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Télécharger Opera 11.00

Opera 11.00

Par Opera Software  (Logiciel gratuit)
Note des utilisateurs

Opera n'a peut-être pas remporté la guerre des navigateurs ces dernières années, mais il reste une application respectée qui se classe au quatrième rang des navigateurs. Les utilisateurs d'Opera bénéficient d'un client BitTorrent et d'un chat IRC intégré et il demeure solide et rapide.

Beaucoup d'utilisateurs ont découvert le logiciel Opera sur leur smartphone. Opera Mini, le navigateur mobile de la société, est reconnu pour sa rapidité et son efficacité. Le navigateur de bureau bénéficient d'une variété d'extensions et le même temps de chargement rapide. Sa fonctionnalité JavaScript autorise l'utilisation de code personnalisé sur les pages web, offrant certaines des personnalisations que les utilisateurs de GreaseMonkey apprécient avec Firefox.

Les utilisateurs handicapés choisissent Opera parce qu'il a prouvé son engagement pour l'accessibilité et la conformité aux normes. Il a aussi bénéficié d'un suivi mondial, puisqu'il a été publié en 60 langues en plus de l'anglais.

Parmi les autres bénéfices, on peut citer :

  • Raccourcis de clavier personnalisables
  • Mouvements de souris personnalisables
  • Contrôle vocal et lecture d'écran pour les utilisateurs malvoyants et malentendants
  • Prise en charge optionnel de proxy pour un chargement rapide
  • L'utilisation d'un mot de passe principal pour sécuriser les mots de passe enregistrés
  • Développé en Norvège et utilisé dans le monde entier, Opera est un choix solide. Le navigateur n'a peut-être pas fait les gros titres comme Chrome, mais il a montré la voie pendant plusieurs années en ce qui concerne les fonctionnalités innovantes.

Titre: Opera 11.00
Nom de fichier: Opera_1100_int_Setup.exe
Taille de fichier: 8.90MB (9,328,232 Octets)
Exigences: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows 7 / XP 64-bit / Vista 64-bit / Windows 7 64-bit / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64-bit / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64-bit
Langues: Langues Multiples
Licence: Logiciel gratuit
Date ajoutée: décembre 16, 2010
Auteur: Opera Software
Page d'accueil: www.opera.com
Vérification MD5: E32CB65863E8499A36FCED19544CD9B8

# User interface
* Improved
- Various improvements to tab ordering
- Opening new tabs in background and foreground using short cuts
- Redesign of the extension auto-update notification
- Handling of OEX files from the command line and from DDE
- Added a "Malware site" display in the security button when a site is blocked because it contains malware
- Added "Show Full URL" which minimizes the badge and shows the full url in the Address bar
- Added a tooltip to the search field
- Added visual enhancements to the search drop down
- Added a new Opera extension installer UI
- Added a user preference to disable the mouse gestures popup
- Added a new extension update dialog
- Added a new privacy dialog for extensions
- Added HTTP authentication skin elements to match the address field badge
- Improved dragging tabs in and out of stacks
- Updated the Speed Dial background
- Updated translation strings

# Fixed
- Crash when exiting Opera
- Crash when opening address bar drop down
- Session files not being backed up
- Extensis Web Font service not working in Opera
- Creating a custom search engine with URLs that include a "#"
- Problems with automated crash logging
- Crash when holding CTRL + W
- Tab stacking fixes:
* Tab group being hidden by closing an inactive top tab
* Extending a second tab group compresses the first group
* Tab group vanishing if you delete an active tab from call out
* Active tab not being hidden when collapsing a stack
* Issue when opening new tabs within a stack:
> Links opening in foreground or background open in the same groups as the parent tab, or a new group if one does not exist
> Position in the tab group now decided by using "Open new tab next to active"
- A problem with automatic stacking
- Repainting issue when stacking tabs
- Opera freezing when UI animations are disabled and a tab is moved
- Tab order being dropped when you drop more than one from the window list into a stack, or into normal tabs
* Crash when dragging and dropping an item to the last position on the tab bar
* Trying to merge stacks can cause them to split
* Setting the top button of collapsed group dropped into an expanded group as the active tab for the group
* Setting of active and hidden tabs in groups when the mouse up occurs
- Extensions fixes:
* Web page opened in popup was going to browser history
* Scrolling popup content also scrolls the browser's tab
* Extension description field not expanding to display the full extension description
* Visibility of extension toolbar
* Crash occurring after an extension tries to access web in offline mode
* Popup reloading on badge update
* Focusing and unfocusing the address field with keyboard shortcuts not animating the badge
* No notification displaying if an extension update fails
* Address bar not being accessible in the extensions option page
* Some extensions not displaying access info
* Crash when disabling an extension
* Font size of an author's name in extension manager
* Double clicking on OEX in file system not invoking its installation
* Blank badge displays when enabling Opera Turbo after typing in address field and focusing page
* No notification being displayed if an extension update failed
* Various fixes applied for popup skin, size, and arrow positioning
* Pop-ups opening in the foreground even though "Open in background" is set
* Security policy not being tracked during an extensions update
* Crash when adding pages to the "Read later" extension
* Opera extension update notification showing "Opera Unite application update"
* Extension manager not being keyboard navigable
* JavaSsript alert on extensions preferences does not show the extension title
* The .oex file icon on Windows
* Security indication for Web pages not displaying when Opera Turbo is on
* Confusing Opera Turbo information displays when loading https site with certificate problems
* New Address bar not displaying an "extension" badge
* Incorrect sample text for Chinese simplified and Chinese traditional occurring in the International fonts dialog
* Searchbox on another toolbar making Opera freeze on startup
* Opera opening multiple download dialogs with the same content when "Open windows instead of tabs" is enabled
* Web Panel height not growing when starting with a restored window and switching to maximized
* "Add Web Panel" not working when done through "Appearances"
* Download dialog disappearing on redirect
* Shift + Enter and Ctrl + Shift + Enter not working in the Address bar
* Inability to remove multi-search field from the Address bar
* Auto-update crash when triggering an update of Opera Unite
* Gmail Video Chat Plug-In not working
* External links being opened in private tabs
* Disabled "Shortcuts: in Quick Launch Toolbar" option on Windows 7
* "Install for all users" not creating a shortcut in the Quick launch bar for other users
* Opera's profile from the VirtualStore being merged if the UAC is disabled
* "Bookmark all open pages" putting bookmarks in wrong folder, or root folder in Manage Bookmarks view
* Fragment identifier not showing up when viewing a full URL
* No icon displaying in the address bar for malware warnings
* Right click context menu not working if mouse guestures are disabled
* Crash when performing a mouse gesture
* Crash when closing a certificate dialog
* Crash relating to keyboard input
* New installer not noticing that widgets are running when upgrading
* No "Locked File" window (and error message) appearing when trying to upgrade Opera; occurs when files in the installation folder are locked by other programs on Windows Vista

# Display and scripting
- Improved
* Extensions: Added support for debugging of isolated userjs
* Improved HTML5 forms support, including a better UI
* SVG performance improvements
* Improved memory usage
* Made various plug-in improvements

# Fixed
* Tabs being created via an extension popup not sharing cookies with the browser
* JavaScript bookmarklet not working
* Crash when configuring extensions
* Crash with extension throwing an error message
* Fragment identifiers and internal anchors not working in widgets
* Argument arrays and variable objects being left attached when an execution context is aborted
* Progress bar being removed while still loading IFRAMEs
* innerHTML including a doctype node will output a ">"
* Focus not being set on an element when there is a scrollbar
* "Zero Width Non-Joiner" character not rendering correctly in Right To Left (RTL) languages
* Web Panel height not growing when starting with a restored window and switching to maximized
* WebSocket error messages in error console not appearing in desktop
* Disabled WebSockets by default due to security problems
* Crash in Flash when going in and out of print preview
* High CPU usage sometimes occurring on Gmail
* Memory issue relating to cache

# Mail, news, chat
- Improved
* Category headers and their context menus are now keyboard accessible
* Added support for Feed folders in import and export of OPML files
* Made "Unread" count labels clickable

# Fixed
* Only creating subfolders for feeds when the top level folder is focused
* Dragging a parent feed folder into a third level child causes Opera to freeze
* Feed being added to a panel when cancelling a dialog
* Resizing the mail panel freezes Opera
* Crash when importing feeds or mail
* Label icon not displaying in the Labels column
* Removing a message label having no immediate visual feedback
* Message count missing from Trash
* Crash when using an own button for accessing mail folders without a mail account
* "Show Messages From" not hiding other account sections
* Incorrect default mail signature
* Sections in mail panel moved to the bottom disappearing after a restart
* Opera not checking newsfeeds after importing
* After removing an item from a treeview, key down to the next section does not work
* Contacts panel not being counted as a mail-related panel
* Quick reply messing up the mail body's HTML source when replying to an HTML message; occurs when "prefer HTML formatting" is set
* Mail panel scrollbar not always moving when tabbing to out-of-view sections
* Clicking inside a long section scrolls other sections out of view
* Content blocker toolbar not being set to "wrap"
* Problems with keyboard navigation in the Mailing list panel section
* Context menu breaking when using keyboard on accordion section headers
* "mailto" dialog missing its favicons

# Miscellaneous
- Fixed
* Insecure Third Party Module warning when starting Opera (DEP/Data Execution Prevention)
* Install path not being updated when upgrading Opera
* Changed the command line parameters of the installer so that they can express a change from default behavior
* Not be able to send email from Gmail when in private mode
* Changing selected characters with Microsoft IME/IME 2007 makes the background color of selected characters become transparent

# Network
- Fixed
* Connections with STP/1 remote hosts failing when socket callbacks are unordered

# Security
- Fixed
* Fixed an issue where Web page content could display misleading security information; see our advisory.
* Fixed an issue which could allow leaking of WAP form content to other sites; see our advisory.
* Fixed a high severity issue; details will be disclosed at a later date.
* Fixed further high severity issues; details will be disclosed at a later date.

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