* Fixed
- Waiting for DNS confirmation of cookie domain(s)
- Network problem when using a proxy
- Supporting any HTTP verb in XHR, with exceptions
- Multiple connection attempts failing over a proxy
- Incorrect location setting of an HTTPS iframe from different server

# Opera Unite

* Fixed
- Problem when accessing the admin pages
- "Enable Unite" preference not working

# Opera Widgets for Desktop

* Improved
- Removed security policy restrictions on widget.openURL and external links

* Fixed
- Opera Unite Media Player application being maximized when hovering over the taskbar
- Issue when clicking the right mouse button in the "Connect to Remote Debugger" dialog
- Creating folders is not questioned if an installation path is simply typed
- Widgets with sufficiently long non-ASCII names not always appearing as being installed
- Widget in application mode position being stored incorrectly after a restart
- Spellcheck not fixing words in widgets
- Instance number not displaying on initial installer screen if installing another instance of the same widget
- Widget with : and / in its name not being installed
- Widget freezing when connecting to debugger

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