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ダウンロードする Digsby Beta (build 61)

Digsby Beta (build 61)

dotSyntax  (フリーウェア)

Digsby provides you with IM, email and Social networks in one easy to use application.

Instant Messaging - Digsby is a multiprotocol IM client that lets you chat with all your friends on AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Google Talk, and Jabber with one simple to manage buddy list.

Email Notifications - Digsby is an email notification tool that alerts you of new email and lets you perform actions such as 'Delete' or 'Report Spam' with just one click.

Social Networking - Digsby is a social networking tool that alerts you of events like new messages and gives you a live Newsfeed of what your friends are up to.

Version 38 onwards is a stub installer that includes numerous toolbars etc., we recommend you do not install these.

タイトル: Digsby Beta (build 61)
ファイル名: digsby_setup.exe
ファイルサイズ: 3.98MB (4,171,880 バイト)
動作環境: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64-bit
言語: 多言語
ライセンス: フリーウェア
追加日: 2009年08月13日
作者: dotSyntax
ホームページ: www.digsby.com
MD5チェックサム: 7C45B1F330C9EFFC799591B047E43D01

Major Changes

* Brand New Look - We released a sleek new default skin called “Windows 7” (by Derek Erdmann). If your skin is set to anything besides the default, this will not override your preference. If you prefer the old look, go to Preferences > Skins and choose the “QuickSilver” skin.
* MySpace - In Build 60, we switched the Infobox over to a full blown web browser (WebKit). We said that the change would make the Infobox much more versatile and this is the first example of that. We are introducing a completely redesigned MySpace newsfeed which now includes a full Activities Stream, status updates, and the ability to browse through photos.
* Global Status - A new Global Status dialog makes it easy to set your status across social networks and IM accounts. You can access it from the status dropdown on the buddy list or by double clicking any social network. The Global Status dialog also makes it easy to share links (via digs.by) and pictures (via pic.im)
* URL Shortener - We are launching a URL shortener just for Digsby users under the domain http://digs.by. In the future you will be able to access a history of links you shared and statistics about how many times they were clicked.
* OneRiot - We partnered with OneRiot to make it easy for you to search the real-time web. Just hit “Ctrl + F” on the buddy list to search.

Bug Fixes

* Fixed a CPU spin that happened when an IMAP account failed in a strange way
* Fixed a bug that caused the IM window to not auto-scroll to the bottom when zoomed in our out
* Fixed a bug that caused the buddy list to stop updating after it has been minimized or closed to tray
* Fixed a bug that prevented the Facebook buddy list from showing
* Fixed a memory leak in the AIM/ICQ protocol
* Fixed a memory leak in the IM window conversation area
* Fixed a bug that caused buddy list layout options to not take effect
* Fixed a bug that caused the default buddy icon image to not update on skin change
* Fixed a couple cases where the “linkify” algorithm wouldn't autolink a URL correctly
* Fixed a bug that caused fonts included in a skin to not load
* Fixed a bug that caused the Infobox to break if it was loading while a monitor was being unplugged (seriously)
* Fixed a few crash causing bugs
* Fixed a bug causing MySpace accounts to get stuck in the “Connecting” state
* Fixed a bug causing MySpace to show a count for “Alerts” when there weren’t any.
* Fixed a bug that caused excessive account data syncing
* Fixed a possible memory leak related to keepalives for xmpp-based accounts that get disconnected.
* Fixed another bug that caused excessive account data syncing
* Fixed a bug preventing Twitter authentication errors from showing
* Fixed a bug causing the status dialog to be populated with HTML escaped text when re-tweeting
* Fixed a bug that caused a ‘connection failed’ error to be suppressed for MySpace accounts


* Clicking “Open” for Gmail messages now opens the full Gmail view instead of just the message!
* If a twitter popup notification has a URL in it, clicking the popup will open that URL instead of the tweet
* Twitter will no longer keep trying to request someone's icon after the first request fails
* When exiting Digsby, if you have multiple tabs open and are asked if you are sure you want to exit, clicking “no” will now correctly not exit
* We now send “Gone” when you close the IM window in Jabber conversations (XEP-0085)
* You can now use the scroll wheel over popup notifications that are “paged” to go through them (if Digsby is in focus)
* You can now use the scroll wheel for social networks without mousing over the Infobox

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