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Télécharger Notepad3


Par Derick Payne  (Source libre)
Note des utilisateurs

Notepad3 is a revamp of the standard, vanilla offering Windows Notepad that comes with Microsoft’s operating system. Notepad3 is a fast and lightweight Scintilla-based text editor with syntax highlighting capability. Although it has a small footprint, it is powerful enough to handle most programming jobs thrown at it.

Key Features include:

  • Code folding.
  • Bracket matching.
  • Automatic indentation.
  • Word auto-completion.
  • Convert character encoding between various formats (ASCII, UTF-8, and UTF-16).
  • Newline format conversion (between DOS (CR/LF).
  • Unix (LF), and Macintosh (CR) formats), multiple undo or redo, bookmarks, and regular expression-based find and replace.

Notepad3 also supports many programming languages including syntax highlighting support for ASP, assembly language, AutoHotkey, AutoIt3, AviSynth, Bash, BAT, C, C++, C#, CMake, CoffeeScript, Common Gateway Interface (CGI), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), DIFF, HTML, INF, INI, Inno Setup, Java, JavaScript, LaTeX, Lua, Markdown, NSIS, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Python, REG, Ruby, SQL, Tcl, Visual Basic (VB), VBScript, VHDL scripts, XHTML, XML, YAML and improved support for NFO ANSI art.

Titre: Notepad3
Nom de fichier: Notepad3_3.18.222.905_Setup.exe
Taille de fichier: 2.41MB (2,529,517 Octets)
Exigences: Windows (Toutes les versions)
Langues: Langues Multiples
Licence: Source libre
Date ajoutée: février 23, 2018
Auteur: Derick Payne
Vérification MD5: 3E682A89771CEBC6E49679C56D098EA1

Enhancement: Replace (virtual) rectangular (empty) selection.
Fix: Minor issues in context of undo/redo (virtual) rectangular (empty) selection.
CR: Changed initial/reset ToolBar button selection.
Enhancement: Allow negative values for Extra Line Spacing (compact line view).
Enhancement: Dynamic horizontal scroll bar width adaption.
Enhancement: Wrap to Column allowed w/o selection (use complete text).
CR: Moved "Show Toolbar" and "Show Statusbar" from Settings Menu to View Menu.
Enhancement: Added "Shift+F1" Accelerator Key to open "About..." box.
Fix: Static URL string to open version check website.
Fix: Tidy up menu navigation via keyboard.
Fix: Paste multi-line clipboard into rectangular selection.
Fix: Copy/paste and redo/undo on empty/virtual rectangular selection.
Enhancement: Changed tab-stop order while navigating several dialogs.
Enhancement: Automatic Updates and incorporated launch of update installer "wyUpdate.exe".
CR: Added Accelerator Key (Alt+NK0) to launch new empty instance of NP3 (same as Alt+0).
Fix: Prepare (i) for Scintilla's Position type change to 64-bit.
Refactoring: Global naming.
Fix: Corrupted "Page Setup..." dialog layout (after changing tab-stop order).
Fix: Pasting into rectangular selections.
Fix: Tab-key and indentation handling.
Fix: Indentation and rectangular selection (final solution still open).
Fix: "Single line selection" criteria.
Fix: Synchronized updates for Toolbar & Statusbar.
Fix: Empty settings string, if ToolbarButtons are reset to defaults.
Fix: Changed navigation keys for "Edit" menu.
Fix: Set virtual space option "SCVS_NOWRAPLINESTART" for Alt-Key down rectangular selection only.
Optimize: Undo/redo stack does not need to store virtual space options.
Fix: Bug in calculating position for thousand separator.
Optimize: Check for Alt-Key down/up to allow drawing rectangular selection in virtual space.
Fix: Handle case: virtual space user access not allowed.
Optimize: Use faster method (SCI direct call) to set/reset virtual space access option.
Fix: Selected default lexer has not been used as default startup lexer.
CR: Changing menu selection key for "Edit" menu.
Scintilla version 4.0.3 and documentation update.
CR: Changing menu Alt+ key for "Edit" menu according to discussion.
Fix: Code folding integrated in margin.
Fix: unique Style IDs.
Fix: Disable folding operations for lexers, which don't support it.
Added: PortableApps AppCompactor call for UPX compression of NP3 binaries.
Added: wyUpdate's client configuration to PortableApps version.
Added: Accelerator Key (Alt+A) to switch ON/OFF occurrences marker/counter.
Added: Styling for folding marks (charset:1 -> circles / case:U -> double lines).
Fix: Default Folding Style: single line after heading.
Change: Folding STyle: case:L/U for box vs. circle style; charset:0/1/2 single line after/before/enclosing.
Added: R-Statistics Code lexer.
Changed: Registry files lexer to support eolfilled on "Added Keys".
Fix: Bug in changed "Windows Registry Files" lexer.
Fix: Undo/Redo action w/o selection sets/preserves selection mode (bug).
Fix: Support styler attribute "eolfilled" in any Reg-Key case (Windows Registry Lexer).
Fix: Small datatype correction.
Fix: Map Toolbar Labels according to bitmap/settings file.
Enhancement: More prominent replace dialog button "In Selection".
Enhancement: "Registry Files" lexer: enable attribute "eolfilled" for all styles of this lexer.
Added: Status/info bar in find/replace dialog.
Fix: "Registry Files lexer: bug in GUID in Key Path with eolfilled attribute.
Fix: Broken swap clipboard w/ selection.
Fix: Restore selection set/replaced by replace dialog.
Added: Feature "Scroll Past End of File" (settings).
Added: Menu entry to check Rizonesoft.com directly for updates.
Added: Seperator on help menu update entries.
Adapted VS compiler version string for About dialog.
Change: Compiler optimization flags for release build.
Fix: Fill find/replace search box with selection/clipboard on non switching Ctrl+F/H.
Fix: Bug detecting find/replace dialog is foreground or not.
Fix: Initial .ini file: corrections for labeling toolbar icons.
Change: Revert compiler optimization settings back to "Maximize Speed (/O2)" combine with 2nd opt. "Favor Size or Speed: Favor small code (/Os)".
Fix: Performance issue: Replace All - delay status update until transaction finished.
Change: Encoding type of Version.h from UTF-8 (Signature) to UTF-16 LE, to get Copyright sign right.
Change: Change start of project on GitHub (date) to 2015 (Version.h).
Executables now compressed with NRV2E method.