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ダウンロードする iBarcoder 3.9.9

iBarcoder 3.9.9

Cristallight Software  (シェアウェア)

iBarcoder is an advanced yet easy to use professional mac barcode generator designed to create any number of individual, or sequential barcodes.Essentially, you can print your barcodes any which way you want. Barcodes can be printed as functionally or as stylishly as you want, in color or in black and white. You can also print them in whatever style, size, shape you like as well, or export them as graphics files in common vector and raster image formats.

iBarcoder is able to design and print barcoded labels, stickers, tags, QR codes and Datamatrix generators, I think we can all agree, is nice.

Being designed for Mac based computers also means that iBarcoder isn't a 'port' of a Windows based program, and as such has built with Mac users in mind. The interface is intuitive, looks good, and most of the basic options are self-explanatory.

One of iBarcoder's biggest strengths is that it makes it really easy to design and print barcode labels, stickers, and even tags on your mac in just a few simple steps.

iBarcoder can handle just about any barcode task you throw at it. You can create barcode graphics for retail packages, books, stickers. It cannot however, print you a half-caff-mocha-soya-latte; the barcode, yes, but the coffee, no. You can however add any number of various objects and design elements though, such as text boxes, image boxes, rectangles, ovals and lines to your labels. Simply type in the necessary text, insert the desired images, logos, illustrations to create the professional barcode labels for commercial use.

As far as printer compatibility goes, any barcode printer will work seamlessly with iBarcoder whether it's Inkjet, Laser, Direct Thermal, or any other special barcode printer.

It's also very important to note, that unlike some other barcode printing apps available, iBarcoder generated images are 100% scannable with any scanner, including the QR scanners available on smartphones.

Key Features:

  • Create professional barcoded labels with a few mouse clicks.
  • Advanced tools make customising your barcode easy.
  • Print barcodes directly to your printer using standard Avery formats.
  • Create and save your own custom label formats.
  • Export barcodes as a high-resolution image files, or vector graphics.
  • Sequential barcodes for catalogues and retail operations.

Overall, iBarcoder is a handy and smart little app, that is easy to use, is 100% database compatible, is scalable, that features intuitive software with which you can create professional barcoded labels with just a few mouse clicks.

タイトル: iBarcoder 3.9.9
ファイル名: ibarcoder.dmg
ファイルサイズ: 20.17MB (21,147,365 バイト)
動作環境: Windows(すべてのバージョン)
言語: 多言語
ライセンス: シェアウェア
追加日: 2018年04月27日
作者: Cristallight Software
MD5チェックサム: 50DB0EE7A5ACD79A9237001E07530361

GS1 Databar Extended functionality improved.