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Scarica MeGUI 1.0.2356

MeGUI 1.0.2356

Da MeGUI  (Open Source)
Valutazione dell'utente

MeGUI is a free and open source tool to process and convert your video and audio files. It brings all your ducks in a row to create efficient, state-of-the-art and high-quality formats that are supported by a very large number of today's media players. By providing a flexible job automation and management it helps you to clear your head for other tasks.

Main activities and features:

  • Converts files for your iPod and all the other media players
  • Processes high-quality HD-video/audio files or your DVD and Blue-Ray rips
  • Automatizes all your conversion jobs
  • Adds powerful filters to improve your results
  • Speeds up your tasks by creating multiple threads for your multi-core CPU

Codecs and Formats:

  • Creates ISO MPEG-4 and MKV files by using efficient and free codecs (Video: x264, XviD; Audio: AAC, AC-3 and many more)
  • Supports MPEG-4 ASP (xvid), MPEG-4 AVC (x264), AAC, MP2, MP3, Flac, Vorbis and AC3 audio and various common containers such as MP4, MKV, AVI or M2TS
Titolo: MeGUI 1.0.2356
Nome del file: MeGUI_2356_x86.zip
Dimensione del file: 66.71MB (69,945,669 byte)
Requisiti: Windows (Tutte le versioni)
Lingue: In più lingue
Licenza: Open Source
Data di inserimento: giugno 12, 2013
MD5 Checksum: B58849186793E78B2EF099E380123EDF

# Features/Changes:
- [MainForm] improved File\Open and drag & drop handling
- [OneClick] added option to disable intermediate MKV files
- [Log] improved logging - console output is added to the log immediately
# Enhancements/Fixes:
- [AVS Script Creator] + [OneClick] fixed memory leak when using autocrop.
- [HD Streams Extractor] select audio/subtitle tracks without language tag by default
- [MKV Muxer] fixed raw LC-AAC files detected as HE-AAC
- [MKV Muxer] fixed wrong default duration for interlaced AVC in some cases
- [MP4 Muxer] revert r2299 (allow Nero & Apple Chapters styles muxing for better interoperability with players)
- [OneClick] + [HD Streams Extractor] fixed detection of Blu-Ray if not using the root folder of the BD.
- [OneClick] enhanced error handling
- [OneClick] fixed wrong stream order in some TS files.
- [Preset Exporter] fixed not exporting the AviSynth preset included in a OneClick preset.
- [x264] as too high vbv values are also logged by x264 as a warning the MeGUI log warning has been removed
- [x264] fixed max values for --crf and --qp
- [x264] fixed not applying proper vbv values if only changing the AVC profile
- [x264] fixed wrong detection of errors if file name contains "error"
- [x264] vbv values are shown in red if the values are too high or not limited

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