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ダウンロードする AdwCleaner


Malwarebytes  (フリーウェア)

AdwCleaner is an application that searches for and deletes Adware, Toolbars, Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUP) and browser Hijackers from your computer. By using AdwCleaner you will be able to remove numerous types of unwanted programs. This in turn will give you a more streamlined PC and a better user experience whilst browsing the web.

Key Features Include:

  • AdwCleaner can remove unwanted Toolbars and Page Hijackers.
  • The application is designed to search and delete all unwanted, often bundled, applications that sometimes come attached to freeware applications.

AdwCleaner is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 in both 32 & 64 bit systems.

タイトル: AdwCleaner
ファイル名: adwcleaner_7.2.2.exe
ファイルサイズ: 7.07MB (7,417,040 バイト)
動作環境: Windows Windows 7 / Windows 7 64-bit / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64-bit / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64-bit
言語: 多言語
ライセンス: フリーウェア
追加日: 2018年07月18日
作者: Malwarebytes
MD5チェックサム: 705A220C8C714D99D0074A59477D28AB

New Features:
Ability to add an element or a family to exclusions directly from the scan results contextual menu.
Ability to open the Malwarebytes Threat center directly from the scan results contextual menu.
The UI is now available in en_UK in addition to en_US.
Support for Traditional Chinese in addition to Chinese Simplified.
Improve URLs detection.
Update HSTS policy expiration.
Improve the removal of all AdwCleaner files when uninstalling.
Update Generic detections.
Fix DriverPack detection.
Improve Startup detection module.
Fix Crash when closing processes [7.2.1 hotfix].
Various UI improvements.
Definitions 2018.07.12.1.