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Scarica FreePhotoEditor.Tech


Da Chaitawat Pawapoowadon  (Gratuiti)
Valutazione dell'utente

FreePhotoEditor.Tech is online web app that lets you edit photos and apply effects to your images. You are able to crop, rotate and resize, and blur, sharpen, enhance colour, light and tones, all without installing any software on your computer.

Key Features include:

  • Choose from stock image styles.
  • Adjust Light, Color, Noise/Denoise, Blur, Unsharp Mark, Tilt Shift, Swirl and Bulge.
  • One click slider adjustment.

Using FreePhotoEditor.Tech is very easy, even for novice users. To start, you simply open an image to edit or you can test out the features on a sample image provided for you.

The interface is very straightforward, yet quite intuitive. The main web interface window provides you with the image you are editing, and the adjustments are made on the left hand side in a vertical bar. Inside the editing bar are tools that are categorized into Light, Color, Noise/Denoise, Blur, Unshap Mark, Tilt Shift, Swirl, and Bulge. The tools in each category is altered with a slider bar. When the bar is moved, the image is adjusted accordingly.

The horizontal toolbar, located across the top of the window, provides you with Undo and Redo tools, along with Rotate Left, Rotate Right, Save and Open functions.

Overall, FreePhotoEditor.Tech is a very easy to use app. The interface is simple to get to grips with and the functionality is ok for basic editing. If you need to undertake some basic editing on the fly, then this is a good service to use.