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Rocket Matter

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Rocket Matter is a legal management system designed for SMBs, which has flexible time and billing tools to improve invoice accuracy, and reduce the time it takes to generate them. The platform also provides document management, so that all essential documents can be stored in a single space. This document management module includes drag-and-drop functionality, as well as integrating with Dropbox, Box, and other popular systems.

All case information is organized and accessed from a central location. Each team member can locate the necessary data and documents as soon as they are required. The system also has a document assembly module. This great feature gives firms the ability to easily generate frequently-used forms and documents. This, in turn, helps to streamline document management and reduce errors. Rocket Matter allows you to prioritize tasks and assign them to other attorneys in your practice.

Document merging saves valuable time in re-creating documents. Rocket Matter lets you upload a form or template document and then create empty fields in the documents. The software is able to automatically fill these empty fields with your new clients’ saved information.

Rocket Matter has a number of useful tools and features that can safe you time and resources. For example, the service supports Trust accounting, and is able to give you instant access to the current status of your client funds, and what is available for withdrawal.

Rocket Matter uses a solid, reliable web-based system, which can be accessed from iOS, Android, Mac OS and Windows platforms.

Rocket Matter integrates well with Box, Dropbox, and Evernote and it also includes iOS and Android mobile editions. As well as some standard integrations*, Rocket Matter also integrates well with LawPay.

Rocket Matter uses a subscription pricing model with plans starting from $65.00 per month for the first user. There is also a free trial available, with no credit card required. Rocket Matter provides discounts for longer term-based payments. For example, if you choose to pay quarterly, you get a 10% discount, Or if you want to pay annually, you can receive a 15% discount. Rocket Matter is available on a month to month subscription with no contract required. The service also includes unlimited support with all subscriptions.

Bottom Line

Rocket Matter is a good overall legal management solution that provides you with a solid platform to operate from. It has some useful features, and it is easy to learn and easy to use. The main benefits are the easy billing tools, which can improve invoice accuracy and reduce the time it takes to generate invoices. With Skype integration, mobile access, document merging, contact management, and task tracking, you can see why law firms, no matter what their size, choose Rocket Matter. *Unfortunately, Rocket Matter can’t sync with your Outlook calendar.