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ダウンロードする Kaspersky Anti-Virus Beta

Kaspersky Anti-Virus Beta

Kaspersky  (トライアル版)

Kaspersky Anti-Virus is among the very best antivirus software available on the market. It delivers essential, real-time protection against all manner of threats. The app goes beyond standard virus protection to secure you against potentially hazardous malware such as spyware, root-kits, security exploits and ransomware.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus uses intelligent scanning and small, frequent updates in order to deliver real-time, efficient protection from the latest malware threats across the Internet.

Key Features include:

  • Protection from viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware, adware.
  • Scans files, email, and Internet traffic.
  • Protects from unknown threats.
  • Analyzes browser vulnerabilities.
  • Disables links to malware/phishing sites.
  • Global threat monitoring.
  • Keylogger blocking.
  • Automatic database updates.
  • Free technical support.

The interface consists of a main window with four borderless buttons aligned horizontally, labeled Scan, Update, Safe Money, and Parental Control. These areas will change color from green, to yellow and then to red if there is an issue with security . If that occurs, you can click a link for solutions to the security status problem.

Overall, Kaspersky Anti-Virus maintains an superb level of protection, coupled with high performance and usability. The only downside we can see is that although the technical support is free, it isn't available 24/7. Apart from that, Kaspersky Anti-Virus provides excellent all-round protection, with a minimal impact on your system.

Note: This is a 30-day commercial trial.

タイトル: Kaspersky Anti-Virus Beta
ファイル名: kav6.en.msi
ファイルサイズ: 18.60MB (19,500,544 バイト)
動作環境: Windows 9x / 2000 / XP / XP 64-bit / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64-bit
言語: 多言語
ライセンス: トライアル版
追加日: 2007年01月09日
作者: Kaspersky
ホームページ: www.kaspersky.com/kav6
MD5チェックサム: 09DFB24DCE1259C145AD37E883349F2E

- 18380 incorrect OAS settings under x64
- 18409 Klif: is registered in the "manual mode" parameter 3
- 18438 Anti-Hacker: BSOD when creating deny rules
- 16879 ODS:In delayed desinfection mode the queue hangs in automatic mode
- 18221 PDM: 533 build causes "hangs" of the OS when starting Outlook 2003
- 18501 Missing new Gold Beta Testers in the "About the Program" dialog
- 18375 Attempts to get a new trial key after period expiration
- 18424 Programs on first startup after the install
- 18486 Updater: does not update from shared networked folder
- 18489 Disabling of RealTime protection by a third party software
- 18520 Vista64,ODS: memory is not properly checked
- 18533 Product crash when upon OS startup (vista32)
- 18536 (VISTA) Freezes while working with explorer
- 18544 The product does not start after upgrade in silent using newer version
- 18545 IDS: The attack pnp-exploit is not picked up by an IDS sensor, on win2k is executed successfully
- 17747 2k: The Bat! are not hooked into the program correctly
- 18083 Problems with KIS untill two restarts are performed
- 18213 Anti-Hacker: On VISta32 it is not clear which rules are needed for IE authorization
- 18301 Program freezes (and OS) when attempting to stop scanning tasks
- 18098 SUPPORT: When KIS is installed in OUTLOOK 2000 user folders are not displayed
- 18608 Crash in avp.exe when PIW launches after the install
- 18629 Replacement of locked signature files after the update
- 18063 SUPPORT: Starting up OUTLOOK 2000 the pst file incorrectly opened
- 18394 Incorrect count of licensing period when migrating from 5.0 towards 6.0
- 18521 Vista64, ODS: Boot sectors are not checked
- 18610 Program hangs when starting scanning tasks
- 18621 Programs hangs after temproral OAS task suspension
- 18623 Updater & Installer: will not download patches. The registry value contains KAV2006Exec incorrectly
- 18624 Anti-Hacker: in stealth mode UDP packets are not blocked on XP
- 18632 GUI, PDM2: On XP64 PDM v2 settings are not correctly displayed
- 17759 Virus is not detected in the boot sector
- 17529 Licensing period count when upgrading to a new product
- 18591 (VISTA) Deinstall fails even though the correct password was entered
- 18637 Crashes in Outlook 2007 when configuring Anti-Spam plugin (basegui.ppl)
- 18641 Impossible to use setup.exe for new installations
- 17687 Vista x64: Adding files to quarantine, impossible to unload the program
- 17333 Missing information about "Suspicious Action" when clicking on the link
- 18528 Anti-Spam: theBat plugin is not hooked properly on win2000
- 18589 The system hangs after the product install on Vista64
- 14384 GPO: After install on 2k the product removal is broken
- 18523 Vista64, OAS, GUI: Missing alert when copying/execution of eicar over network shares
- 18590 XP x64: Deinstallation with a loaded product causes the failrue in service stopping

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