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ダウンロードする MusicBee 3.2.6756

MusicBee 3.2.6756

Steven Mayall  (フリーウェア)

MusicBee makes it easy to organize, find and play music files on your computer, on portable devices and on the web. MusicBee lets you play your music the way you want to hear it, and makes managing a large collection of files easy.


  • Support for all common formats, including MP3, WMA, AAC, M4A and many others.
  • Extensive metadata support, allowing you to tag and categorise your collection in any way you like.
  • Integration with Last.fm, allowing you to scrobble from within MusicBee!
  • Integration with popular music blogs, so you can stream music and keep up to date with the latest news.
  • Automatic download of album artwork, song lyrics, upcoming concert dates, similar tracks… and more!
  • Create the perfect party playlist and turn your computer into a music jukebox, with beautiful built in graphics and more available from Winamp.
  • Professional level features such as 5 Band Spectrum Visualizer, Smart Cross-Fade, 10 Band Equalizer, DSP Effects and support for WASAPI and ASIO.
  • A loyal and ever-growing user base, meaning support, new features and plugins are always available.
タイトル: MusicBee 3.2.6756
ファイル名: MusicBeeSetup_3_2.zip
ファイルサイズ: 14.96MB (15,682,205 バイト)
動作環境: Windows(すべてのバージョン)
言語: 多言語
ライセンス: フリーウェア
追加日: 2018年07月04日
作者: Steven Mayall
MD5チェックサム: 563CBAF2A9452D8BF4A24A5CBB63F9DC

New grid like layout (similar to iTunes) that can be configured in the Album and Tracks view.
Enhanced DSD support for ASIO devices that support raw DSD data or DOP (DSD over PCM).
New vertical tag editor. This can be configured to display in any side panel and allows you to configure the fields that are editable.
Various new layout options in the Layout(1) preferences.
Row spacing is now expanded a few pixels but can be configured more or less compressed.
Custom background image that spans the entire application.
Disable resizing on panels.
You can now save/ load custom layout settings separately for each tab. Right click on a tab header.
You can now save/ load a snapshot of all your settings.
You can now save/ import your panel arrangement - the exported settings are suitable to send to friends.
Virtual tags now support markup (colour, font, contrast) so you can mix the colour used in a single displayed field.
Artwork view now supports grouping by Date Added.
Artwork view now supports sub-grouping using various fields.
Expanded panel in the Artwork view can now be forced to display as a single column.
Relative paths are now supported for artwork retrieval. Set in Layout(1)/ artwork retreival/ Edit List.
Playlists now display a header bar. This can be disabled.
The popup for the playing track now has the option to also popup at the end of a track (so you can rate it).
You can force the Locked Down mode (in the View menu) to persist on restart.
Compact Player can now be run full screen (set from the menu button on the left of the caption bar).
You can now directly edit an artist biography in the Artist Bio panel.
When synching lyrics, you can force them to be embedded or synched as a separate .lrc file.
Cut/ Copy/ Paste is now supported for folders in the Computer node of the left navigator.
Custom Tags can now be configured to be enumerated data types. When editing the tag, a drop-down list is displayed with checkboxes making editing easier.
New hotkeys:
Tools: Auto-Tag by Track - Update Missing Lyrics.
Send To: Active Playlist (now playing).
Send To: Active Playlist (selected files).
View: Toggle Show Vertical Tag Editor.
The copy tags commands (2 hotkeys and from the main edit menu) now copy all metadata, including tags that MusicBee does not know about. The one exception is for MP3 files, where MusicBee will copy all TXXX tags but wont copy specific 4 character codes it has no handling for such as GEOB.
New "Bit Depth" field which shows the bits per sample for lossless files. Note that for lossy files (.mp3, .m4a, etc) that its a common mis-understanding that these files have 16-bits per sample when infact its undefined. As such MusicBee shows a blank value for lossy files. You will need to rescan existing lossless files for the value to show (right click/ Send To/ Rescan Files). The value is automatically captured for new files.
When retrieving artwork now has support for Back.jpg files. You will need to enable Back.* in Tags(1)/ artwork storage/ Edit List.
The iTunes export function now exports the playlist folder hierarchy.
When editing multiple files, for "Mixed" fields, the tag editor now has an arrow that allows you to view/ select the tags that are excluded because they are not consistent across all files.
The Expanded Panel settings for the Artwork Layout now allow configuration of the Album header/ sub-header.
When creating new playlists, the name of the playlist is now set in the playlist configuration dialog.
There is now a second track information panel that can be included in the panel arrangement eg. you might dock it as a tab to show secondary track details.
You can now instruct MusicBee to stop playback at a specific track in the Playing Tracks list. Right click/ Stop After Track.
Various improvements to the Now Playing tab.
You can now have a wavebar displayed.
The Large Albums view now supports left and right panels for lyrics and artist bio (previously only the right panel could be used).
Various tweaks to the large album cover layout for different width/ height ratios.
There are now 32 virtual tags available.
Editing video files now always saves to the MusicBee database (previously MusicBee would attempt to save tags to .mp4 files, but due to the complexity of some files, that functionality has been disabled).
The play stop button can now be optionally displayed for standard (non-bitmap) skins - right click on the player panel/ Panel Layout/ Show Stop Button.
Various skin element enhancements that will be used by future skins.
Fix for playlist retrieval using the sub-sonic plugin.
Right click/ Search/ Find More Artists allows you to search on any of the artists/ guest artists and performers you have associated with the track.
The main player controls panel can now be automatically coloured based on the current playing album cover. This function is only available for standard skins or custom bitmap skins where the author has added support. Right click on the player bar/ Panel Layout/ Auto-Pick Panel Colours.
The Compact Player also allows the player panel to be auto-coloured for all skins.
Up to 14 external web-sites can be configured (up from 10).
You can now right click/ Search/ Open in Web Browser/ ... to open the chosen website using the selected track details.
You can now set a custom background for the main panel only (Edit/ Preferences/ Layout(1)/ main panel/ tick use custom background.
When editing tags, MB will now check the file modification date/time and if its more recent than the value MusicBee has cached, MusicBee will display an alert prompting you to rescan the file.
When synching to devices, the resize artwork to XXX setting now treats the number as a maximum - if the source artwork px size is less than the value then it wont be resized up.
Tweaks to improve the layout of the Large Album Covers view in the Playing Tracks panel and Compact Player.
Various other bug fixes.