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Scarica Macrium Reflect 5.0.4253

Macrium Reflect 5.0.4253

Da Paramount Software UK Ltd  (Freeware non commerciale)
Valutazione dell'utente

A complete disaster recovery solution for your home and office. Protect your personal documents, photos, music and emails. Upgrade your hard disk or try new operating systems in the safe knowledge that everything is securely saved in an easily recovered backup file.

  • Don't compromise your data integrity with second best
    Macrium Reflect uses leading data compression techniques to create accurate and reliable images of your hard disk or partitions on your disk.
  • Simple step by step operation
    Image and Restore using intuitive wizards and interfaces. Macrium Reflect integrates fully with Windows Explorer, a partition image can be created with a simple right click.
  • Automate the process
    With Macrium Reflect you can schedule Images to run at any time. Disk space management ensures that you optimize the available space on external drives.
  • Restore individual files and folders
    Create a 'Virtual' drive in Windows Explorer and recover selected files and directories using simple copy and paste operations.
  • Recovery
    In the event of a total loss of the Windows operating system your PC can be started using the Reflect recovery CD.

Please note that beginning with version 5.2.6544 we are providing the Macrium Installer, which will automatically download the correct version for your PC. It will also download any necessary Windows components for you.

You can get more information about this installer on the Macrium knowledge base.

Titolo: Macrium Reflect 5.0.4253
Nome del file: reflect_setup_free.exe
Dimensione del file: 30.59MB (32,079,512 byte)
Requisiti: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / XP 64-bit / Vista 64-bit / Windows 7 64-bit / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64-bit / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64-bit
Lingue: In più lingue
Licenza: Freeware non commerciale
Data di inserimento: gennaio 27, 2012
Autore: Paramount Software UK Ltd
MD5 Checksum: 34AA9F7BBB32818CA259F3DA250C4424

* Windows Home Server
- Macrium Reflect Standard and Professional Editions now fully support Windows Home Server platform
* File And Folder Backup - folder filter mask specification improvements
- The file and folder filter has been improved to include the full path when matching. The previous filter methods are still valid.
* Free installer registration details
- The Macrium Reflect Free Edition installer now allows for the modification of existing registration details.
* Improved USB3 device detection
- Macrium Reflect has been extended to take advantage of more USB3 controllers and hubs
# Bug fixes:
* Alternate Locations hint text
- After adding a folder as an alternate backup location, clicking into the folder edit box caused the hint text to not be selected. This has been resolved.
* Time remaining countdown
- An infrequent issue was raised where the time remaining at the end of a backup was being misreported as 1 second. This has been resolved.
* Autocomplete edit box visible during backup
- Pressing any key during a backup process would result, incorrectly, in the locations autocomplete edit box to become visible. This has been resolved.
* Installer Return button
- The button on the 'License Already Installed' error dialog was Cancel and should have been OK and Cancel. This has been resolved.
* Interactive backup auto shutdown
- Automatic shutdown of interactive backups would not initiate as Macrium Reflect was still running. This has been resolved.
* Rescue media USB device selection
- When creating a rescue environment to USB pen drive media, it was possible to select a blank USB device from the list. This has been resolved.
* Scheduled task deletion confirmation
- Macrium Reflect was not prompting the user for confirmation of scheduled task deletion. This has been resolved.
* Rescue media device detection
- When creating the rescue environment, Macrium Reflect could include devices that were not relavant to the WinPE environment. This has been resolved.
* Rescue media update driver
- Macrium Reflect would allow the user to specify (or search) the Windows\Inf folder for drivers, which can lead to incorrect or unsupported drivers being included in the rescue media. This has been resolved.
* WinPE Unsupported Devices dialog
- The Unsupported Devices dialog in WinPE was displaying devices which were unrelated to the process of backup/restore. This has been resolved.

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