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ダウンロードする Media Companion 3.727 Beta Open Source TV and Movie Organizer for PC Windows

Media Companion 3.727 Beta

Media Companion Development Team  (オープンソース)

Media Companion is a free, open source Movie/TV Show manager and organizer, which has full integration with KODI.

The app gathers media data from the Internet and integrates it into your collection. This includes data on posters, plot summary, actors and actor images, and ratings.

Media Companion is able to can scan a directory containing your movie files and then compile all of the information it can regarding your collection. It is able to access a variety of different online databases such as IMDB, TMDB, and Yahoo! to populate the database with information about your media collection.

Media Companion has stacks of useful tools, but by far the best is its integration with KODI. All of the information in the Media Companion database is shared with KODI, as it is a DLNA-compliant media server. This means that you have access to it via your portable devices, SmartTV or your gaming console.

Overall, Media Companion is a comprehensive solution for organizing your media. It is lightweight and, once installed, is almost fully automated, so you don’t have to worry about configuration too much.

タイトル: Media Companion 3.727 Beta Open Source TV and Movie Organizer for PC Windows
ファイル名: Media Companion 3.727b x86.exe
ファイルサイズ: 16.65MB (17,453,693 バイト)
動作環境: Windows(すべてのバージョン)
言語: 多言語
ライセンス: オープンソース
追加日: 2019年01月08日
作者: Media Companion Development Team
MD5チェックサム: 8324B3967207FE74228599A0D2470AC2

MC - Display selected browser once selected in preferences.
TV - Fix search all TvSeries if Search New or F3 used, will search all unlocked series even if series listed does not have a corresponding root Series folder.
TV - Minor series path code fixes.
Movie - 3rd attempt fix issue with calling tmdb during batch rescrape.
Movie - Fix poster wall not populating video_ts structure poster.
Movie - Fix rating crash from Batch Rescrape.
Movie - Fix rescrape Genre only sourcing from TMDb not IMDb if selected.
Movie - Add Drag-Drop to offline movie folder list.
Movie - Add multiple select remove from offline movie folder list.
Movie - Fix createdate value if not stored in the movies nfo. Requires a Refresh of Movies.
Movie - On Rescrape, do not alter the Sort Title unless user has selected to rescrape the movies Title.
Movie - Fix KeyWords from IMDb.
Movie - Fix issue when saving folder.jpg for MovieSet artwork, during scraping of movie.
Movie - Fix for if the nfo does not contain a <Rating> tag or <Ratings> section.