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Firewall e sicurezza per Mac

Da sempre i Mac hanno la reputazione di essere piuttosto sicuri. Tuttavia, se si considera l`evoluzione del panorama della sicurezza informatica, per garantire la protezione dei dati e la privacy, è diventato indispensabile scaricare i più recenti software di sicurezza per Mac. Fortunatamente possiamo contare su alcuni dei migliori software di sicurezza per Mac, compresi software di crittaggio e firewall. Le nostre app di sicurezza per Mac includono Malwarebytes per Mac, ESET Cyber Security, Hotspot Shield per Mac, la fantastica Dashlane per Mac, KeePass per Mac e la pluripremiata LastPass per Mac. Scopri tutte le app disponibili e scaricale gratis su FileHippo.

Scarica Any Keylogger

Any Keylogger

Any Keylogger Inc. - 668KB (Trial commerciale)
Any Keylogger is one of the easiest key logging apps for Mac users. Designed specifically for people who need to monitor their computer. Though it is ...
Scarica Avast SecureLine VPN for Mac

Avast SecureLine VPN for Mac

Avast Software - 1.86MB (Trial commerciale)
No matter how secure you think your Mac is, it makes good sense to use a VPN while online. VPNs can mask your identity, protect your privacy, and le...
Scarica AVG Secure VPN for Mac

AVG Secure VPN for Mac

AVG Technologies - 2.76MB (Trial commerciale)
AVG Secure VPN for Mac gives you a secure and private internet connection without any restrictions or catches. AVG Secure VPN for Mac encrypts your ...
Scarica KeePass for Mac

KeePass for Mac

KeePass - 3.04MB (Freeware)
KeePass is a free open source password manager. It allows you to store all your passwords in a secure database which can be locked with a master key o...
Scarica Boxcryptor for Mac

Boxcryptor for Mac

Secomba GmbH - 9.80MB (Freeware)
Cloud storage is all the rage these days. From Box to Yandex and everything in between, it seems as though everyone has jumped on board with storing...
Scarica Cisdem AppCrypt

Cisdem AppCrypt

CISDEM - 11.37MB (Trial commerciale)
Cisdem AppCrypt is designed to protect any app on your Mac. It works by simply setting a password and adding the apps to a lock list, which no one...
Scarica CyberGhost VPN for Mac

CyberGhost VPN for Mac

CyberGhost - 8.73MB (Trial commerciale)
CyberGhost VPN for Mac is a fast VPN service that keeps you secure and protected while browsing online. It is a truly complete VPN solution with advan...
Scarica Dashlane for Mac

Dashlane for Mac

Dashlane Inc - 37.42MB (Freeware)
Dashlane for Mac is an ultra secure, free password manager. You can automatically import your passwords from Chrome or any other web browser into your...
Scarica ESET Cyber Security

ESET Cyber Security

ESET - 115.34MB (Trial commerciale)
ESET Cyber Security brings a fresh approach to integrated computer security. The ThreatSense scanning engine utilizes both speed and precision to ensu...
Scarica GOOSE VPN for Mac


GOOSE - 37KB (Commercial Purchase)
Internet security and data safety are big issues, especially in a time where data breaches and misuse are a common subject of the news. GOOSE VPN F...
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