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Scarica SeaMonkey 2.12 Beta 1

SeaMonkey 2.12 Beta 1

Da Mozilla Organization  (Freeware)
Valutazione dell'utente

SeaMonkey is a web-browser, advanced e-mail and newsgroup client, IRC chat client, and HTML editing made simple -- all your Internet needs in one application.

  • Tabbed browsing gives you a better way to surf the net. You no longer have to open one page at a time. With tabbed browsing, open several pages at once with one click. Plus, your homepage can be multiple pages, in tabs.
  • Popup blocker lets you surf the web without interruption from annoying ads.
  • Image Manager lets you block images to remove offensive images or speed up the rendering of web sites.
  • Find as you type gives you another way to navigate a page. Just start typing to jump from link to link or to find a word or phrase within a page.
  • Plus all the features a modern browser should have including: Advanced security settings; Password, Download, and Cookie managers; Themes; multi-language and multi-platform support; and, the latest in Web Standards.

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Titolo: SeaMonkey 2.12 Beta 1
Nome del file: SeaMonkey Setup 2.12b1.exe
Dimensione del file: 19.03MB (19,954,883 byte)
Requisiti: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / XP 64-bit / Vista 64-bit / Windows 7 64-bit / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64-bit / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64-bit
Lingue: In più lingue
Licenza: Freeware
Data di inserimento: luglio 23, 2012
Autore: Mozilla Organization
MD5 Checksum: 7536A8E89E5DD291C16F6880CA8C35F9

# Features
* Undo Add to Dictionary has been added.
* Favicons have been added to back/forward and history (Go) menus.
* Windows jump list entries support favicons now.
* Google search is now using HTTPS.
# Fixes
* Select all, Copy on the about: page did not paste correctly.
* Trying to import a text address book could cause the description to push all buttons off screen.
* Importing address books that contained a quoted string could crash the application.
* (US English) accesskeys in the Compact Folders dialog are now ambiguous.
* The "For at most X days" field in server settings is now checked for numeric values.
* Feed OPML import/export has been improved.
* The Build Identifier was missing from the about: page.
* URLs appearing in the Page Info Links tab can now be opened in the browser.
* Bad offline operations could prevent IMAP folders from updating.
* Temporary files were not removed while sending.
* New Tab preference Last Page Visited loaded the last visited page instead of the currently viewed one.
* The "Check for new articles every X minutes" field in RSS account settings is now checked for numeric values and disabled when not needed.
* Attachments that cannot be displayed inline were not shown in the attachment pane.
* Partially downloaded message were sometimes considered a duplicate message.
* Importing a .vcf (vCard) with empty lines did not work.
* Image zoom (Page zoom) was reset when switching tabs.
* When receiving a new email, the notification did not display the email address of the sender when he had no name.
* The case of the server name in Account Settings could not be changed.
* The account name could be corrupted due to improper updating when the user or server name changed.
* Messages could be lost or corrupted if the network connection dropped while moving mails from an IMAP mail folder to a local mail folder.
* Maildir handling of temporary files for IMAP offline store and notifications for moved/deleted local messages with Maildir have been fixed.
* The Location Bar did not revert back to the correct URL when the user entered text then shift-middle clicked Go to open the location in a new tab.
* Back/forward history navigation did not clear the old tab favicon.
* Switching the profile now prompts to save the session.
* After deleting an account in the Account Manager, the next account is now selected.
* Account central is now displayed when no default account or no accounts are setup.
* Support for closing inactive databases (mail folders) has been added.
* A new filter is now inserted at the current position / above the selected filter.
* Filters did not save if Tags Is Empty was set.
* The Add/Remove Action buttons on the filter editor were missing tooltips and accesskeys.
* The Account Settings Junk Settings panel has been reworked.
* The scary message about multiple SMTP servers on Account Settings has been reworked.
* The splitter in the MailNews Search dialog could get collapsed completely.

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