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Chrome Extensions and Plugins

Télécharger 1Password


Agilebits - 242KB (Essai commercial)
1Password is a secure password manager* that goes beyond simple password storage. The extension integrates directly with your web browser to automatic...
Télécharger adaware ad block

adaware ad block

Lavasoft - 243KB (Logiciel gratuit)
adaware ad block is a fast and safe ad blocker. By blocking annoying ads and nosy trackers, adaware ad block nearly doubles your browsing speed! And w...
Télécharger AdBlock


Michael Gundlach - 243KB (Logiciel gratuit)
AdBlock is a really useful ad blocking extension for Google's Chrome browser. It helps to block any annoying ads from interrupting your web browsing e...
Télécharger Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus

Eyeo GmbH - 239KB (Logiciel gratuit)
Adblock Plus for Google Chrome provides you with a great way to remove ads from the websites you visit. The extension will automatically detect all ad...
Télécharger ChillGlobal for Chrome

ChillGlobal for Chrome

ChillGlobal - 234KB (Logiciel gratuit)
ChillGlobal for Chrome is a small plugin for the Chrome web browser, which lets you browse the Internet without any geographical restrictions. It wa...
Télécharger Disconnect


Disconnect - 234KB (Logiciel gratuit)
The Disconnect extension for Chrome is a great way to make your web experience faster, more private, and more secure. Disconnect lets you visualize an...
Télécharger Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote Corporation - 248KB (Logiciel gratuit)
Use the Evernote Web Clipper Chrome extension to save the things you like on the web into your Evernote account. There is now no need to use bookmarks...
Télécharger Ghostery


Ghostery - 204KB (Logiciel gratuit)
The Ghostery extension for Chrome prevents advertisers, social media, and other online services from collecting and storing your online surfing and sh...
Télécharger Google Calendar

Google Calendar

Manas Tungare - 237KB (Logiciel gratuit)
If you use Google's Chrome browser and you use Google's Calendar then, quite simply, you need to install the free Google Calendar extension for Chro...
Télécharger Google Mail Checker

Google Mail Checker

Google - 234KB (Logiciel gratuit)
Google Mail Checker is a simple Chrome extension that alerts you to any incoming e-mails. The Google Mail Checker extension installs itself as a small...