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Télécharger Light Alloy 4.9.0

Light Alloy 4.9.0

Par Vortex Team  (Logiciel gratuit)
Note des utilisateurs

Light Alloy is a free multimedia player with a simple user interface. The application is highly customizable to suit your specific media requirements and Light Alloy has been optimized to boot as fast as possible, so it won't consume lots of system resources.

Light Alloy has support for all popular multimedia formats and there are lots of advanced settings to allow you to customize it to suit whatever media you intend to play on it, whether that be short music videos or epic films.

Key Features Include:

  • Fast video rewind, load subtitles, minimize to tray, brightness/contrast/saturation control and infra-red remote control.
  • Light Alloy also supports multimedia keyboards and has support for DVD/Blu-ray (except for BD menus) and MKV/OGM/MP4 formats.
  • With Light Alloy you can make bookmarks in the list or the timeline, view a preview on the timeline and make a selection of audio tracks and subtitles in multilingual films.

Light Alloy has built-in video/audio codecs, support for custom codecs, full support for subtitles, WinLIRC support for remote control, configurable playback speed and aspect ratio alignment. You can also customize independent media settings for each file i.e. brightness, contrast, saturation, subtitle and volume.

Titre: Light Alloy 4.9.0
Nom de fichier: LA_Setup_v_4.9.0.exe
Taille de fichier: 22.02MB (23,093,760 Octets)
Exigences: Windows (Toutes les versions)
Langues: Langues Multiples
Licence: Logiciel gratuit
Date ajoutée: décembre 28, 2016
Auteur: Vortex Team
Vérification MD5: CE7AA1B86AE2A7D64AFF6266C440A42C

# Frontend:
- New official skin: Omega.
- Completely new, fast XML parser. Should fix occasional issues when user settings are lost for no reason.
- Completely new YouTube parser.
- Video Properties: added ability to rotate picture the way you want by 90 degree, instead of limited "Flip Vertically" option.
- Radio stations list: support for decoding html entities in station name / current song.
- Open URL window: setting to monitor clipboard for web links.
- Automatically load jpg/png/bmp cover for audio files if both names are same.
- New language files: Hongkongese, Belarussian, Spanish.
- Preferences: removed WinLIRC section. Hope to replace it with ability to control player via smartphone, in some future.
- Preferences->Playlist: updated default colors for "always the same" option.
- Preferences->Video: added hints for Renderer and Monitor.
- Preferences->System: removed "High priority" option due to being rudiment nowadays.
- Popup menu->Open Disk: section simplified, should eliminate problems with long popup menu opening while quering removable disc. Now it just shows drive letters from E to Z (if available) with corresponding volume label.
- About box: removed donation page, removed captcha, removed subject field.
- Some file loading optimizations.
- Some player startup optimizations.
- Upgrade from Delphi 2007 to Delphi XE 10.1, which leaded to major internal refactoring. Can cause some regressions as result, so report bugs please if any.
- Media cache increased from 128 to 256 files.
- Removed support for Windows XP and Windows Vista.
# Changed OpenSSL dlls to v1.0.2j
- Languages updated: Dutch, English, Polish, Russian, Turkish, German, Korean, Czech, Hungarian, Japanese, Ukrainian, Italian, Chinese, French, Slovak.
- Fixed some crashes when player is running under guest account.
- Fixed issue that player did not switched to last selected external subtitle.
- Fixed visual glitch on timeline when using autoseek.
- Audio Mode: fixed playlist repaint-over-videopanel glitch when non-standard sized borders are used.
- Audio Mode: fixed OSD wasn't respecting playlist when aligning by center.
- Fixed screenshot filename were broken, if movie filename contained something like "01. My Movie.avi", and "use title from tags" was enabled for screenshots, as result screenshot file name were incomplete (i.e. "01_[timestamp].jpg") so "My Movie" part was lost.
- Fixed thumbnails & full-size screenshots could not be created if filename and/or title tag contains an invalid character, such as a slash.
- LA-Renderer registry key was created even if LA was in portable mode.
- Playlist Manager: fixed inproper way to stop media when creating new playlist, so fixed video panel glitches.
- Playlist: Jump To File menu was broken, also adjusted layout to use playlist colors.
- Playlist: fixed that files (with relative path) not added from M3U playlist if they were not available at the moment of adding.
- Playlist: fixed playlist repaint issue for unavailable files that happened on player start and opened playlist.
- Playlist: fixed Shift+LeftClick selection issue in playlist.
- Skins: fixed blue color blinking on time and pos/dur elements
- Skins: fixed crash on malformed skins file
- Skins: fixed deadlock in font subsystem
- Skins: player did not respect skin's minimum width/height when switching to one that has higher minimum dimensions than previous one.
- Preferences->Interface: crash on malformed skin archives.
- Preferences->Playlist: bookmark colors were not saved when "always the same" option is used.
- Preferences->File Association: fixed file association issues under Windows 10.
- Preferences->File Association: fixed extensions list drawing issue under Windows 10.
- Preferences->File Association: fixed strange player behaviour when no icons in Icons folder
# Video Engine:
- Fixed rare crash with subtitles & external network HDD.