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Scarica Password Safe 3.10

Password Safe 3.10

Da Rony Shapiro  (Open Source)
Valutazione dell'utente

Password Safe allows you to manage your old passwords and to easily and quickly generate, store, organize, retrieve, and use complex new passwords, using password policies that you control. Once stored, your user names and passwords are just a few clicks away.

Using Password Safe you can organize your passwords using your own customizable references - for example, by user ID, category, web site, or location. You can choose to store all your passwords in a single encrypted master password list (an encrypted password database), or use multiple databases to further organize your passwords (work and home, for example). And with its intuitive interface you will be up and running in minutes.

Titolo: Password Safe 3.10
Nome del file: pwsafe-3.10.exe
Dimensione del file: 1.58MB (1,654,687 byte)
Requisiti: Windows 9x / 2000 / XP / XP 64-bit / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64-bit
Lingue: In più lingue
Licenza: Open Source
Data di inserimento: settembre 3, 2007
Autore: Rony Shapiro
MD5 Checksum: 3F621739360E8306FFA8FB1811ABB624

[1757110] Toolbar now correctly disables images according to type of entry
selected and if URL is populated
[1758025, 1759364] '-s' option now works correctly
[] Window's position and size now updated correctly
[1768822] Manage->Options->Password History 'apply' works again.
[] Lock timeout after manual lock no longer saves empty database.
[1754566] State of tree view is now persistent across minimize, lock &
[1771357] Timeout timer now reset in all dialog boxes - PasswordSafe
will no longer minimize in the middle of work with an open dialog box.
[1754054, 1754611, 1740704] Items are now fully sorted when "put groups first
in display tree" selected.
[1757298, 1774428, 1609474] Merge no longer loses data
[] Ensure group/title/user combination is unique during text import.
[] During Add/Edit, fields containing only whitespace characters (space,
horzontal tab, vertical tab, carriage return, new line and form feed) are
considered empty fields.
[1751465] Fields containing only whitespace or whitespace between double quotes
are now treated as empty during plain text import.
[1783905] Read-only status maintained after unlocking a database.
[1782407] Export to text file now includes "title", if selected.
[1734220] XML Export line of Notes fields containing CRLF now works correctly.
The default delimeter has been made the same as for Export to a Text file
[1632634] Compare no longer changes database settings when the databases are

New Features for 3.10
[1752896] Add ability to edit an entry's notes field using user's default
text editor via right click on Notes field.
[1750010] Drag&Drop between databases now supported.
[1517048] PasswordSafe can now be installed as an msi package (Windows
installer). This allows site administrators to 'push' PasswordSafe to
client machines with group policy. Thanks to xenophonf.
[1751484] Errors detected while merging or importing a text file are
now described in detail in a log file.

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