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Logiciels les plus populaires

21. ClamXav 2.19

Mark Allan - 18.31MB (Essai commercial)
If you own a Mac, you're far less likely to have a virus scanner than a Windows user. For many years, Mac users have relied on the fact that Macs just...

22. Google Chrome 68.0.3440.106

Google - 87KB (Source libre)
Google’s game changing browser Chrome for Mac combines sophisticated technology with a simple UI, to create a faster, safer and easier browsing experi...

23. Integrity 8.1.8

Peacock Media - 3.21MB (Logiciel gratuit)
Integrity is a fast, accurate and productive tool for checking your website. With Integrity you can easily locate your website's broken links. The ap...

24. OnyX 3.4.6

Titanium Software - 7.92MB (Logiciel gratuit)
OnyX is a simple and powerful optimization tool for keeping you mac in top shape. This version requires Mac OS Mountain Lion, but other versions are a...

25. Memory Clean 3 1.0.8

FIPLAB Limited - 7.68MB (Logiciel gratuit)
Memory Clean is a great utility for Mac owners looking to free up their RAM and speed up Mac processes. Mac devices, especially those running the OS X...

26. Processing for Mac 3.4

Processing Team - 120.68MB (Source libre)
Processing for Mac is a programming language and environment built for the electronic arts and visual design communities. It was created to teach fund...

27. Airmail 3.5.9

Airmail - 201KB (Logiciel contributif)
Airmail is one of the slicker and more dependable email clients available on Macs. Easily manage multiple email accounts from one interface. The messa...

28. Carbon Copy Cloner

Bombich Software, Inc - 15.13MB (Logiciel gratuit)
Carbon Copy Cloner is a backup utility with a difference. While most backup applications make copies of selected files, Carbon Copy Cloner makes an ex...

29. Toast Titanium 16.1

Roxio - 427.06MB (Essai commercial)
Toast Titanium goes way beyond the very basic burning in the Mac OS and iLife software, and sets the standard for burning CDs, DVDs, and now Blu-ray d...

30. Transmit 5.1.5

Panic Inc. - 69.01MB (Essai commercial)
Transmit FTP is a modern FTP application that supports a range of transfer types and services. Not only does it support FTP and SFTP, but it also allo...
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