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Avast Launches 2019 Antivirus Range [PLUS WIN AVAST PREMIER]
Danielle Chapman Danielle Chapman
9 mins
Avast adds brand-new features to the antivirus range for 2019 Avast has launched its 2019 antivirus software range with some great new features added to Avast Free Antivirus, Avast Internet Security and Avast Premier. Avast are one of the most well-known antivirus providers, offering a solid range of virus andread more
Google+ Going Away (For Real This Time) After Massive Leak
Arianna Gael Arianna Gael
3 days
Did you know it was still going? As social media platforms go, there are a handful of major players standing out from among a countless slew of other websites and apps. Some are niche tools, like J-Date or DateACowboy.com, that cater to a specific target audience. Others, like LinkedIn, are widely known but stillread more
Google Challenges Record $5 Billion EU Antitrust Fine 
Euan Viveash Euan Viveash
4 days
Alphabet subsidiary, Google, has appealed the record $5 billion fine EU regulators imposed on the tech firm earlier this year. “We have now filed our appeal of the EC’s Android decision at the General Court of the EU,” Google said in an email to Reuters.  Google’s main argument against the fine isread more
Your Essential Guide to Windows Drivers
Danielle Chapman Danielle Chapman
4 days
We've got everything you need to know about Windows Drivers. Most people who have spent any time working with computers will be vaguely aware of the term drivers. However, few are completely clued up on what they are, what they do, and why they’re important. It’s just one of those terms which sits in the pread more
No October Windows 10 Update After Users' Files Deleted
Arianna Gael Arianna Gael
5 days
Microsoft paused rollout of Windows 10 October 2018 update due to reports of users missing data after updating. One of the best-loved--and somehow simultaneously most despised features of Windows 10--is Microsoft's death-grip it holds over users' computers. The ridiculous hoop-jumping required to turn off automatread more
Facebook Could Face Billions In Fines Over Data Breach
Arianna Gael Arianna Gael
6 days
It's more bad news for Facebook. Facebook had to announce last week that yet another cybersecurity and privacy fiasco has taken place with its users' information. 50 million of those users were compromised, by their estimate, along with a potential 40 million more. By exploiting the tokens related to the platformread more
Vishing Attacks Rise 350%
Arianna Gael Arianna Gael
7 days
New report reveals alarming increase in voice fraud incidents. There seems to be no end to the number of ways scammers can target your data, and new methods crop up almost every day. From the highest skill sets involved in cybercrime and hacking to the most ordinary, mundane social engineering scams, literally anread more
How To Speed Up Your Mac For Gaming
Arianna Gael Arianna Gael
1 week
Is your Mac slowing you down? Try these top tips for a boost. Macs and other Apple products come with a hefty price tag, but just ask any die-hard devotee—they’re worth it. Just because your old Mac device has a few miles under its belt, that doesn’t mean it has to be replaced. Of course, if the stellar perread more
9 Million Broken, Old Wikipedia Links Restored Back To Life 
Euan Viveash Euan Viveash
1 week
Internet Archive project alliance with Wikipedia means that you can browse Wikipedia the way you were always supposed to.  As any regular user of Wikipedia can attest to, the internet encyclopedia has something of a memory problem, or at least a dead link problem. The problem resides in tread more