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Gestion informatique

Notre sélection de solutions de gestion informatique comprend les meilleurs logiciels d`assistance, logiciels de gestion de réseau et applications de suivi des problèmes gratuits. Vous pouvez compter sur le célèbre CCleaner Cloud pour nettoyer, optimiser, gérer et maintenir plusieurs machines depuis votre navigateur. Si vous utilisez des appareils connectés, BullGuard IoT Scanner (Internet of Things) est la solution idéale. Pour les services informatiques et les fournisseurs de services gérés qui ont besoin d`une plus grande visibilité sur leurs réseaux et applications, Traverse Monitoring est le produit parfait. Si vous cherchez la solution ultime pour la gestion et l`automatisation de votre environnement informatique, essayez Kaseya VSA. Découvrez notre gamme complète dès aujourd`hui.

Télécharger AirMore


Apowersoft - (Gratuitement)
AirMore is a mobile device app and web service combo, which allows you to transfer files* between your device and your computer wirelessly. Simply i...
Télécharger BullGuard IoT Scanner

BullGuard IoT Scanner

BullGuard - (Gratuitement)
BullGuard have announced the launch of a free online tool for consumers that is able to reveal any IoT device they may have on their network, which ...
Télécharger CCleaner Cloud

CCleaner Cloud

Piriform - (Gratuitement)
CCleaner Cloud makes it easy to clean, optimize and speed up multiple PCs – from anywhere. Brought to you by the makers of the award-winning CCle...
Télécharger Clio


Themis Solutions Inc. - (Gratuitement)
Clio is a law practice management system, which is designed for the legal industry, specifically solo practitioners and small law firms. Clio is bas...
Télécharger Codenvy


Codenvy, Inc. - (Gratuitement)
Codenvy's on-demand developer workspaces are replicable, collaborative and constraint-free*. These workspaces improve workflow and automate develope...
Télécharger Freshservice


Freshdesk Inc. - (Gratuitement)
Freshservice is a solid portal that is a good choice for those looking for a quick and easy help/service desk solution, without extensive customizatio...
Télécharger IssueTrak


Issuetrak Inc. - (Gratuitement)
IssueTrak is a well established issue tracking and business process management software, with a record of successful deployment for thousands of com...
Télécharger Jobber


Octopusapp Inc. - (Gratuitement)
Jobber is a software platform that gives field service professionals real-time access to their customers’ information, both on desktop and mobile de...
Télécharger Kaseya VSA

Kaseya VSA

KASEYA LIMITED - (Gratuitement)
Kaseya VSA is the ultimate solution for managing and automating your IT environment to help you live up to the challenge. With VSA, IT professionals...
Télécharger MailChimp


The Rocket Science Group - (Gratuitement)
MailChimp is a cloud-based email management service that helps you design high quality email campaigns. The service lets you share them on social ne...
Télécharger ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus

ZOHO Corp. - (Gratuitement)
ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus is a help desk platform and asset management tool that allows you manage your IT in an effective way. With it you can ...
Télécharger Onstream Meetings

Onstream Meetings

Onstream Media Corporation - (Gratuitement)
Onstream Media offer meeting and webinar services for small to medium sized businesses. The platform is both easy to use and houses some really usef...
Télécharger Perimeter 81 VPN

Perimeter 81 VPN

Safer Social ltd. - (Gratuitement)
We are in a climate where data business information breaches and hacking are weekly occurrences in the news. It is essential for businesses of all siz...
Télécharger ProtonMail


Proton Technologies AG - (Gratuitement)
ProtonMail has been created to bring encrypted email to everyone across the globe. With everyday threats to data, more and more people are opting fo...
Télécharger Pulseway


Pulseway - (Gratuitement)
Pulseway is a cloud-based mobile management solution for IT teams, which allows administrators to take control of Windows, Mac, and Linux systems fr...
Télécharger Samanage


Samanage Ltd. - (Gratuitement)
Samanage provides cloud based IT service desk and asset management software that helps companies successfully manage their IT environment. It uses a...
Télécharger Traverse Monitoring

Traverse Monitoring

KASEYA LIMITED - (Gratuitement)
Traverse Monitoring offers IT department and MSPs greater visibility into their networks and applications. With Traverse, you'll easily be able to d...
Télécharger Zoho Docs

Zoho Docs

ZOHO Corp. - (Gratuitement)
Zoho Docs is a comprehensive document management solution, which can be used for creating, collaborating, storing and sharing a variety of documents...