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Recursos humanos

La creciente complejidad y una legislación en constante evolución exigen tener que usar el software de RR. HH. apropiado a cualquier persona que trabaje en Recursos Humanos. Aquí en FileHippo encontrará lo que está buscando: sea cual sea el tamaño de su negocio, si busca software de RR. HH. para una pequeña empresa o el mejor software gratis que pueda encontrarse de esta clase. Descargue hoy mismo cualquiera de las aplicaciones de RR. HH. de nuestra gama, que incluye Bamboo HR, Digital Chalk, HireSelect y HRMatrix. Tenemos todo lo que necesita: desde selección y contratación de personal hasta gestión de vacaciones y pólizas, pasando por plataformas de formación en línea y sistemas de gestión del aprendizaje (LMS).

Descargar actiPLANS


ActiTime - (Gratis)
actiPLANS is a great piece of business software that streamlines your absence management. It allows you to manage employee leave requests more effecti...
Descargar AppsForOps Expense Claim

AppsForOps Expense Claim

AppsForOps Pty Ltd - (Gratis)
The AppsForOps suite has numerous features, which can manage various aspects of daily businesses tasks. It features tools and services that cover ti...
Descargar AppsForOps Time Off

AppsForOps Time Off

AppsForOps Pty Ltd - (Gratis)
The AppsForOps suite has numerous features, which can manage various aspects of daily businesses tasks. It features tools and services that cover ti...
Descargar AppsForOps Travel Request

AppsForOps Travel Request

AppsForOps Pty Ltd - (Gratis)
The AppsForOps suite has numerous features, which can manage various aspects of daily businesses tasks. It features tools and services that cover ti...
Descargar BambooHR


BambooHR LLC - (Gratis)
BambooHR is a user friendly Human Resource software solution that lets you proactively manage employee information, rather than just track it with s...
Descargar Deputy


Deputechnologies Pty Ltd. - (Gratis)
Deputy is a fully features employee management solution for hourly paid and shift workers. Deputy has a great track record and reputation, used global...
Descargar Digital Chalk

Digital Chalk

DigitalChalk - (Gratis)
DigitalChalk is a cloud-based, online training platform and learning management system (LMS). With it, you are able to produce courses that feature ...
Descargar Firmwater LMS

Firmwater LMS

Firmwater Inc. - (Gratis)
Firmwater LMS is a secure hosted learning management system is used by e-learning businesses to sell, deliver, and track courses online. It supports...
Descargar Harvest


Harvest - (Gratis)
Harvest is an excellent time tracking application. It is very simple to use, yet simultaneously is quite powerful. In addition to tracking time it...
Descargar HireSelect


Criteria Corp - (Gratis)
HireSelect is a cloud-based pre-employment testing service, which helps businesses make smarter hiring decisions using objective measures. The platf...
Descargar HRMatrix


Orblogic Inc. - (Gratis)
HRMatrix is a human resources management system (HRMS) that has been designed to fit businesses of all sizes and types. It provides a range of tools...
Descargar Humanity


Humanity Inc. - (Gratis)
Humanity provides businesses with an employee scheduling platform, which can be navigated by owners, managers, HR staff and employees. It has powerf...
Descargar iCIMS Applicant Tracking System

iCIMS Applicant Tracking System

iCIMS, Inc. - (Gratis)
iCIMS Applicant Tracking System is an all-in-one applicant tracking system that is superior to legacy recruitment methods in almost every way. It su...
Descargar Jira


Atlassian - (Gratis)
JIRA is a bug tracking and issue recognition software that works on all platforms. It demonstrates advanced project management capabilities and featur...
Descargar JoomlaLMS


JoomlaLMS - (Gratis)
JoomlaLMS is a highly functional learning management service, which runs on the popular Joomla! CMS open source platform. The service has been desig...
Descargar Lanteria HR

Lanteria HR

Lanteria - (Gratis)
Lanteria HR is a great piece of collaborative and customizable human resources (HR) software based on SharePoint and Office 365. It includes modules f...
Descargar Litmos LMS

Litmos LMS

CallidusCloud - (Gratis)
Litmos LMS is a cloud based learning platform that has been designed for everyone. It provides a simple, straightforward way for administrators to c...
Descargar Mitrefinch


Mitrefinch Ltd - (Gratis)
MitreFinch provides intelligent workforce management tools that improves effectiveness and productivity whilst keeping cost-efficient. MitreFinch h...
Descargar PCRecruiter


Main Sequence Technology, Inc. - (Gratis)
PCRecruiter is one of the most popular sourcing and applicant tracking solutions available on the market today. The service provides users with a so...
Descargar ProProfs Knowledgebase

ProProfs Knowledgebase

ProProfs.com - (Gratis)
ProProfs Knowledgebase software allows you to create online FAQ, user guides and documentation for customers and employees, so you'll never answer the...
Descargar Recruitee


Recruitee - (Gratis)
Recruitee is a cloud based recruitment management platform that comes with a vast array of tools to help your business source the right candidate fo...
Descargar Replicon TimeAttend

Replicon TimeAttend

Replicon - (Gratis)
Replicon TimeAttend is a unified platform specifically designed to help you stay on top of your dispersed workforce and manage schedules, overtime, la...
Descargar TalentLMS


TalentLMS - (Gratis)
TalentLMS is an online learning management solution, which can be used by businesses to train employees. The platform enables your business to offer o...
Descargar Timely


Timely - (Gratis)
We all need to get more time from our day, and Timely is a great tool that goes a long way in helping you achieve your goal of great time management...
Descargar Timesheet


Upland Software Inc. - (Gratis)
Timesheet is a cloud based, automated project time tracking tool that can help reduce admin costs by automating tasks such as project time tracking,...
Descargar TrackSmart


TrackSmart - (Gratis)
TrackSmart provide a trio of business centred applications that streamline employee management. TrackSmart Attendance: Track employee attendance ...
Descargar TribeHR


NetSuite Inc. - (Gratis)
TribeHR is a solid HRIS that combines the best of HR information management with innovative social features: such as peer and public recognition, shar...
Descargar WebHR


Verge Inc. - (Gratis)
WebHR provides a wide range of HR features and boast to be effective from 'hire' to 'retire'. Coordinate recruitment, employee management, payroll, pe...
Descargar Workable


Workable - (Gratis)
Workable Workable lets you take total control over your recruiting processes. From job postings to managing candidates, Workable saves time and adm...
Descargar Zenefits


YourPeople, Inc. - (Gratis)
Zenefits is a software platform with a range of applications that provide tools for payroll and HR management. Zenefits HR offers powerful and eff...
Descargar Zoho People

Zoho People

ZOHO Corp. - (Gratis)
Zoho People is a useful HRIS solution for freelancers and SMBs. It can manage information such as company assets, training records, and leave applic...
Descargar Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit

ZOHO Corp. - (Gratis)
Zoho Recruit is a cloud-based recruitment platform, which has highly customizable features in order to help your business locate the correct candida...
Descargar Zoho Support

Zoho Support

ZOHO Corp. - (Gratis)
Zoho Support is a scalable help-desk solution for businesses of various sizes. By utilizing Zoho Support, businesses are able to build feature-rich ...