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Télécharger JoyToKey 5.9 App Manager for PC Windows

JoyToKey 5.9

Par JTK software  (Logiciel contributif)
Note des utilisateurs

JoyToKey enables you to control numerous apps, from Web browsers to Windows Explorer, by using your favorite Windows joystick. It will emulate keyboard strokes or mouse input based upon joystick input, so that the target application works as if you have used a real keyboard or mouse.

The app allows you to create multiple configuration files to switch across different key/mouse assignments. A great feature of JoyToKey is it supports automatic association with target apps, so that the config file will switch automatically when the target app changes.

Key features include:

  • Virtual joysticks.
  • Button alias.
  • Switch across multiple key assignments.
  • Define priority amongst multiple joysticks.
  • Change the location of configuration files.
  • Associate profiles to target applications.

JoyToKey is a neat tool that allows you to turn your joystick into a PC controlling device with minimal fuss. You can create several configuration files and easily load the one you need: simply press the button you assigned for the 'Switch to the other configuration file' feature. The configuration includes 32 buttons, 6 axes and 2 Point of View (POV) switches for each of the joysticks.

Overall, JoyToKey is a lightweight, feature-rich keyboard emulator, which enables you to rely on your joystick for controlling apps and games. It doesn't require installation but, instead it requires that a supported device is connected, otherwise the app will not load (JoyToKey is built to support upwards of 16 joysticks).

Titre: JoyToKey 5.9 App Manager for PC Windows
Nom de fichier: JoyToKey_en.zip
Taille de fichier: 911KB (933,066 Octets)
Exigences: Windows (Toutes les versions)
Langues: Langues Multiples
Licence: Logiciel contributif
Date ajoutée: juillet 17, 2017
Auteur: JTK software
Vérification MD5: 3DE6F2887F4BD9C41F64646B42522302

Fixed a crash issue for some online games.
Enhanced "Keyboard2" page to support the followings:
Supported the emulation of Input1 ~ Input4 in sequence at the specified interval (hold duration).
Supported different key assignment based on how many times a button is pressed within the specified time threshold.
Supported the key assignment when a button is released.
Supported the definition of mouse cursor movement via right click menu. For example, this enables one button input to cycle through up, right, down, left mouse cursor movement whenever it's pressed.
Supported a mouse horizontal wheel rotation.
Improved the keycode emulation for the Numpad '/' and a few other keys.
Miscellaneous configuration options were added for OneSwitch.org.ukex).