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ダウンロードする CudaText 1.66.0

CudaText 1.66.0

UVViewSoft  (オープンソース)

CudaText is a cross-platform text editor that provides an array of plugins to support features such as code snippets, color picker, and macros. The app even comes with a simple module to help in the development of new plugins as well.

Key Features include:

  • Support for Syntax highlighting for languages C, C++, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, Python, and XML.
  • Code folding.
  • Code tree structure.
  • Multi-carets.
  • Multi-selections.
  • Find/Replace with regex.
  • Plugins in Python language. Plugins can do lot of things.
  • Configs in JSON. Lexer specific configs.
  • Tabbed UI.
  • Split each tab.
  • Split view for 2/3/4/6 files.
  • Simple auto-completion (fixed list) for some Lexers.
  • Command palette (ST3 style).
  • Minimap (ST3 style).
  • Micromap.
  • Show unprinted whitespace.
  • Support for many encodings.
  • Customizable hotkeys.

CudaText has some great features for developers, such as syntax highlighting and HTML/ CSS support, with autocompletion, HTML color codes underline, picture viewing, code folding, and code tree structure etc.

In conclusion, CudaText is a solid Notepad replacement app that has some powerful functions tucked away. It is lightweight and easy to learn and use.

タイトル: CudaText 1.66.0
ファイル名: cudatext-win-x64-
ファイルサイズ: 11.10MB (11,638,741 バイト)
動作環境: Windows(すべてのバージョン)
言語: 多言語
ライセンス: オープンソース
追加日: 2018年11月15日
作者: UVViewSoft
MD5チェックサム: 9D032519ECD6E66D8654B94A34FD3BED

Add: statusbar have tooltips.
Add: dialog "Go to": can enter absolute decimal offset (d1000) or hex offset (xFF00).
Add: dialog "Go to": title shows detailed hint.
Add: deepest block staple, containing first caret, is highlighted (like VS Code).
Change: removed 5 unprinted_ options ("unprinted_spaces", "unprinted_spaces_trailing", "unprinted_ends", "unprinted_end_details", "unprinted_end_arrow").
Add: single option instead of deleted ones: "unprinted_content", and it has new sub-option to show unprinted spaces/tabs only at begin/end of lines.
Add: option "wrap_mode" has new possible value "wrap at minimum of window edge / margin" (like VS Code).
Add: if many zip files opened via "File - Open file", they install silently, reported only count of zip files.
Add: for horizontal scrollbar, app adds 4 spaces after longest line (before: was 1, VS Code has 5).
Add: assigned hotkeys Shift+Enter, Shift+BkSp (same as Enter, BkSp).
Add: checking/warning for outdated files/dirs of CudaText, which should be removed by user.
Change: end-of-line marks changed to "LF", "CRLF", "CR".
Change: encoding names "cpNNNN" changed to lower case.
Change: removed option "newdoc_eol", instead added option "newdoc_ends" with new possible value Auto.
Change: removed encoding aliases "ANSI", "OEM", now app uses/shows direct names only.
Change: removed 2 commands for "ANSI" encoding alias.
Change: removed option "unprinted_end_dot_scale".
Change: removed option "ui_statusbar_tabsize".
Change: separate config file "plugin groups.json" not used, instead used section "plugin_groups" in user.json.
Change: separate config file "filetypes.json" not used, instead used sections "detect"/"detect_line" in user.json.
Change: plugin Multi Installer: removed options to make menu groups.
Fix: plugin Show Unsaved Changes failed on Rus text in "ANSI" encoding (one of reasons to remove aliases).
Fix: command "Invert selection" gave redundant carets at text begin/end.