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Télécharger Password Safe 3.07

Password Safe 3.07

Par Rony Shapiro  (Source libre)
Note des utilisateurs

Password Safe allows you to manage your old passwords and to easily and quickly generate, store, organize, retrieve, and use complex new passwords, using password policies that you control. Once stored, your user names and passwords are just a few clicks away.

Using Password Safe you can organize your passwords using your own customizable references - for example, by user ID, category, web site, or location. You can choose to store all your passwords in a single encrypted master password list (an encrypted password database), or use multiple databases to further organize your passwords (work and home, for example). And with its intuitive interface you will be up and running in minutes.

Titre: Password Safe 3.07
Nom de fichier: pwsafe-3.07.exe
Taille de fichier: 976KB (999,921 Octets)
Exigences: Windows 9x / 2000 / XP / XP 64-bit / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64-bit
Langues: Langues Multiples
Licence: Source libre
Date ajoutée: mars 30, 2007
Auteur: Rony Shapiro
Vérification MD5: A5809A858BFA16E233651C7E7F763779

Bugs fixed in 3.07
- [1684827, 1668493] No longer crashes after you specify to remember 0 databases
- [1675716] to close application now works
- [1673028] Merge operation now fixed
- [1673028] Similar problem in Compare operation fixed
- [1660721] Autotype menu & shortcut no longer disabled if field is
- empty.
- [1679461, 1612567] Text in Password field no longer truncated with large
- texts.
- [1682516] Menu display no longer trashed if accelerator pressed with
- an open menu.
- [1683060] Autotype now works again for all entries
- [1678707] CapsLock temporarily turned off in Autotype
- [1681366] Now stays on top during autotype
- [1672770] Right-click->unlock on system tray icon now same as
- double-clicking on locked system tray icon

New Features for 3.07
- [] - Password expiration notice can now be given a few days prior to
- actual expiration
- [] - Exported/imported text format is now documented in online help
- [1623802] Default Autotype string can be specified per database
- [1686819] - PWS may configured not to minimize during
- Autotype (Manage->Options->Misc). 'Always on Top' takes precedence.
- [] If the PWS_PREFSDIR environment variable is defined, that's where
- the pwsafe.cfg file will be read from, instead of the same directory
- as the executable

Changes to Existing Features in 3.07
- [] List view columns now selectable, entries sortable by any column,
- settings are persistent.
- [] List view may be configured to show Grid lines.
- [] Tree view may be configured to show all groups first, instead of
- strict alphabetic order.

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